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- the ghost of you - Updates -

I am really happy with all the replies and support for the project. Its great that The Ghost Particle Project once again will be contributing something to the blogging revolution. Last year it was the GPP Music Album and this year its the short story writing contest.

Here are some update for the competition. Some things and dates have to be changed due to the scope and also holiday seasons coming ahead.
[-] Deadline is now on the 20th of December 2006

[-] Winners will be announced on the first week of January 2007

[-] Prizes will be shipped on the 2nd week of January (so that I can avoid the Christmas rush. Am also considering Amazon shipping to save the crazy courier charges).

[-] All the stories are to be sent in as a WORD file or a PDF file. Please do indicate some information regarding yourself in the files; your name, blog, e-mail.

[-] You can publish the stories in your own blog (after submission) because it's YOURS! Just link it to the competition post so that more people will know.

[-] There is NO word limit anymore. Normally a short story will be about 2 to 10 pages long. Let your creative juices flow - free.

[-] The stories are to be based on the 9 snaps in the contest call post. But, no worries, I dont want a picture story, just use it to inspire you. No restrictions, just do anything you want, the snaps are simply there to add creativity to your writings. Please do tell me which snap you have chosen.

[-] Multiple entries are allowed, but the time constrains will surely tax the contestants, hence please send in your ultimate best.

[-] Please do spread the word around, I will come out with web buttons for the project soon. Meanwhile you can simply provide a link to the contest post from your blog.

[-] The judges will be the ones who have contributed to the original GPP music project as well various cool people from around the world. If you want to be in the judging process, please shoot me a mail or leave a comment here.

[-] And the most important thing of all, ENJOY WRITING! Be happy about it, think of all the people from around the world who will be submitting and be proud that you are able to dream!

[-] Last but not least, if anyone wants to sponsor stuff, product tie-ins, make money out of this (I'm getting too carried away ;P)... sorry to say, 'we' are not very keen on it. Maybe in the future when the competition gets very big, but not now. I do anyhow accept general announcement of your own contests, projects, and stuff at the Ghost Particle Project space.

Have a nice day friends!


Now, now, the food pictures interest me..:D.
alex said…
It is good of you to initiate such writing. :)
Anonymous said…
I rembr commenting in the prev post.. Nt found there now... WWts hapeng???
tulipspeaks said…
ooo la la.. guess i missed considerable number of posts! a contest!! good idea but i write terrible stories la.. so, only gonna be a spectator for the contest.


Jason said…
although i am very interested to do so, i will have to leave it for another time.
i am under pressure with final exams approaching.

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