Thursday, December 7


No this is not a movie's about food.

Managed to last four days without rice till I gobbled up two packets of Nasi Lemak (Fat Rice!!?) this morning. Plus two Roti Canai (Smashed Bread... :P). I'm having a food dilemma here just like Remy, the rat from Ratatoullie. I love good food, love to cook, it's just that I cant. Simple as that, I cant cook properly. There is always something more or less. Either when preparing the dish or when eating it (sigh). Coupled with a tiny problem of being micro over weight...I'm stuck in between lives we can say.

Ever since moving away from home for studies and work, food has been a sad story to say the least. You can never, ever get better food outside of the comfort of the home 'restaurant'. I eat more at home, have specialized dishes not served at any upscale cafe's and still be hungry the next hour. But outside, on the streets, in the malls, there's much to be desired from the eateries.

The student days are dominated by cheap meals, the ones that fits on your daily budget. Despite the lifelong affiliation with instant noodles and bread and jam, there are some moments when good food do come buy. A week or two after the loans comes in, we go on a culinary rampage eating exotic foods that breaks the norms of the dorm (pizza n stuff). Then after the funds has dried up, it's back to noodles and bread, while the classes are dominated with pasta n pizza daydreams.

The increased standards of life (more bucks!!!) during the working days opens up a whole new world of food. Lets name it the international food fight. From the heavenly Swedish Hot Dogs of Ikea, to the ultra spicy noodles of Thailand from Thai Express, to splendid buffet spreads of hotels to the so so menu of TGI Fridays and Chilis, the limit is your credit card. But in the end, you're always left wanting.

The irony of food is that you can never replicate what Jamie Oliver or Floyd does on the travel channel. Heck, I think even they can't replicate their made for TV dishes. The way they just throw in stuff, cunningly evade over doing the recipe and of course masking the real taste with their plastic faces. Those beautiful salads, baked fish or roasted lamb in the middle of the desert. Much to be desired.

Maybe there is more to life than good food. Maybe somewhere along the road there is a message in all this. We are after all hunters and gatherers. So maybe, just maybe I am destined to be a food ghost. Just maybe...the greatest chef in the whole universe...(that is after I become a scientist, an author, a soccer star, a singer...)

[+] Ratatoullie is a Disney/ Pixar collab. The animation will be screened next summer.

[+] 20 bloggers has signed up for the contest so far. Two entries has already been mailed in. Great going guys!


Keshi said...

I love my food too. Life is too short to be dieting :)

Nasi Lemak is YUMMY!


alex said...

Food Ghost.LoL...

I am a food zombie then. ;))

Nirek said...

My foood story is also exactly same dude. Trying out lot of foods these days in bangalore!

You can link up the submitted entries for competition bro. I am eager to see what others wrote....

Anonymous said...

I have sent my story this morning.
December 7, 2006 The computer is not always my easy road, please confirm you have received "YOU THINK MY DAY IS A BREEZE?" from Pauline @glimpsesintangible. Have a wonderful day and thank you for this challenge it was a lovely experience!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..Nice dieting system :)

tulipspeaks said...

i'm not exatly a food lover. i'm very selective and fussy when it comes to food. yea of course i do pamper myself with ferrero roche and ice creams once a while, but eating hearty meals never been my style. i dono.. may be my mind has got corrupted with the course i did in U!



Anonymous said...

Hi GP!
Got the acknowledgment. Thanks :)
And I don't know Malay. Just pretended :)

Anonymous said...

Hi GP,
Thanks for the contest. Made me stretch a little and I liked making the effort. And I did learn something about Malay. Very interesting. But i don't think i have learned a new language :)[yet] LOL

Jeevan said...

I hesitate to try new food's! have much doubt how it will taste, my health will accept it....


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