Thursday, November 2

Ein Tribut bis Oktober Fest

Bis folgende Jahr...Prost Völker!
(Till next year...Cheers Folks!)

[+] 4 years ago I was planning a trip to the WC2006 or OktoberFest, but neither happened. So celebrated da festival in a German Pub near my office. 'The Deutsches Gasthaus Little Hemingway' is a nice little pub with good deco of all things German and some weird Spanish posters and they served they have tapas in Germany?...what the heck were those things doing there?! Anyways the beer was really good and I mean Really Good!


Nirek said...

had a october fest?! I missed it dude! there was a beer festival going on in my city then, but couldn attend it!

Homo Escapeons said...

Ich versterherne..i understand

My grandparents were German, my wife is Germanic, I have been to Germany to sample Beer, My Belgian grandparents left Belgium thanks to the Germans, and we have a HUGE Oktoberfest here in Whateverpeg because Germans are probably the 2nd largest group of immigrants here.

Yah Yah Yah Yah!

Ghost Particle said...

[nirek] man dont miss this things...its fragile :P~!

[h-e] Wunderbar! Gutten Dag! Oh ma u have a cool lineage.! Yah Yah Yah drink drink drink!


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