Saturday, December 23

Another Year in the Time Space Continuum

Dear Friends,

2006 have been a wonderful year for everyone. We fulfilled many aspirations, walked on through sad times, faced with impossible tasks and we still walked on because we had the determination and will. Humans, we are creatures seeking the comfort of a nights sleep, a meal to satisfy our hunger and a will to carry on another day. And more that that, we are seeking the love and touch of one another. We are special in that way and we can give more in many ways. The will to carry on is such that we can look past any challenge and look beyond any problem. Every fall is a lesson for us to learn to stand up, to fall again and to stand up again. If the universe itself has cycles of creation and destruction, the where do we humans differ. We differ in the deeds we do, the lives we touch and how we live through the days.

Today there are many pain and suffering around the world, we are living beyond our means, pressuring the earth to bleed out more that it ever could. But all this are temporary for a maturing civilizations. We are just children in the ballpark trying to hit the perfect game thats happening in the future. But for once, maybe we can learn to do it the right way, to lessen the burden. The power to change is in our hands, yet we are blinded by racial politics, by motivations of greed and lust. But for what are these motivations if tomorrow is destroyed? Where do we spend our gains if the world is a war zone?

Where is this power you may ask, because in front of us, our hand is open bare with nothing to move. The force to change is within you and more than that when we stand as a group, then the will is stronger and bigger. We must voice out what we think can change the system, can bring a better future for everyone. We are all winners if we work together, we are losers if we stop for rest on a rainy day. Thats what happening today. Why go for the short term gains, why be the opportunist when you know someone else deserving might suffer? Get in the movement so that you can be the deserving one too. Learn new things, see new places so that the will as a group, the will of the human race transcends beyond the greed of race, religion and money. We can do it, trust me, we can achieve anything if we stop to pickup a friend and listen to to grievance of the dying world.

When 2007 dawns, there will be many changes, many resolutions, new governance, countries changing, borders erased, more natural disasters, inflation, market crash, new jobs, less jobs, war, the essence of the changing facades of the human race. But haven't we gone through all this since the dawn of humans? The will of the land, lets call it that way, has forced man to fight for dirt, to fight for power. But seldom did we use the power to bring a better life to the people of Sudan, the continent of Africa forever shrouded in dark rain, the political discriminations in Asia, and throughout the world. It's good that we can see the suffering now because today we are facing the reality that is not mere myth. But until when do we want to wait for a change, until when do we want to build our luxuries and pretend that we can help once we can afford to help. The capabilities are there for us to change now, today at this right moment. Do it today.

2007 will also mark the 3rd blogging year for many of my endeavors, many experiments in the flow of time. Everything is relative here in the cyberworld, the platform is here for everyone, it's just the time spend that matters more. The efforts will bear fruit if the correct steps are taken. The Earth 2050 project has been a great success because it managed to gather and inspire many bloggers to participate. In 2007 this group will finally be molded into its true goal, thats a promise I will make and achieve in the new year. We will chart the future as outlined when the group was started. The Ghost Particle Project started as a personal project, but through the vision and will of many loved ones, it broke barriers and achieved wonderful things. We will not stop here, the future is for everyone, the Ghost Particle Project will look into inspiring and changing the current generation to look into communities and how to seed the changes itself. The - ghost of you - short story contest is just the start of many wonderful things to come. I hope the level of support and commitment given by everyone will grow to greater heights in the years to come.

Human+Universe, Earth 2050 ,The Ghost Particle Project and The CosmicCode Institute would like to wish everyone


Nirek said...

happy xmas and new year dear bro!

Jeevan said...

Great Writeup Friend!! What ever can change in next year, but the Love between us (Friends) should never change:)

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR, let ur dreams and wishes comes true!!


gautami tripathy said...

good write!

Wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year!

Nanyaar? said...

Wish you the same !

Merry Christmas and hope your new year Rocks big time!


btw( I wanted to blog in 2050 Im not able to I dont know why)

tulipspeaks said...

is it just a post or it is a piece of art? :) man.. u can write wht most of us can only feel inside. great!

Merry X'mas to u too.



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