Tuesday, October 17

Yellowing Leaves and the Wide Eyed Wanderer (1)

Today marks another sad departure in my life. Departure of a few good guys, a few good friends who left important marks in this short journey of a life, and left lasting impressions. Every step that we take are for the better, for the best that we want to see in ourselves and others. What more if we are doing something that benefits a wide range of people and for the good of the future generation. And nothing less that changing the course of education for millions of students that is!

The sad thing about all this is not that I wont see them again but because they're leaving after doing such a pivotal thing without getting the respect and appreciation that they deserve. For all they did, for all the hours spent, muddled in gruelling tasks that seems never ending, days lasting eternity, meetings in hell, facing voices you wish never spoken, and arguments that broke friendships, they are leaving just like the yellowing leaf, waiting for its day to wither away.
When we often hear that we can change destiny and fate, there are these particulate voices around us starting a rebellion. This faceless mutiny of time challenging that very notion. No we cannot change destiny and fate, if destiny and fate does not exists in the first place. We are all victims of consequences, good or bad, victims for the better or for worse. Victim because we are implicated in it, because we are facing it. I always believed, not minding the optimist, not wanting to be the pessimist, that the future is what we make of it in the sense that we face what comes. There is no changing the future because our actions have accumulated for so long. The moment something happens, we spell fate without thinking that these events are started a long time ago by us, by our predecessors. We take the shortcut in saying that these are fate and we would be forever imprisoned by our ideologies if we stick to it. But we must stick to it because we are on the correct track, we are going forward. What we can change is the perception of dealing with fate. If we know danger is instore, we can make plans to lessen the pain, we cant avert the danger by going all out in ignoring it, or mending the broken signs because the mechanics of such dangers are wide, it crosses time and space, people and borders.
This job came to me, I did not seek it out, and by reading this you could say I'm a lucky dude. But then I did lay a plan for this, it dawned upon me later on. Being a freelancer, being on the internet, being 'out there'. So they found me, they liked me and they hired me. I met all kinds of people. I understood them. I knew whats instore, I followed their plans and charted mine. Then we had the 'gang' from Chennai. These guys are like brothers to me, their own fate crossing mine, their aspirations landed them here. But theyre fiercely nationalistic, you cant reason with them on India, about cricket, about politics. But there again lies the fun in it, the argument, the challenges because ultimately friendship speaks louder than any country or race.

Human nature seldom mixes well with changing times. We meet new people, we see new places and things, but our habits takes ages to change. I have this strange admiration to the institution called 'friendship'. Like these guys from Chennai, like anyone who stand by what they believe, I believe in friendship as the defining moments in our lives. The one force that brings us all together. I am fiercely loyal to it. Its my nationalistic admiration, the country called Friends, the world called Friends because I am able to give everything if only you give me space. But then I always fail to see another aspect of this. Not everyone can have the same ideals, and aspirations. As much as they can sacrifice, they cant kill their own dreams for the sake of someone whose not 'blood'. I did meet great friends, but they too wither away into history. I feel like I'm standing beyond time now, able to watch people change but myself not being able to adapt to this changes.

As the days past, the weeks, the months, I listened to their amazing stories of India, of the fun and joy and realized how much we are lacking here. They have carefree moments in middle of adversity, they have smiles on their faces when they had the most problems, they understood life more than anyone. They're not the nomadic me, they are not timetravellers, they're rooted here in their own dimension, their own reality never giving up. That is the greatest lesson anyone can learn from them. In between their happiness and joy, in whichever moment, they never said no. Not even when I shouted and was adamant in my demands. Not even when they were asked to work for days without sleep, not even when they were trashed. They are rooted so strongly to the eternal motherland that they have a reference point for them to melt away the anger and problems. They are warriors in the lands of nomads, nomads like me who has the tinniest possible perception of humans are in turn lost in causality.
The question remains, weather we live in a society of cause and effect, of peoples who wait for things to happen OR are we humans, the lost creatures without a direction to the future?
This nomadic soul will feel left again, lonely facing the future unknown. I wish I can be together with everyone I ever knew, but then again everyone else wants to fall back to their own places and meet people who means more to them. Maybe I lost my own past so long ago, somewhere that I must seek. For now I can only wish these guys the best of luck. May they bring light to another country, as the brains of the world and may India continue to inspire the world for a better future. For every soul that they touch, another star will rise in the sky to let know that we appreciate you and what you 'code' for the world.

