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Dumb F**k Bollywood

Something, something...
Something beyond comprehension, and yet still going on for years. The Global Indian Film Awards only features Bollywood (Hindi) Movies. What the fuck is wrong with the Indian movie industry? Why are the other languages (Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali...) sitting, sleeping and not questioning this? Is the Hindi movie industry the only representative of the motion pictures and arts of India? Has all the other cultures and languages in India lost it's dignity? Who gave the right for the Hindi movie posers to carry the title Indian movie festival while all the other true Indian movie industries are not represented? And the stupidest of them all, is the countries hosting these Hindi punks, are they stupid or just ignorant? Of course the locals has been more tempted with exotic p*****s more than anything else. Wish they would evolve some day. The locals that is, not the...

Stupid, plain damn stupid.

Here's the reality: Hindi Antics


Ghost Particle said…
thanx to ramya for the news link.
Anonymous said…
yeah..many taught the same thing when the IIFA was held a few years back. I share your opinion and I feel that if it is going to solely represent Hindi Movies then it should be Global Bollywood Movie Awards or something.

I'll prefer Tamil movies anytime compared to the Hindi movies. Hindi movies are more about glamour and glitz with some seriously crappy storylines at times. There are much more Tamil movies with better storylines.
Keshi said…
I agree. Bollywood seems to be the ONLY ambassador for Indian cinema ard the world.

**Has all the other cultures and languages in India lost it's dignity?

well it's time for them to wake up and do something abt it.

**And the stupidest of them all, is the countries hosting these Hindi punks, are they stupid or just ignorant?

cmon Ghosty u cant really blame other countries for that? I mean it's really upto India to promote their various talents and art. That's when the other countries will get to know abt em. But right now only Bollywood is doing that so obviously thats the only thing other countries will get to know of. It all lies in promotion and India has to do it.

Ghost Particle said…
okay...first of all...I apologize for the bad language.

[praveen] its true...its not cultural at all, if they really want to showcase culture, which is what all movies are about, then they should include the who subcontinent. I still remember that our government paid all the money for IIFA and in the end its nothing at all.
Tamil movies are good, they tell the nuances of the middle class better than anyone. And i cry watching tamil movies sometimes. Good Hindi movies are rare. Very. Thanx for coming praveen!

[keshi] thanks for the wise thought. I was jst being angry. :p Yes, the government are jst suckers. India is just playing their ball in our courts. Maybe we can protest the next time this happnes.
tulipspeaks said…
ignore the whole event when its held the next time. i remember watching a similar award ceremony held in South Africa and seriously, the whole Bollywood was there! so, wht is there when we r taken for granted? Hollywood style with 3rd class mentality - is that wht makes Bollywood nowadays? I wonder..

Jeevan said…
I think the India is give more importance to Hindi films is that the national language is Hindi. For tamil films its very rare to get at least a national awards from Indian govt, then how can we think about international awards. I remember only few films which got some international film awards, like Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Nayagan, recently Raam.
Keshi said…
:) Ghosty.

Ammu heyy!

**Hollywood style with 3rd class mentality - is that wht makes Bollywood nowadays? I wonder..

yeah dun Bollywood copy everything from Hollywood these days! And they look stupid being something thats not themselves. Girls dancing in mini skirts to Spanish music and gyrating their lives away! DUMB it is. Not Indian at all.

S.Karthikeyan said…

The guys do not know Rajkumar!
Ghost Particle said…
[karthi] so true man...damn these people r so dumb.

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