Tuesday, November 14

One For The Road

True alas that you got your freedom. Somebody passed on, and you got your freedom. But how do you justify your life (mis)using this freedom with revelry till the heavens go to sleep. How do you answer the prayers for you, that you change your will, where is your consciousness? Justify this or forever be silenced. Your thoughts doesn't reflect the people you so staunchly protect, because you are just a piece of rubbish like everybody else. Requiem.
[-] Reply ye who feels the fire, or forever be silenced.


QUASAR9 said...


I take it someone pissed you off.
We are matter and we are much more,
but 'we' are not all that matters

It is knowing our place is where it is best to be, somewhere between the atom and a Sun, Man be!

And the atom & the Sun shall in time transform, and so shall man also change in time from human form

Kavi said...

When the game is over, the king and pawns go back to the same box !

Keshi said...

the river flows back to the sea...nothing can alter that.

U ok?


S.Karthikeyan said...

Enjoyed the banner "YEE-HA" as much as your creative writing!

Anonymous said...

whatever it was, it wasn't me!!

chill bro...grab that can of beer and turn on the TV. there's a good game on tonight!!


Ghost Particle said...

[quasar9] yes, someone i hate and I dont talk to. People who take liberty for granted, and then stand to justify their acts by disgusing them as being brave and fearless.
//ur poem is great//---> from the dusts we came to the dusts we go. Thanx a million sir!

[kavi] kavi sar, u said the point. From where we originate, doest discriminate the good or bad in us, only the results.

[keshi] im fine luv. The river, it faces jagged edges on its way, but some people dont understand. Pity them.

[skarthi] bro! thanx bro...let bush be dumd, so that we can have some jokes on him! :P Writings flows until the breath stops.

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] u r rite bro, only a beer and some chilin will do justice to this world. It is full of crap people.

Vincent said...

The last line reminds me of
Tyler Durden: We are all part of the same compost heap..

bro, why so much anger? Save it for the crazier people you'll meet along the way.

*fills 2 mugs with beer*
Cheers man!

Keshi said...

yeah..and the river somehow cuts thru it all and flows gently..

they will learn...some ppl take longer...have patience Ghosty.


Anonymous said...

Be the ghost.. let everything pass through.
hey.. i like that banner!

Cinderella said...

Why does it always have to this or that?
Isnt there any other amicable way that will suit all of us...?

And about getting silenced....

Is it not that tis the silence that prevails all aorund,just that occasional sounds keep breakiong it every now and then ?
Is it not so that it is but the dark all around around broken by the silhouette of bright light every now and then ?

If yes then what for do we run away from getting silenced and left in the dark...is it not that tis but the ultimate of what is gonna become of us ???

gautami tripathy said...

Silence speaks louder, ghosty boy!

Ghost Particle said...

[vincent] bro! That is so damn true...i just hate pretenders. Urgghh...cheers to u mate!

[keshi] true love...they will learn, give them some time.

[sojourner] now u make more sense than me...let it go :p...thanx!

[cinderella] there is no one way to satisfy everyone, there is no one way to accomodate everyone. Let things go on its way, we can still change the world, thats all that matters.

[gautami] true ka, thanx for the timely reminder!


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