Monday, November 13

North Season III

White pearl garlands hung intertwined in black hair, just before it danced trough the rain like it has seen tomorrow, and the hand and fingers raised circulating the light rays, combing through the air collecting particles of luminescence and the feet traces beautiful imaginary images on the wooden floor as the hands clap and eyes sparkle from her smile to them as she turns and turns to create symbolic flower petals through her meticulous movements planned to perfection just days before and now she dances to them as they smile and chatter quietly complimenting of her beauty and she smiled and marvels at their admiration which are more than what anyone would want for the dances are now getting slower and she changes her steps and her arms drops down as she plays with her eyes, creating and singing with her blue diamond eyes which held them in time unmoving mesmerized as she floats above the floor and their imaginations crumpled to defeat seeing how focused she is. A warm breeze came invading from the open window as she continued to float above the floor as if they had not enough of magic she suddenly released rays of light from her fingers as she floats even higher and caught his eyes sitting at one corner of the room peeking silently. She saw much love in those eyes, and immediately all of the spectators disappeared and she came face to face with him and held out her hand. He laughed, still eyes locked to hers as he got up and held her close to him. and his arms now around her hips and her arms over his shoulders as they danced to that solitary music but this time the spectators did not appear. She blanked them out and closed her eyes as he kissed her on the forehead and smelled the jasmine petals on her hair and the invading rays of light stood in unison enveloping them and the windows glowed with changing images of a sun setting, mountains surrounded in mist, birds flying in unison, clouds returning to their homelands and rain dropping in slow motion. The as the day continues she lets go of herself, her will and want to dance is no more and she waits there at the corner of the room gazing out as he hold her arms and plays with his fingers and kisses her neck she turns with her soulful smile and they kissed to the waiting night. For one little moment they kissed then a thousand more moments unfolded as they embraced through the day not knowing the changing season, like the dark forest of wood and withering leave and blossoming flowers and honey bees who come out after a cold winter to find more of everything beautiful and less of something evil, so the masterly humans gave birth to little joys of their imagination and creation. Nothing was missing, with enough pomp and grand celebration marks their dances and illuminates their divine union in the holy house of God when they looked back to remember it was a year back and a day not soon as they don't want to be separate of love. Their touches even a day old would imprison her senses for a year and he would drug his minds into depression for missing her if not for that union and they would make love everyday for days and months and the cold winter passes to the melancholic spring as it as the only time the flowers were much grander than her. So sparkles another soul to life and another life continues.
[-] Traveling the landscape of life and thought. The will of all human is to go forward, to find perfection and to live the life. For one wanting of a love, we are ever willing to sacrifice the dreams of our own to share the dreams of another. So when the solitary girl danced to first the eyes of her parents then to her friends and then to the world, the boy waited patiently.He build his own stage for the spectators but did not actually perform. Then the girl notices the boy and the world melts away, as they fell in love. As one dream ends another was born and their lives continue.
[+] North Season I, North Season II


Jeevan said...

Lovely writeUp!!

Keshi said...

WOW Ghosty r u God?


Cinderella said...

Lovely lovely summation of a feeling so deep, of a bond so grand and strong !!!!!

Brought back lovely memories.

One thing,why dint you divide the entire sequence into paragrahs??
The effect would have been so much better.

But basically...I loved it.

Cheerio !!!

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] thanx pa!

[keshi] nah...just a lone wonderer luv.

[cinderella] yes, it came frm the heart, happy to know of the memories. Its all that we have right...
I should have divided it...:p


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