Wednesday, December 6

- the ghost of you - more updates -

There are 16 bloggers who confirmed participation for the ' The Ghost Of You' Short Story Writing Contest. Thats really great! I'm hoping for more! Please spread the news.

'A good story would have an engaging character who are either lost in time or in other words oblivious to the passing time. His/ her character would be able to look at the world aging, but remain immortal forever. In this way, the story would focus on the matter being told, on the time line of the events. This is just an example of how a short story would unravel and be a dynamic masterpiece.'


S.Karthikeyan said...

Good banner!

alex said...

Would you explain about the selection process later?

gautami tripathy said...


Kavi said...

Hello saar !

Would like to jump in too. Not sure if its too late

tulipspeaks said...

thats nice. way to go!

btwn, i like your banner.



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