Friday, December 8

End Games

Exactly 3 hours an 45 minutes after sinking my butt on the office chair, I removed my ear phone and stood up only to discover there aren't a soul in the office. Signs of the future?

Logic will tell you that when the tea lady quits, then there must be something really wrong with the company. But more than logic, being in this country and working in a big-Co will certainly tell you its more of a bad management rather than market economics. The reality is here and everywhere people simply want to make money to bridge the social divide. I cant image who lives in those houses advertised for half a million bucks, but yet...maybe I can take the liberty to imagine that they are the opportunist. Those who saw things can be done the easy way, the smart way and money can be made. So they made it and they are driving the Beemer that you always dream of.

2006 taught me many things. Discipline is not one of them. I think work had actually made me an brat. I wanted the money more than anything. Heck who doesnt. And with money comes responsibility and sooner than later the responsibility translated into giving put as much as you relish making it. Signs of time? Nah...its just the pain being the eldest in the family and knowing you are getting old. The constant nagging of getting married, getting a better job, finishing the postgrad. Of course no one asks the dude whats wrong with him with a thought in mind that you cant ever give a solution for that. So teenagers do grow up, sooner or later only to be stuck in a bad gear being a youth in a fugly world bickering about oil and war.
Did I say I dreamed might be true, it is true...the unwritten rules.
So 2006 is coming to an end, and I'm stuck in the same predicament as any end of the year. Last year it was the unfinished thesis, this year it was the job contract ending, and still an unfinished thesis, next year?

Whoever said there is still white left in this world. There is only so much anyone can do to satisfy themselves and everyone else. The finer points of music is that it breaks bonds more than it unifies people. That is when you get really majestic music, the ones that appeal differently to each one. Different tunes, different people, same days. So today you take a white piece of paper and try to draw a dream. Draw anything and try hard not to relate to anything currently existing or happening in this world. I dare you. Cant you see there is no clean slate out there. No liberty of mind because we spend all these days being complacent, being nice.

There is something that parents or anyone don't understand. This world doesn't see a successful marriage anymore. I read somewhere the average married years for American's to be 7 years, but then I think the average marriage years for anyone these days are no more than 2 years. We don't understand each other anymore. Taking the big plunge will surely lead to disaster. Everyone yearns for freedom, marriage curbs that freedom because any one person in the relationship can be overtly controlling the other person. Its for safety they say, bah...its because they madly love each other and they can let go even for a second. Thats true love and that love leads to separation. Sad isn't it. So why should I make the decision to get married knowing danger is awaiting in the future.

So you want to be a Superman and solve the worlds problem. Well you have to start by cleaning up your room. Your life is in a mess, you dog ran away, your girlfriend is shouting girl power in the streets holding placards with some bitches whose definition of girl power is the right to wear miniskirt to temple. I know some of you have read about the stupid laws they have in this country. The mob is up against women. They want to fine them for wearing indecent cloths. Heck, fuck those goat herders. The last time I went to the mall I saw a total of 2 girls wearing something that can be categorized as raunchy. The rest...the rest are just being beautiful. There are something the society don't understand about progress, about going forward. They must be taught something about evolution sooner or later if we don't want to see burqa being compulsory. Hell I don't want my (future) girlfriend to ask me for directions in daylight. You see the problem lies in not being able to voice out smartly. Rights doesn't count in a political society where the noise is made by the same people who are corrupt. Why let the politician shout out false protests when you can take up the arms yourself and fight it. Go to the courts I say and let the world know. Embarass and harass those men who subject you to this gross injustice, we will be here to lend you a hand. The last I checked, a blogger told me the women don't need help from men to come up, but we will be here, just in case you need a driver. Do you get what I mean?

So whats it with this end game blabbering? Well this is not the end of life...this is the end of stupidity and ignorance. Let it be written in history that 2006 is the year we washed away our ignorance, our laziness to face the future. 2007 is a new start, we have some 22 days left. Lets take each day as it comes and erase one bad memory. Yes, we can correct society with a blog post, but hey how about a million posts? A million law suits, a million posts about the stupidity of society. Why not? Do IT!

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Have a nice weekend.


Jeevan said...

Its a cool post! the dream interview was good. Let we welcome the 2007y with new thoughts. HAPPY WEEKEND:)

alex said...

"Genius's change the system. We dont want to change the system."

You said it man.

People tend to think that 'love' comes free with a marriage!

,\m/ said...

hahaha rich mate rich.. well i guess you r right no one really wants a change in the system especially here in msia the chain of bribery extends beyond what it shud. neways great post

peace love empathy

Anonymous said...

I will stick to photons. They are more... err.. studiable :)
have a nice weekend GP.

Anonymous said...

I will stick to photons. They are more... err.. studiable :)
have a nice weekend GP.

Anonymous said...

I will stick to photons. They are more... err.. studiable :)
have a nice weekend GP.

Kavi said...

Well, i am reading this on Monday. In the midst of a dark time. (Just to give context !)

While the statistics about marriage may be right, there are people whose marriages work too. And work very well too. Thats where we should be looking. For every Britney, there are people with better minds. ( And better clothes too)

You dont have to be superman. Nor solve the worlds problem. I just think if we make a difference to one person a day, give our smiles to all, and the warmest hugs to a few, life will be so much more better

tulipspeaks said...

nice post u have here.

Let it be written in history that 2006 is the year we washed away our ignorance, our laziness to face the future. 2007 is a new start, we have some 22 days left. Lets take each day as it comes and erase one bad memory.

2006 (and 2005)in fact hold bitter memories. i dont know if i should wish it to just fade away or to hold it my heart and take it as a lesson of life. hard to make up my mind on it. but one thing, 2007 gonna be different. in wht way - i don't know yet.



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