Tuesday, December 26

2007, Return to the Roots

Has it been 7 years since the year 2000? Seems just like yesterday... but don't we say the same thing all the time. I wake up everyday thinking of tomorrow, am I running away from the past, again? Sometimes it feels like we never matured beyond the barbaric middle ages. What can we aspire if not peace, another safe day for everyone, food on the table an endless love. Aspirations, the will and results. Causalities in space time, or just cause and effect in our daily lives.

They say, there is no written objectives for us, what we want to today or tomorrow. Blogging is just for fun, yesterday. But today even big corps have blog pages in their corporate sites. Students, 10 year olds, babies (pseudo blogging that is), to astronauts. We spend time foraging through the lives of other netizens, the denizens of the new age, the neo-citizens of a future still not bright enough, the earth dwellers in a chaotic earth, itself undergoing multitude of changes charted or uncharted. Likewise, others dictate our lives, even some millisecond of it so that we can relate to them what we do next. Or do what they relate to us. Causality.

What among this metallic universe that we live in that banishes our physical self and let us thrive in the electrons wave functions, the very letters we type in made of trillions of particles crossing space and time to every degree of the living world (and space), what drives us?

I had a dream, that this blog could change the world, could define moments, capture defining moments and reveal the truth. Some aspiration, it is true that this world needs some workings, some tweak up because the politics have eaten the fundamental foundations of the society. I believed I was influential enough to discover the truths and spread the message to the readers. Maturity has nothing to do with this, but courage and honour. But to what cost? I see around me bloggers falling to the pressure of politics and the powers that be. I see ideologies burnt to the ground, lives decimated because they choose to speak the forbidden. Like leaves on a rainy day, no matter if its green or grey, their ideas were struck down systematically. For what is all this? We have chosen to protect our rights, but the powers of politics are too big for me and you to handle. Let the forbidden words lay forbidden, let history judge them who walk over us.
From 2007 onwards, there will be NO political posting regarding Malaysia in this blog. There will be NO more tweaking of ideas, fine tuning my capabilities, flexing of my non existence muscles trying to go on an ego trip to reveal why gun shots happened, why temples are demolished, why racial policies kill dreams or why everything runs this way and that. There will be no more questioning of other ideologies that may pass my road, that when I come to a crossroad of believes, I wont question their motives. There wont be political domino theories featured here or anywhere I blog. For all the devils that transcends this landscape, let time judge them. The weapons of time is more painful that any words written, its traces are legacies written for the future to learn. Let them all wither in the tapestry of time, the majestic beauty that kills even the mightiest. Celebrate all you want, let your cohorts bask in golden wine, for tomorrow, time will judge you.
From 2007 onwards, this blog will celebrate life, will truncate the negative waves of the devil humanity and bring out the roots of our difference. From difference we find colors, beauty and the real humanity. From the colors we trace patterns of ideas, from beauty we find respect and love and in humanity we find relations. Why waste talking about some rubbish that would never die when we can build a great utopia of peace and freedom. Lets live our lives. Lets return to our roots.

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livinghigh said...

hey hey... happy new yr advance greetings to ya guys... as for the contest, have emailed it to ure admin email id... is there any other?

Marutham said...

:D Hiiii,Loveley post to end this year! :)
And a great template....
HEHEHE! I always envy ur templates :P
Enna panradhu- they r the best ;)

If i rembr it right- u got this new job this year- am i right? :) Has it made ur life better.... Yes i guess... Wish u a very happy new year that is filled with all joy & prosperity. And not to forget- this lovely post & these wondrful lines...//From difference we find colors, beauty and the real humanity. From the colors we trace patterns of ideas, from beauty we find respect and love and in humanity we find relations. Why waste talking about some rubbish// Amazing! :) Cheers!

starry nights said...

Lovely post and Happy new year to you. I have Emailed my story to amin@ghostparticle.com. If you do not recieve it will you let me know.Thanks.

Cinderella. said...

Have a happy happy gala new year honey...!!!!!!!!!!!

When are the results gonna be out ??

Kavi said...

GP !

I guess there are many reasons as to why one blogs. I am a recent entrant to this sphere that i just go with the flow and write. It serves as a great outlet !

Restricting myself in any form has been a great inhibhitor ! But fully understand your perspectives too !


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