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Wide Eyed Wanderer (3); Faces of Reality

...the forest wasn't petrified with ages of history, it was laid out to be forever fresh, forever alive. The days and night, the scents, the space, the eyes and the flow of time, a sensual drift of atoms and divine fascination of life in the universe. The forest tells of birth, of life and of death, of humans, the stars and the tinniest leaves...
Peering through the organic mesh, the forest floor of timeless leaves, scattered not knowing their purpose, was the yellow flowers. Countless yellow flowers which bring life and love. Mesmerizing petals, neatly arranged in circular dreams radiating infinitely to the edges of imagination. These flowers float majestically in the golden pot of pearl water, peering again as its past life, but this time from a artificial world. On the morning of the triumph of good, we saw new hopes and aspirations born.

As I traversed space and time, I looked around me to see more life. Green 'petals' that a long time ago I learned was a life giver. From it roots planted in soft clay that made the terracota warriors, to its stalk immersed in water from the exploring rivers, another life giver, rises green towers with shiny swords of leaves that radiated from its memory. And from this, within its core, from its genetic memory rises a soul in the form of paddy. Concealed in its yellowing skin, when removed in time reveals the divine rice. Capsuled in its most prominent form, the rice multiplies into countless mirror images which then feeds billions of lives.

As the day rages on, unstoppable, the greatness passed and magical lights slowly looses its luster. But we humans define greatness, we witness form and pleasure. We want happiness. As the friends and family gather and laughter and music paints the cells of night, two arms hides a beautiful face. And the forms of the forest made of trees and leaves hide a lot of creation too. Some we find, some hidden from our perception and observation while some just wither away into dust. We humans hide our colour, our eyes, our soul but we want to share our presence. As those arms cover the faces of reality, we hide the true feelings but ultimately we reveal our purpose. And the day and night lasts forever waiting for conclusions that never came and voices that never silences. So through culture our voices travels the world and no hidden form will erase this memory.

The stars hang in the sky. If you take a time lapse photography you can see it move, radiate across the sky just like the flower, the paddy plant and the hidden faces. It radiates life. So through ages humans wanted to rival the greatness of the stars. And many lights since creation succeeded to mask these creatures of fire from the sky. But as it radiates and drifts through space gently not knowing of us, these stars leave trails of memory and inspiration. Hence, on the days of joy and when culture melts in the roads of destiny we burst crackers and parade fireworks to rival the gigantic stars. As the sparkles of fire shoot to the sky, they reach new heights momentarily taller than anything and in their few seconds of existence shows how much we admire the fires in the sky. And when it explodes it radiates color and life.

[-] These are imaginary descriptions of the photos in the post below. Each of them have great significance in my life. The first is the flower decoration by my brother, it was really beautiful and it signals never ending aspirations. The second is the paddy fields in my hometown; my state is know as the rice bowl of the nation. The third is taken during the Deepavali gathering on the second day of celebrations and the last are fireworks caught in the slates of time...


Kavi said…
Your word play amazes me ! Profound, deep and sincere ! Fabulous

"As those arms cover the faces of reality, we hide the true feelings but ultimately we reveal our purpose"

How true ! I guess this is something that we grapple with on a daily basis. How ultimate is ultimate is perhaps the moot point

"As the sparkles of fire shoot to the sky, they reach new heights momentarily taller than anything and in their few seconds of existence...."

I saw many a sparkler in the sky my friend. And a new one, on your blog ! Wow !
Keshi said…
**As those arms cover the faces of reality, we hide the true feelings but ultimately we reveal our purpose

My fav line, so true! U write too well mate.

btw Im gonna miss ya!

AnnaBlack said…
Wonderful mate :)

Long time... sorry I have been a bit rubbish recently. Hope all well with you, A x
QUASAR9 said…
But we humans define greatness, we witness form and pleasure. We want happiness

Time Time Time, It is all relative
We humans seek the ecstacy
We seek a permanent state of bliss
and we forget the bliss of seeking
the pleasure of searching, exploring the magic in the sky, the forest, the flower, the mist...

Love your perception of photography of light from stars ...
turning into petals on a flower
Homo Escapeons said…
exquisite my good man.

I am reminded that flowers evolved not for us humans to enjoy but all of the smells and colours were designed to deceive insects.
Perhaps we unconsciously love flowers because we know that all of this splendor is just about sex.
We are lucky to have brains that can appreciate the sheer beauty of a single flower, the insects can't even see it and they are the reason for such diversity.
Ain't that peculiar.
Don Iannone said…
Wonderful Ghost Particle. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the stories that go with them.
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] sarr thanx a million. wish the future is great for all of us. ever majestic, ever shadowy but being human.

[keshi] thanx luv. miss you too./.hope u b back soon. Dun hide na...:p

[anna] as always miss you. Wish you all the best in ur endeavours.

[quasar9] superb poem, the reflection of time itself as the window to greatness. great!

[h-e] hence nature plays and tinks so that everything is continously in motion, forever and ever.

[don] thanx as always don...really appreciate it! Pictures tells a thousand stories.
Jeevan said…
I really feel sad about the paddy lands near chennai are changing as concreat Software companies, they are destroying the food giving lands to increase the standard of the life and ecomonic.

How true, the fireworks burst them to make us happy by seeing the colors on the sky, even the bud broke them to give us a beautiful flower. Well, Nice post bro:)

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