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And so it ends (and starts) this way...

Something, something...
Yesterday was this blogs 2nd Anniversary. So we are entering year 3 full of expectations and energy, waiting (still) to change the world. Cheers!

A few things I swore not to do last week, but I did it anyway! First of all I switched to blogger (not beta anymore) because heck...gooogle paid me a billion bucks and asked me to do so :p ...okay who am I kidding to, it seems all the Ancient Bloggers will be slowly 'retired' into the new Blogger. Well I don't want to wait till then, coz it might turn ugly, so I switched in today. For all the team blog members from 2050, your upgrade mails will come soon. If you wish to blog further in 2050, you have to switch. Sorry for the inconvenience, but don't we all want change! For the better I hope. (and they dumped beta on my blog's anniversary, how could I say no... :) )

Next, I made a pledge to myself to loose weight and stop reading conspiracy theory stuff on the net. Well, guess what, both did not happen! I think I've gained weight eating all this medicine and just went through a horrid 2 hours reading the political predictions of 2007. All I can say is that the USD will surely collapse if China has its way and the moon is really made of cheese. All hail the Spaghetti Meatball monster. Amen. And yes, havent touched my thesis yet...there is exactly 36 hours left till this semester ends. Life surely aint good on this site of the world.
[+] Keep the entries for the -ghost of you, short story contest- coming folks, there's 10 more days till the deadline!


Keshi said…
man ur dare u switch to bloody beta. I hate beta with a vengeance. U know that cmon LOL!

Ghost Particle said…
im feeling so so so stupid now. I should have not done this.,..but hopw the heck am i going to swithc basck to the old blogger? :( man....i hate life.
Jeevan said…
Bro what is this? I stand with u know (for classic blogger), now u had pushed my legs lol!:)

U too changed the 2050, so.... let me try to post. Congrats for our 2nd year in blogging and wishes for ur 3rd year:)
Hahaha..Yeah blogger beta sucks! :(

//Next, I made a pledge to myself to loose weight and stop reading conspiracy theory stuff on the net//

Awesome decision... :P Hehehe kidingh!
ellam shivam mayam :P
Sojourner said…
welcome to www2! and have a pleasant 3 year.
Is there any choice? Eventually all the old bloggers will switch. So why not do it now?

I switched some time last week. It sucks but I consider those birth pangs. A new born baby takes some time getting used to.

Buck up, ghost. Don't hate life...

Have a great year, blogging!
Nirek said…
congrats for 2nd anniversary!
kudos for switching to blogger beta. try to use all its yummy features and make ur blog more interesting bro!
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] har har har...made a deal wit da devil. :p

[jeevan] sorry bro...but its all for the good.

[ponnarasi] thanx! i knew u would understand.

[ramses] thanx da!

[sojourner] thanx! here i come future!

[gautami] yes yes...i must stop whining and start winning blogs! What am i saying! thanx!!!

[nirek] thanx for the words bro. I will do my best.
Princess said…
Continue ur journey in new blogger..

I don't understand why you people hate new blogger!!!

All da best.

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