Friday, November 3

6 to 7: A College Odyssey

Some snaps from my university a few days back, it was late evening. Sometimes I wonder why I never really appreciated the surroundings of my univ when I was studying there. Every time I return, during the evenings when the sun sets or after rain, the majestic rain forest looks more like stories from a epic novel rather than real. Imposing and powerful, standing out against the concrete relics, each tree, leaf and flower emanating voices. Brave voices that we can see rather than hear. Beautiful and momentous.


Kavi said...

Lovely pictures ! They seem to speak a langauage of learning !

You have a photographic lens as well, adding to the creative depths !

Nirek said...

Wow bro. your college looks like sitting in a deep forest. lovely pics!

Cinderella said...

Coll's ending in a week's time......hurt's ya !

The photographs make me go back all over again.

Lovely ones.

Having one helluve time.Life's running too fast.

How have you been??

Jeevan said...

Your University looks very green! U r lucky to study their. Cool Photo's:)

gautami tripathy said...

GOD. I miss my alma mater!

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] sarr thanx sar. Yes, thats my university in da jungle. loved that place. Its not a photographic lens thought, its just a normal compact digital, I edited it using Picasa. Nice piece of software sar.

[nirek] thanx bro, it is! wheres yours?

[cinderella] ahha, now u r here...miss you. Im fine here, wish u all the same buddy. Life does run fast.

[jeevan] thanx pa! really appreciate that.

[gautami] hemm...I made u miss ur uni eh, try to go back., maybe once...its surely lovely.


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