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The Train Journey

This journey
forever winding through hills
sometimes crossing mountains
the mighty engine gracefully pulling
coaches of man, children and woman

This train
loves this journey
unknown to the dreaming passengers
and particularly wide eyed children
looking out to the deep valleys

This morning,
as the sun rises faraway
above a mountain covered in mist
like a streetlight on a day of rain and fog
I awoke to the soft sunbeam
and the song of morning birds

This moment,
i try hard to describe
to picture this instance in time
of a beautiful image in a distance
momentarily forgetting the fogged window
i see lights among the trees
of fireflies and rubber tappers
in silent unison with nature

This train,
brought memories of days
both happy and cold from a decade
of old people and young happy people
they’re on the same journey
on a rusty old path just like me
maybe happy maybe sad

This life,
of joyful people
of tears and raindrops on the window
a morning shower in the gray jungle
i wish everyone is awake
sharing this stunning moment
of rain, sun and a bottomless valley

This journey,
will end in a day almost
but my eyes and my mind still lost
among the dissolving green leaves
vaguely i remember my mission
my future as the journey ends
will start in a land of new
but this is a perfect sending
a perfect journey
of an overnight train...

-Gp 2005- 3/5/05-
[*] This is a repost from last year. I'm completely 'blogpost braindead' now. Please leave your comments. This poem tells of my journeys leaving my hometown to a new future, the journeys that I have been making for the past 7 years. Strangely I've never taken the train for these journeys.
[-] Its only when you read back all the old posts that reminds you of inexperience, of genius, of the wantings and of memories you wish to forget. Honestly, its a weird feeling. Just find your very old posts and read it...


Kavi said…
Quite like the flow of your journey! It brought back loads of my own memories too !

Of a similar journeys, and of times where time stood still !
Nirek said…
You poem brought back my sweet memories abt past train journeys!

'blogpost braindead' - i know how it is. I suddenly run out of any topic to write on. Take a break. and write more vigorously!
Anonymous said…
beautiful and meaningful lines!
Jeevan said…
I never had a long journey in Train, so i have no experiace about train journey:( This poem brings the rarity of the train journey, admiring the nature...! Well-written friend.
Marutham said…
:) Lovely recap!!

//'blogpost braindead'// out of TAGS!!! Like u wrote any :P

Btw, en post'la sambandhamey ilama oru comment irukkey-- enna boss...Romba thanniyo?? :P Wat is it ur in top 3??
And...err..enakku ipdi oru template kedakaadha??!!
Lovely template :)
Keshi said…
chuk chuk chuk chuk...Im bakk with lotza pics like u wanted ;-)

Anonymous said…
writer's block huh? :)
its nice to read our own past writings for a little bit of fuel(as a reserve).
nice pen picture.
hey thanks for the comment.
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] yes sar, somehow more than anything else, train journeys charted so much of our life, and the journeys to the future are the most memorable ones.

[nirek] yes satu, some memories we cant erase. Yeh, lost my creative touch.

[wforest] thanx dear!

[jeevan] thanx bro, true, journeys let you wander far and wide.

[marutham] i answered da. :p thanx.

[keshi] on a train. Ur pics are snappy as always, great, thanx luv.

[sojourner] thanx!!! yes, the little seeds for us to continue. Anytime.

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