Monday, November 27

Something for Mr.Ghost

[+] I did not kill the cat.

[+] All the single kids in the family, please do tell me how good is your life because I'm starting to hate my brothers.

[+] Had a massive seafood dinner yesterday at the fishing village and only remembered to snap some pics after gobbling up the food. The baked prawn was awesome, drop by sometime and you have a treat waiting! How did your weekend go?

[=] Here is da link to da photo album from da past. [LinkLinkLink] :p


Keshi said...

Love ur brother or punch him in the face...LOL!

btw where r the pics?


alex said...

Love it is! :)

Well, grass is greener on the other side! :)

Anonymous said...

unable to see the images (blocked by my network)
I wonder what or who an orbital analyst is!?!

Maran said...

You should have call me for the dinner dude..I was starving yesterday! :(

fat_toad said...

@ sojourner

orbital analyst refers to a blogger

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] hahahah@ great advice! pics r not there coz well I forgot to snap before i ate. :(

[alex] ahha...u have sisters I guess who doesnt drive u nuts :. thanx for the kind words bro.

[sojourner] well maybe its timed out, hard to load or slow. and orbital analyst is a satelite orbital specialist.

[maran] bro if u r ever in sp call me man...ill take u makan bro!

starry nights said...

Where are the pics..I am sure the shrimp was delicious.


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