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Silentium Dei, Centuries

the first lights came alive
a season awakens in its dawn
the younger days of me
and you and the rest of us
as the tiny dews sparkled
grand rich golden diamonds
rays of rainbow from tiny tips
of the tallest grasses among the
fields and the generous rays
flooded the carpets of maroon
grasses discolored such
as in dreams of tomorrow
when we will wake up
for a century of wiseness
of borderless humanscapes
and eternal liberty

the first ships reached orion
humans left earth ages ago
leaving behind dreams of years
and days of carefree
we dared not to defend
the dying earth and failing waters
and winds and fields and rain
the stillborn baby's empty words
just like the dead corpses
strewn along the beaches and rivers
and fading memories of trees
mountains and valleys abandoned
like schools of death after
the great wars and centuries of
atomic visions clouding the
pristine eyes and crimson minds

-gp2006-end days-

[-] The End Days series, celebrating the closure of another year, and the dawning of another uncertain year. Started this with a SF poem.

God Bless Us All.


A poem from you after a long time. And what a comeback! I love this...
QUASAR9 said…
So GP do you think
that is Earth's fate

Aah, but is it because of careless and 'preventable' human activity - or is it because as most string theorists and skeptics would have us believe, simply earth's fate cosmological time
QUASAR9 said…
There use to be a science fiction theory that 'intelligent life' had indeed existed on the other planets in the solar system. and simply went planet hoping, as the planets became uninhabitable and/or life unsustainable - until some remainder arrived on earth

and then there will come a time when we must go from earth to another planet.

The only flaw of course, is that a civilization sufficiently advanced to travel from planet to planet, would not have devolved back to life on earth say 5,000 or 10,000 or even 30,000 years ago -
and even if they encountered lower lifeforms - and could not enslave them like say in "StarGate" - thrir technological advances and knowledge would hardly fall into decay or disppear, unless of course they were all kileed off by luddites, or ...

no, no matter how dumb
the mob would not kill off a superior race without extracting the knowledge and 'gimmicks' and new technology fascinated ancient people's just as much as they do today's people.

After all someone who could build an electric motor, a wind turbine, a solar panel, a wind-up radion, a mobile phone 10,000 years ago would have been worshipped more than Einstein ...
or burnt at the stake like a witch
Anonymous said…
:D Aha... Pramaadham Kavidhai kavidhai...

Ada nimbal score parthaan... Great!!! U r in the top 100 scorers...
:) AM talking abt t gamein my page... If u r wondering what am talking abt

Enakku leave aramikkatum...:P naanum varen
Anonymous said…
As usual awesome poem :)
Keep writing :)
Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] thanx gautami, it took a while to get my brains back :p

[quasar9] its not the fate or destiny, its the mind of the people who thinks they are bigger than the universe. They tink there is notning more to find, nothing more to live for. The irony of humans lies in the fact that we kill the creator but worship them at the same time. Thanx for the great comment!

[marutham] top 100! oh man! thanx da!

[ponna] thanx da!

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