So long Muthu (and the gang). May we meet in the future. So long my friend(s)...


Kavi said...

It was both a touching and inspiring account of a lovely equation.

"We are all victims of consequences, good or bad, victims for the better or for worse. Victim because we are implicated in it, because we are facing it." I coulnt help agree more !

I belong to your nation. The nationality of friendship ! Brothers in arms !!

Keshi said...

I say we r all lost creatures. I have lost all faith in ppl and myself too.


Nirek said...

thats touchy post bro! I too felt the same- why can't we stay with our dear ones always??
Life has got a lot in store for us! wandering soul has got lot to explore.
best wishes

happy diwali! the header is cute!

Jeevan said...

In this Internet world hope they will be in touch with u. I like to thank u for ur wishes that our India continue to inspire the world for a better future.

Our Nationality is very strong it will not break soon Friend:)

HAPPY DIWALI dear brother!

kart said...

the most sad point is .. at most of times we realize how dear they were... at the time what you called...withering point...(GP... YOUR WORDS ALWAYS TOUCH A CHORD DEEP INSIDE...MMMM MAY be.. CAUSE YOU ALWAYS SPEAK FROM DEEP INSIDE).. anyway happy to say u a hi...(after a quite a bit of time)

Science Graduate said...

Hi Friend,


Which will bring you and your family all sorts of happiness & joy.

Your friend,

Keshi said...

Happy Diwali Ghosty!


Marutham said...

Aha....Thottuteengapa!! :)

Happy Diwali.....

Miladysa said...

This is a beautiful post, one of my favourites!

I think you have summed up here some of what life is about.

Look back to this time last year, what you knew then and what you know now. Look forward to this time next year when you will know so much more :]

Have you heard about the philosophy blog war? [I think that is what it is called] On my blogroll is a link to 'Not Bean' you can learn about it there. I think you should enter this winning post!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hm..senti :>
Wanna tag u! Chcek my blog and write if u can :)

V N said...

This sure calls for a bit of an introspection on my part. Something that has been long overdue. Thx, GP!


Shiv said...

i know it is hard..anyways happy diwali

Don Iannone said...

Thanks for putting yourself out there. Hoping you are doing well.

Keshi said...

Happy Diwali Ghosty!!!


Bean said...

Welcome to the phi blog war Ghost Particle :) Don't forget, if you want people to vote for your entry you can post this link: http://www.notbean.com/content/addVote.php?entryId=177 for them to do so. The voting link is given to you when you submit your entry (for future ref) This is a beautifully written post.

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] Brothers in arms. Through devotion to human values, we shall rise higher and stronger.

[keshi] lost creatures who are working hard to find a path. We are keshi. Happy Deepavali to you to luv.

[satu] thanx bro. We can stay together only if we see through our differences. Happy Deepavali.

[jeevan]happy deepavali brother. Thanx for the kinds words. Jai Hind.

[kart] ! Hi...welcome back! Thanx for the words, words that come from inside are pure and honest.

[aizwaikcha] THANX!!! wish you a happy deepavali too!

[marutham] thanx da. Happy Deepavali to you too...

[miladysa] thanx for the pointer and great words. This post is on the war path rite now. Yes, reflection will let us see our achievements and chart the future. Thanx a million dear.

[ponnarasi] thanx! tag ah! i c wat i can do da.

[velu] sarr..hope you can get something from here. I can never match ur writings.

[shiv] thanx!!! Wish you a happy deepavali too!

[don] thanx as always sir. Your writings are my inspirations.

[bean] thanx a million bean. hope more readers would like the post. Hats off to you for this great effort!


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