Monday, December 18


It turned out to be a weird weekend. First I read a very very amusing news. I cant believe it, there's probably a million family out there who sacrificed everything for their childrens and we have these clowns winning this accolade. Luckily it was a wacko publication to start with. On a related note, why cant the United Nations pick real people to be its ambassadors of peace, education and health? Why cant the AIDS messages on air depict real sufferers and real hero's who work day and night to make the pain lesser. Tell me, what does David Bechkam or Robbie William know about HIV/ AIDS? These buggers are serial 'bangers' if you know what I mean. Do you have a community hero whose involved in the fight against HIV/ AIDS? Please highlight them in your blog posts or at 2050.

Yesterday was another sad day. I saw this puppy trying to cross the road on my way to dinner. I thought he/ she would have turned back looking at the heavy traffic. On my was back home, I saw it dead. I'm no superman, but I don' have to be one to have compassion or a simple though of getting it of the road the first time I saw it. Life sucks.

Oh yeh...another funny story. What is this world coming to? Two useless tarts, one with children, another is just a low level microbe stealing the limelight for all the wrong reasons. And they are role models for millions of teenage girls. Somebody should do something about this.

I was awake at about 5.35 am (+8 GMT) today when I felt the 30 second tremor. This would be the third time in two years I felt earthquake tremor. Maybe I should be moving out of the apartment soon. Four people died from the quake, centered in Sumatra. This region is very unstable with tremors nearly every month.

My Job contract is ending in 2 weeks. I feel so is though.

Of course the sweet thing about this sour week is that Manchester United lost to the bottom team of the league and Liverpool is on a winning streak with 11 goals in 3 games.

Finally, I am sick. I have a very bad flue, my head weighs a tonne, and I'm high on paracetamol (bet you haven't heard of this before :p) So if I don't post for a few days, its either I got sacked from job, or I got dengue or I'm just being a whinny baby.

Keep it real guys!

[+] The deadline for the short story contest is the 30th December. More contestants have sent in their stories. You can post the stories on your blogs anytime you want. The Contest site will come online in a few days (if I overcome this lazy bout I'm having). Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Get well soon buddy! and reg job less, me too in same boat. (I am not in that bad shape really) Lets look out for new opening. best wishes!

I still can't digest the devastation after tremors easily, We (indians esp southies) rarely knew whats the tremor is! Hope people are there to help quake victims!

Keshi said...

*** On my was back home, I saw it dead



Karthi said...

Read some where that the use of celebrities to endorse a product/movement is of no use. Still people want to believe that they can influence. Holy shit.

Happened to see the real heroes of AIDS. BBC carried out a show "Who's afraid of AIDS". In it were the real people Vinod Kumar and his mother Kumdam. They survival story is hear breaking.

She has found a new job as a teacher, put her three daughters in college. She and Vinod carry HIV and they are leading a normal/hopeful life.

Anonymous said...

Life is life that, ghosty boy. Sometime happy, most times sad.

starry nights said...

So sad about the puppy. Hope you are feeling better. I am terrified of earthquakes.And I also live in earthquake state.have been through two big ones.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... i dont think its too long before u get sick of all of this.. but who knows there is always that extra punch more from 'life' :)
better start feeling good already :))
Take care GP.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad for the puppy...poor child.
And hey wazzup with you, why does flu catch up with you ever so often...huh ?
Take care of your health ya !!
Guys are so careless.
I have never ever experienced an earthquake, except one li'l tremor back in 5th or 6th grade at my nani's place. It was very li'l though.
Be careful honey.
And hey, it was soooo good to see you at my page after all these days. Missed you.

p.s : Still clueless about what to write for the competition. I am bad at at writing stories, I can handle poems b8r. Yet trying. Will definitely submit b4 30th.
You take care.

Jeevan said...

Hai bro take care of ur health:) so sad of that puppy and the tremor i can't forget the mild shake i felt in 2001.

Family of the year is not agreeable.

Katie McKenna said...

It is sad to see something once alive dead. I saw a dead dog yesterday on the way home and another dead dog on the way to work. The majority of dogs killed by vehicles here are throw-aways. My Bandera was tossed away with her siblings. Fortunately they all found homes.

I'm still working on my story. I ran into a block.. til earlier today. ;) I'm thankful to have the extra time to polish it as competition will be something fierce!

I hope that you start feeling better soon. Next time when you start feeling off - take echinacea with golden seal. It helps ward off bugs.

Ghost Particle said...

guys im so so sorry but blogger beta screwed ur identities. Thanx for all the comments!


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