Friday, November 17

Rebellions in the Rice Century

No body said life was fair. Nothing of the seconds and minutes, even months and years promise an easy ride.

But some does have it all happening. The bounty that life presents, the opportunity savored to the last drop. Every step they take, their path leads to glory and recognition. They lie their way through life, portraying curves of elegance, appear to control life by its tiny strands of fate and destiny and rewrite history to rival the greatest stories ever told.

Then there are some strangers, the offspring(s) of a political generation, and the lost kids of the war age. They are the enigmatic geniuses, the passionate blind lovers and good friends. They are not so lucky; they don’t have the path cleared for them and extravagant(s) of rice and curry waiting every evening. They don’t face surprises ever often; they live a monotonous existence waiting for that thin silver line on a rainy season.

How these two extremes meet head to head in life could be the greatest mysteries of life.
How they gather and live together, how heart breaks and euphoria mingle and love each other, blind to one another’s pain.

Believe and trusts are the true passions of life. If you hold on to it, till the very last breath your soul will be dignified, your hunger justified to the very crevices of eternity. Every cell in you will be flooded with energy, bursting with love for you have something to live for, and the principles etched deep into you to stand for it. What the rebellions of these two extreme lives don’t tell is how the lost kids never achieve another pivotal point in life, happiness.

What in my opinion the most important step we take in life is when we create that strong bond of friendship, finding soul mates and day light warriors to face the days of certainty and uncertainty. I wanted life to be such, to be filled with thrills of friendship, the kind seen on TV, the kind that everyone lives of sometimes. Why couldn't it happen everyday? We have expectations in life to go forward and do our best, and some are better equipped. Some are in a better position to pull us up, call it their duty, but in reality it’s just another divine contract between two souls to pull each other up while climbing that tall ladder. Every achievement after that are the surprises of life, the vagaries that time prepares for us.

Do tell me, am I dreaming a perfect life? Can’t we expect out friends to hold on, wait for us to catch up? Or even if they have to go ahead, to lend us a helping hand just at the right time because they are wiser in life? Cant we expect that small advice when they see a chance waiting or an opportunity, be it for only one person, because they can gauge who can do it better and then accommodate the other in due time? What do we must really expect then?

The faraway rain clouds seems never to come near. Through the blinder, the rain falls incessantly from a clear sky, but all those are illusions. The mind wants to forget the dark, for what it presumes evil. The heart wants to love the cold breeze. Through the misty jungles as far as the eyes can see, the rain creeps and sways in the turbulent wind, and the windows are covered with mist, with tiny eccentric raindrops carving straight but micro chaotic paths down to the open atria with miniature palm plants and Zen garden stones.

Lightning and thunder, paint grander Van Gogh’s on the northern skies, as the last of the blue birds flies to its now soaked nest covered only by a few strands of leaves. Just like life, nothing grand, always presenting the bare necessities to be used just at the right time. The centuries of rain poured non stop as the paddy fields unfurled on the eastern flat lands. The western hills are covered with staggered boxes of houses looking more and more like limestone hills cut to build some magnificent temple for God's who haven't given their verdict for millions of years. The village stood still in the slates of time and rain.

The rebellion started in the mind of one boy, he grew up in the fields, and he saw the sacrifices of the people to live another day. He saw many excel in learning scriptures and leave the village but he was there picking and choosing through life for the best of everything. He picked the best paddy seeds, planted them then from the rice he sorted the golden ones as provisions for the future. On the southern plains lay thousands of more hills with villages and around them paddy fields and in those communities are boys and girls rebelling against the deceits of time.

Waiting for opportunities to come won’t take us to the next level of life. People are nice to us, but they are not honest. No friend will give up his dearest possessions for another friend in need because the needs and passions of life are more powerful than any camaraderie. The bonds, locked hands and fiery fists in the face of destiny are all masks to fool the sages of fate.

