Tuesday, November 28

Silent is the Future for the Cosmological Nomads

Today, I feel very afraid of the future. The consequences of my present actions, the rapid changes around me, the headless charging of the people around me to face an uncertain future. I cant stop wondering what tomorrow might be like, what if I did something different yesterday. I cant stop the flow of time, I cant stand outside the dynamics of the world, I cant make the wrong repent, I cant change anything of tomorrow. My actions and my feelings are just mindless ramblings in the fluid motions of humans, time and the cosmos. I don't tend to be God but for the ability to discern the passage of time, the very direction of us, I am God as you are God. But in between all that, for the ability to predict, for the millions of unexpected outcomes, there comes us with a mortal heart feeling every bit of pain and suffering of people. Their glossy eyes embalmed with tear as they hide their deepest regrets, their love for the ones they care much, they hide the deep void in their chest pressing inside like the ripples of the black hole because they cant change anything.

From the ripples of the heart are released energies stronger that the ripples of gravity fields because we are humans, we know feelings and we cant do anything about it. Helpless and dying every second because among us, they don't listen, they wont change in our direction because everyone has a tiny bit of freedom to seek, to unshackle the morbid chain rings of destiny from imaginary arms and legs. There are they who wont want to be stuck in our time, for they have lost the motivation of me, of you. There are men forbidden from the future, because they were not born in the future. I don't see why the prejudice of the new century must break hearts, seeing silent tears from majestic beauties who gave birth to us, and still we cant do anything.

Silence around me as everyone looked at each other trying to figure an answer. No I did not kill him, God, he lives for a purpose to guide us. No I did not kill him, Einstein, he gave purpose for the purpose. No we did not kill legends because we want to be them, we killed them because we don't want them to become us. We are strange creatures of time, not habit, we are lost in time because we let loose the frozen futures, the tech-no-lo-gy and the science on the unsuspecting masses who were just opening their eyes for that sunrise at the far distant edge of the cosmos.

Silence, once again, silence and she cried. Not this time, no I cant do anything. I'm just a ageless rock. And he cried, and they cried and all I could do is crawl into my cocoon and wrap the particles around me, electrons and protons, and live the silence. I walked away, knowing they would die and nothing could be changed. It has happened, what was supposed to happen because we walked away. Destiny has smiled, I am still hiding. I am afraid of the future.
[+] They cant change anything, however they try, we are not cosmological nomads, we are just lost.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi GP, hmmm
we cannot change yesterday
we cannot change today
we cannot change tomorrow?

I think all we can do is pass by either covered in joy or sorrow.

You know the glass full or half empty. We can live our lives regretting what we don't have or could have had or wish we'd had
or we can live our lives grateful for what we've had, what we have and what we may have tomorrow.

The having, doing or being - does not guarantee joy or sorrow - it is the wanting that makes us feel we need, it is the needing makes us feel we want.
Wanting to live is good
Wanting things to live for is good

Sorrow for what we lose
Sorrow for what we don't get
Sorry for what we vcannot have
Achieve nothing. We can only enjoy what comes our way, what we find, discoverm search or work for. Why worry for what does not come our way, or we cannot have, or reach.

More than in desire for material things, it is in love for another person we soon learn this. To love or desire someone who does not love or desire us back - is wasted love. Of course we should 'love' all people, I'm on about 'personal' relationship love

But I fear I'm rambling on for far far too long. lol!

Keshi said...

WOW! Ghosty who r ya? God? U totally amaze me with ur writing.


Anonymous said...

I cant claim i understand everything... there are words and then there are emotions.. I can fathom it...
but I second Quasar9.. including the rambling bit :).

we all do what we can pal.. that's all.

Cheers :)

gautami tripathy said...

now now....I find all this veri interesting.

Homo Escapeons said...

You can run my friend but you cannot hide..even in your cocoon.
Be thankful that you can think these thoughts..that's what it is all about..once they are gone, so are you.

You are digging deep here ghosty...mining down to the core...that's how you found this diamond.

Keep digging!

Anonymous said...

You write well. Keep it up.

Cinderella said...

Why is everybody so dark and surreal these days..?

Why cant life be just what it is meant to be...beautiful and worthy..?

Why cant we have what we want and why cant we want what we have..?

Why are the questions always smirking at the dry answers..?

Why it is joy the absense of which is obvious but no one wnts to look into the alleys of pain..?

Bad world..? Or unrelenting us..?

DeRaviz said...

Do you think the universe cares about us? We are so small and insignificant that our dissapearence would be equivalent to the influence the death of a fly somewhere in a Canadian forest or in the middle of the Congo would have in the world. The future...

Jeevan said...

We can’t change anything alone; we can change many with unity on our future. Nice Writings bro:)

Anonymous said...

Time is limited yet I will strive to join in with this challenge. If I fail in passing my submission date perhaps we will meet again on another future date.

Ghost Particle said...

[quasar9] that is a superb comment. The haves and have nots of life. More like the desires of want or not. I agree we should live a day at a time. Love and joy are just skins, whats trues is honest and bonds. Superb!

[keshi] im not god luv, im just a documenter like you. :D thanx!

[sojourner] so long is the arm, as long as the fingers, as long as the will. thanx!

[gautami] which one and where do you find this rambling of life interesting? :p

[h-e] now thats scary isn't it...we cant run away from the universe. thats it. we scratch a few here and there, then we find a hole, we jump in and there is no end there. Thats life. thanx bro.

[idea senator] thanx for the kind words.

Ghost Particle said...

[cinderella] more questions, its a circle we're running around in. Maybe its time to break the bonds and answer these questions. I want the barest nececities, but the happiest heart.

[deraviz] the universe can ignore us, but we cant ignore it. Our actions, however small are influencing the greater entropy.

[jeevan] so true brother, through unity and an inquiring mind.

[pauline] u said it well...there is no backdates, backdues in time, our contribution matters, even late.


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