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If I Could Change the World

Segunda-feira Boa friends! Another Monday, another work week starts! Probably...
... you would have faced an insane Monday traffic today on the way to work

... your equally insane boss is breathing down your neck on that report

... had to delete a few thousand spam mail

... accidentally read this crap: 'As a matter of fact, one of the reasons a child gets himself injured is to make his parents realize they have responsibilities for the family' on the Scientology site

... watched pretty boy shorty marry a girl half his age after having a baby, (urghh this orthodox upbringing is killin me!)

... wondered why SAP consultants make monstrous amounts of money doing less than a quarter of the work you do...
STOP wondering! There is a way out of this monotonous cycle of life! Denounce everything today for eternal bliss. Join me on this joyous occasion to celebrate CHOCOLATE CAKES n ICE CREAMS! Yes my good friends, there is nothing more fulfilling that chocolate cakes, no shortcut to happiness but ice creams. What are a few thousand calories for days of carefree fun and frolicking with creamy chocolate and ice cream melting and mingling in a holly union in your mouth! Hallelujah!



V N said…
Gawd!! I so much wish I could post like you do!! :)
Keshi said…
And I mentioned MONDAY and ICECREAMS in my latest post too :):)

**'As a matter of fact, one of the reasons a child gets himself injured is to make his parents realize they have responsibilities for the family'

WTF is that all abt?

Anonymous said… to share?
Brood Mode said…
Gawd! That made me hungry
Nirek said…
wow! chockies with icecream is a wonderful combo!
btw wish u a great week ahead bro and am happy that i didnt have a bad monday blues.
happily sitting with work now.
tulipspeaks said…
alagana sapadu.

Brood Mode said…
Hey thanx for visiting my blog!

Oh yes! it was very much inspired by real life.

Cinderella said…
Mmmmmm......can feel it already !!!
Icecreams and cohclate cakes....the eternal bliss !!

What an yummy thought to start a day with..huh?

And hey wazzup Keshi and you have been ranting about icecreams together...?

Is it the flavor of the season kya?
Ghost Particle said…
[velu] sarrr! Thank you...u r a better writer anytime...i will always reiterate that!

[keshi] hello keshi dear, ice it is! Its the scientology crap, the religion of shorty boy cruise, tom.

[ideasenator] anytime, anywher!!!

[broodmode] im going to repeat that this weekend! And np, we are all friends on da blogosphere!

[nirek] nice to know bro, take a positive outlook of life!

[tulip] yes yes, very nice :p

[cinderella] its the flavour of peace and love!

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