Tuesday, December 12

Storm / Stairs

Sheltering from Heavy Storms,
century spanning storms
trashing the shores, seeping,
digging every crevice
of destiny


Life is like walking on stairs heading into the fog
we take each step, cautious, happy, confident
even depressed we take the next step
but life holds deep mysteries
we would never know when the step ends
when the next step just isn't a step
when it falls into the abyss
just pray that the next step is
a fall into something good
something less painful
somewhere immortal
where memories



Anonymous said...

Arn't we getting philosophical at this time of the year?

Vanathi said...

Good one...

Anonymous said...

nice slope on the poem :)
hmmm.. time keeps moving.. our steps are involuntary?

Keshi said...

Great write-up as usual!

**just pray that the next step is
a fall into something good
something less painful

I did...and I think there's no more pain than where I am right now. So I have stopped praying for my next step.


Keshi said...

and yeah I love the slope!


Katie said...


We have til the 15th for our stories, yes?

Ghost Particle said...

[gautami] yes dear akka! well...its december...the month of insanity and chaos! muhahahaha.

[vanathi] thanx! and we are u going to write again./..?

[sojourner] yes the form is nice isnt it, ive seen alot of unique forms..must try the shapes one day. our steps are numbered, and wise. I believe.

[keshi] true, maybe there is a treshhold to challenges and we will live it out and the next steps will be happy and rewarding. Just believe in it. Thanx! Slopes...hahah..thanx da.

[katie] the new deadline is on the 20th...i will still be receiving it up to the 30th because my judges said so. Its the holiday season after all! Thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

Jeevan said...

Nice poem from u bro:)

starry nights said...

lovely lines.True we dont know which step will be painful or not.

Ghost Particle said...

[pauline] thanx a million!

[jeevan] thanx ba

[starry] thanx! true, the next moment is still empty.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny