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A Swedish Sunday

(the adventures of lazy thrill seekers on a rainy Sunday with a Swedish babe!)

Had this nice chance of living a Swedish Sunday with my senior and trusted sidekick (or am I his sidekick?!). Started of with a shot of vodka-orange juice for breakfast. (yeh...i'm getting wasteeedddd to often these days). Drove to Ikea for some succulent Swedish Hot Dogs! (that sounded weird...please erase everything from your mind!). While Volvo is a masterclass, I don't like Ikea very much. You have this feeling that the normal furniture stores has better variety and bargaining options. Or it could be that the Ikea store in Malaysia really sucks. One thing thats good about Ikea though is the colors! The furnitures and other materials are vivid and simple, but not enough to rekindle any memories or leave lasting ones. Spent a few hours there separating stuff from China and the rest of the world till we found out nothing much are left after that! I bought some FNISS pen holders (red, white and black) to get the parking coupon stamped for free. Good for that Ikea, I think more local stores should think in the same line. Even Tesco and Carrefour offer free parking. The IKEA Exit Cafe is a heaven for Swedish Hot Dog lovers. All of the 3 restaurants on the store offer a variety of Swedish traditional foods. Pity I cant eat the meatballs, but the hot dog itself is simply superb.

Realized yesterday there are so many good things about Sweden, most notably their babes! Her sleek sultry body, well build features, dressed in her finest makes any outing a memorable one. Not until you drive one...okay I'll stop here. Everyone knows about Volvo! A magnifik Swedish engineering, identifies instantly as being the safest car in the world, the experience is simply out of this world. Have you had a Volvo experience?

Ended the lazy thrill seeking (driving around in the car) with a trip to the central park equivalent of KL, home to the largest covered bird park in da whole wide world; The KL Bird Park. Didn't get to see any birds, it was raining but got this great snap. It's amazing to see how the artificial blend with the organic world. (More snaps in my Flickr)
Closure. So what does Sundays signify? Mostly I spend my Sundays worrying about Monday and the start of the dreaded work week. Honestly its a dreadful feeling thinking that the only truly free day of the week goes past so fast that you'll be back in office staring at the bloody pc in no time. Sundays should be spent remembering things, stuffs that you miss most and things you want to do. Just freak out, don't plan and head NORTH! Thats right, go back to the roots! (or izzit South?). Sundays during school days were routine, my school had a Sunday to Thursday week. So Saturdays were spent watching Saturday Morning Cartoon and making sure the school shoes dries! Not to mention to 'paint' some chalk (school shoe polish) so that the shoe looks pretty at least a few hours on Sunday, just to get through the assembly (before some ass comes and steps on it...arrghhh traumatic memories). As the days goes past, and years eats away your life, these weekend adventures become more official, weddings, festivals, movies and of course sleeping late. Gone are the Sundays, maybe its just the right time to bring back those nostalgic classic Sundays. Lets get back to that true meaning of a Sunday.

How did your Sunday go?

[-] Next week I'm planning a Japanese Sunday. Care to join me? Just pick a country you like and experience a Sunday going to places related to it!.
[+] Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday. God Bless the Lives of everyone who departed in an unjust past for reasons beyond our control.


tulipspeaks said…
i had a boringgggggggg sunday. and the rain didnt help also. :(

Anonymous said…
hot dogs and meatballs!
dude i aint saying nothing.
Jeevan said…
I got a busy sunday of works, i miss the morning hollywood movie on the Vijay TV:( No outing, and the plan of going to Murugar temple was also cancelled. nice to know u had good sunday!

Next week plan was cool, i will select a county and tell u later:)
Keshi said…
I love IKEA stuff :)

Ghost Particle said…
[tulip] so sad...sundays are da coolest!

[raghav] gonna wack u man!

[jeevan] sad to hear dat bro..I too will wait for tv programs on sundays.

[keshi] ikea ikea ikea me!

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