Thursday, December 14

Escapism Ejaculations

Something, something...
Tell me something. This I fail to understand. I know everyone has the right to their believes. They can believe anything they want, its their world after all. But what if, their belief is so damn crappy, so immensely stupid, so unbelievably ego centric? What if they're just escaping reality? What do you do then?
(a) Do you shut up and go on with your life, or
(b) Do you stop and knock some sense into them, or
(c) Bang your head on the wall, or
(d) Join in the fun, you might meet some chicks


Nahuatl said...

I like the Aids day image up there :)

Regarding this post, I think it depends on how close you are to those stubborn ppl.
If they are important to you, you might wanna wait for a while before trying to make them understand if they are doing something wrong. If you try at least three times and still they don't want to change, then you go ahead with your life.

If they are dispensable, choose (d)! :)

Ramses said...

my views already,told: escapism

a and c are the logical solutions. with a coming after c

Anonymous said...

I have learned that people only want to hear what they are ready to hear. You may suggest an alternative but the choice is for each individual.Do what is best for you...

QUASAR9 said...

Definitely D
always go for joining in the fun

Unless the fun is
kicking the shit out of others
or blowing up countries for fun

Then step away, go find someone else
someone who knows have to have harmless fun

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Ghost Particle,
just to let you know
I'm in a bit of a mad dash
(pun intended)
so rather than e-mail the entry
here's a link to the post:
Redchrono lights

Keshi said...

I u'stand where ur comin from Ghosty. In such situations u just tell em how u truly feel. Like they r entitled to their opinions, so r ya!


Anonymous said...

exactly as keshi said, everyone's entitled to their own belief's. What seems so stupid to you might make a lot of sense to them. Same goes what might make a lot of sense to you might just seem so stupid and childish to them.
A belief is your own... why deride the belief of others if they dont force it down your throat?
Learn to accept.. else not you will find that all others are maniacs ( and they will think the same of you).

O World full of beliefs,
Will you disappear once I stop believing?
Or will I disappear instead?
The non believer I so believe I am.

livinghigh said...

hey hey hey. glad to hear u pushed back de deadline for the contest - must say, i sat down to write something only kal, and there's the whole debugging process now after dat! hope to make it definietly by the 30th!

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you..i'd just done an article on a similar topic...blind faith and how it affects us..anyway, based on your choices, theres no questions....OPTION D!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'll just shut up and continue with my life..there is sometimes where I just feel its pointless to say anything to sum1 so I'll just shut up and mind my own business

alex said...

I might opt for the options clustered around [b].

Maran said...

B then A. I give up easily!

Jeevan said...

If i think that's its wrong I stop and knock some sense into them ones, if they wont go with our thoughts just shut up and go on with my life!

Kavi said...

One of the best terms that i learnt in my MBA was 'It depends' ! I am tempted to use it here, saying that it depends on who those folks are, what the issues are, how it matters et al.

On second thoughts, i just think you should walk your way ! There are enough & more folks that you can impact more !

Anonymous said...

I think I'll let thiings take their course and get on with the flow.
But yeah that doesnt mean I wont voice my opinion. Like Kesh says, if they are entitled to their opinion so am I !!
You ok dear ??

Homo Escapeons said...

nahuatl is close are you to the victims.
You have to approach people from different angles...some do not respond to reality very well...some need to be clobbered over the head...some you have to sneak up on..and some need to be reminded over and over and over...which is why you have to CARE about them.
Peopl don't care how much you know..they want to know how much you CARE.


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