We are responsible to take the next step because it’s our legs that we command. There might be helping hands; great minds of teachers who guide us, but at one point of time you must realize, look around you and you are alone. That's the rebellion of time and age against us. And at that time, the dearest people who you have hoped for this long will feel not obliged to look back at you, or lend a helping hand because a wiser mind will arise that may dawn him or her. That wiser mind is you. You are destined to take over the future, steal the thunder for others because every man is truly an island first, bridges are artificial. The mysteries of life will unravel slowly in time.

But in between this chaotic life, the percolation of words and actions, there are a few good ones. Those who don’t feel threatened by time and the dawn of the new age. I am still waiting for them, for one of them. Have you found yours?


Cinderella said...

Too many thoughts seem to be cramming your ?

Why do yoy think so much,just let it be na...
Let life take its turns whichever way it wants,you let yourself loose and follow the course.
Dont think so much, thats not gonna help anyway.

So calm down and do something that soothes you.
Take care.

Cinderella said...

And yes missed you !!!

Anonymous said...

I am searching too. Perhaps being alone in a crowd is good, the isolation brings you closer to reality. I know reality hurts, but only in and through it we learn.

Anonymous said...

**divine contract between two souls to pull each other up while climbing that tall ladder**
I believe in that.
I realized this much:
we can get one person for a full journey..
or, strangers sharing that stretch of the path, take care of each other..
we can make the best of either.

But I am against expecting anything of anyone. Every one is free to define and redefine everything about themselves.

Have a nice weekend GP!

Joaninha said...

How I understand your written feelings...
Sometimes we stop for a while and we believe that everything could be better, could be different and perhaps could offer a little of happiness…
I became old of thinking how should be nice to spread happiness all over around but the one who is wrong it’s me. Everybody only thinks about itself. I also go on looking for something new to eliminate the width between the between(s)…
Good weekend (joan-joaninha)

Homo Escapeons said...

I embrace the dawn of the new age..let's get going already!!It is almost impossible to outrun our genetic programming...if there weren't so many of us?? oops don't want to go there...we should be droppin' books not bombs!

Great post ghosty!

QUASAR9 said...

Wow pretty awesome GP!
Tempted to comment paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence - but let me try and capture just one part of the whole
"Why couldn't it happen everyday? We have expectations in life to go forward and do our best, and some are better equipped. Some are in a better position to pull us up, call it their duty, but in reality it’s just another divine contract between two souls to pull each other up while climbing that tall ladder."

Some go thru life literally like that the joy of climbing a mountain if you like, helping others get to the top too -
And there are others who to get to the top of the summit first will tample on their best friends hands and even head, and then cut the rope - and watch as the rest fall.

In times of need and times of hardship (even war) you can see the camaraderie in the villages in the communities - in times of plenty, in times of conflict and times of greed, it is often lost except among those who help those who can help them ...

What's in it for me, we have all asked ourselves at some time
What's in it for me, some ask themselves all the time.

Jason said...

that's my plan about facing the future. just face what is to come.
i appreciate your kind words always, ghost.

Ghost Particle said...

[cinderella] exactly my dear...cant bear it already. I must clear dis brain of mine...go to some island maybe...thx!

[ideasenator] welcome to the universe! :p yes, isolation brings revelations. So true, thx!

[sojourner] define life, be unique. I jsut want one person to share it, be close to me, maybe im being a romantic. :p

[joana] so true dear, we want to see change around us, that we fail to adapt, we want to see people happy but we dont. Maybe its time to change for the better!

[h-e] thanx mate! Its true, knowledge should be used for the purpose of going forward, not fighting for dirt.

[quasar9] thanx for understanding me. Its true we always yearn for belonging, but fail to ask what we can do. But we had dont alot didnt we? maybe its our que in this world, to help and be forgotten, but true hapiness does come from there. The close knit communities are no more to be seen as everyone fights for their rights, but one day when the truth dawns, we will see that future waiting for us where we must work together.
We always ask, we always ask...maybe we dont have to ask anymore because we have each other.

Nirek said...

Hey bro
If u r day dreaming abt idealistic world, then you are not alone. Me too wish to live in an idealisitc world like what u said!

Ghost Particle said...

[jason] true to the cause my friend, you will reach your dreams. Thx!

[nirek] satu...we will try n try forever bro. Lets make it happen.


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