Thursday, November 30

- the ghost of you - year 2 -

[contest announcement!] (updated)

will celebrate its 2nd Anniversary on the 19th of December. So I have this little competition to make the day extra special. Below you will see 9 images with random themes. They might have significance to me, you or anyone. They are not connected to each other but certainly they have something to do with me and what I like. It's all about us Humans and the Universe.

Your task, if you choose to accept it is:
[-] Choose a picture, or any number of pictures from the snaps below and write a short story ( 2 to 10 pages) based on it. It doesn't have to describe solely what the pictures are, just what it means to you.
[-] The story/ stories should be in ENGLISH only.
[-] The story can be of any nature, theme, form. You can roam the world, introduce different cultures, messages, characters, worlds even, but make sure its ORIGINAL!!!
[-] The rights, copyrights of the story will belong to the respective authors and be protected by Creative Commons.
[-] All the stories will be published in this blog: [GhostParticleProject] on the 19th of December 2006.
[-] The stories shall reach me before December 20th 2006 at [admin[@]] or [ghost_particle[@]] .
[-] Send in either a word file or a PDF format together with your name, screen name, blog url OR website url OR E-mail clearly written at the top of the story.
[-] Please also confirm your participation before December the 10th at the latest. This is to ensure I know what to expect in terms of volume and be prepared to handle the stories.
[-] The stories will be judged by a panel of judges from all over the world.
[-] The stories will be judged by their creativity, characterization (honestly, I don't know what that word means, made it up), flow, originality and it's impact. No matter what you write, I will still love you all :p But do make it the most amazing story you ever wrote.

And the carrot...that is the prize: 2 winners will be selected and each will receive A paperback fiction or non-fiction title of their choice mailed to them with no extra cost. Which means you will get the book for FREE right at your doorstep even if you live in Alaska. (2 winners because this is the 2nd anniversary, and it will increase according to the anniversary along the years.)
Here are the snaps:
[1] Cars Dashboard Display
[2] Fried Prawns

[3] My Room!

[4] Slow Shutter Snap of the City

[5] Limestone hill along the Highway

[6] Starbucks Sign

[7] Penang Ferry

[8] Lunch; Chicken Sandwhich

[9] I pimped my cell: Samsung D820



Keshi said...

Very interesting post Ghosty! :)

I will be bakk to take this up soon...prolly in the weekend.

Hugggggggggz have a good one! Some pics there hehehe.


Ghost Particle said...

thanx keshi...luv u as always.

Homo Escapeons said...

I'm in. Now I have to pic a pic!
Great idea ghosty.
I'll get back to ya before the deadline with the details.

Cinderella said...

I'm in...!!!!!!!
But need a bit help with selecting the photograph ya.
I'm really indecisive about it.
Coudja plz..???

QUASAR9 said...

Ho Ghost Particle,
sounds like a great idea
will try to throw something together on pixels and pictures

Jeevan said...

My advance wishes for the 2nd anniversary:) I am back now!

I like the Limestone hill, wonderful sight Friend, let me try any story, but i am not sure.

Katie McKenna said...

what a lovely celebration!
I shall give it some thought . Thanks for the open invite. I'm looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

i'm in!! :)

ps: you rock!! totally...

Anonymous said...

Hey GP,
I have been contemplating whether i must enter the contest or not.. (for 2days;).
I am taking the plunge :)
SO I formally announce that i am taking part in the contest.

Till my story reaches you, Ciao!
I will also spread the news.

alex said...

Well, GP,

I too will be taking part in this. Thank you for the opportunity.

PS: Thanks to sojourner for the pointer. :)

alex said...

"Send in either a word file "OF" a PDF format together with your name,..."

A typo. Of instead of OR.

Anonymous said...

Hey you know I was thinking of the same pic myself..but wanted to hear it from taking into account the genius that you are..!

And the DINOSAUR element is sure gonna help some more...he he he !!!

Have a great weekend.

livinghigh said...

oy there! thanks for coming by my spot. - and hey, i'm IN for the contest too. me for the coffee pic. ciao.

gautami tripathy said...

Count me in and I will be more than happy with a consolation prize!


starry nights said...

Interested in writing a will take the plunge.Have not chosen a pic yet.Happy second anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Love to give it a try. We will see if time permits. Sound like a nice challenge!

Keshi said...

ok weekend didnt allow me time at all :( Will somehow do this ok.


Nirek said...

Yo Gp
saw this competition. U can count me in participants!

Ghost Particle said...

[H-E] thanx bro! waiting for ur synapses.

[cinderella] nice nice nice selection. Waiting for ur input! Dino queen!

[quasar9] thanx sir! waiting to read your wisdom!

[jeevan] put ur heart to it, and everything will be revealed. thanx bro.

[katie] thanx katie. The world is our inspiration!

[nachi] bro, my man you are welcome. waiting to share your adventures!

[sojourner] my friend, thanx for the right decision. Every bit of idea will be disected for maximum pleasure! :p

[alex] thanks for joining in. And thanx for the typo pointer. will be waiting for ur thoughts and dreams.

[living high] thanx and enjoy writing! will be waiting for your wisdoms.

[starry] thanx a million. Will be waiting for ur contribution

[gautami] now...I might already have a tuff choice :p

[pauline] there is ample time for you to contribute...will be waiting sis!

[keshi] worries...there are alot of time till the 20th.

[nirek] bro...thanx for the support...I want a swell story from u bro!

gautami tripathy said...

A grudge. Why can't it be a poetry competition?

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Amazing effort! Kudos!

Brood Mode said...

I'm in!

Amazing effort! Kudos!

PS: the previous comment was me, Too excited I guess!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say... iam in!

Coffee-on^the-housE said...

Hi there! I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Almost got the plot now...will mail u


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