Tuesday, October 3

Literati To The Masses!

There is one reason why I don't like to do book tags. Its because everyone else will have massive world changing reading lists and all I have to bragg is Science Fiction which 99% of the world don't even bother to know about. Its a small, not so literati world out...here! But still, I was forced and the force is still being...forced upon me. I dug deep into the past, collected the lost synapse signals in my brain and came out with this list which contains more than science fiction! Gautami, your tag is my command.

[1] One book that changed your life
Vacuum Diagrams by Stephen Baxter. This is the first SB book that I ever read and it took me into the complex, chaotic world of hard sf. I never turned back. The Vacuum Diagrams contains stories in the world of Xeelee, an advanced alien species created by Mr.Baxter. The one single thing that I love of Baxter stories are his immense timeline that spans billions of years. It creates a sense of universal belonging and massive evolutionary forces working in our universe.
[2] One book that you have read more than once
Contact by Carl Sagan. Dr Sagan's science fiction novel of an alien message that prompts humans to build a gigantic machine that transports the time-nauts into a distant galaxy is a classic! The ideas are simply amazing and most important of all, the novel has a human feeling to it. (an an Indian character whose is a time-naut as well!)
[3] One book that you would want on a desert island
Playboy is not a book right...I would love to read any of the Veda's or the Gita. Maybe being alone on a desert island would let the mind comprehend the true nature of religious scripts. If not I would want to read the full Calvin and Hobbes comic strip collection which is probably the most true and intelligent strip ever.
[4] One book that made you cry
I had a few books that moved me to tears...but if it must be one, the this is it: Between Father and Son: Family Letters of VS Naipaul. When I read this book, it felt like I lived his life. It was an amazing journey through time, the evolution of a true genius. I would read this book again if I manage to source it, somehow the copy at the library is missing. The other book that made me cry (nearly) would be Ha Jin's War Trash. The story was written with such realism that you would never want to imagine what war and the battlefield would really feel. Trust me, we are bloody damn lucky to be born after the great wars.
[5] One book that made you laugh
The one book tha made me laugh that I'm currently reading is Weak At The Top: The uncensored diary of the last cave manager by Guy Browning. It's a bloody funny book, and you have to read to believe it. Yeh! Guy Browning also presents the Small Talk comedy series on BBC Radio 4.
[6] One book that you wish had been written
If there is one book that I would really want to be written and be read by everyone is the "History of the South Indian Tamil's in Malaysia". So much have happened in more than a century of our migration to this country and South East Asia in general but there is so little written about them (us). The book should contain the Journeys of the people from India, the Early Settlements, the British years and the Estates, the Japanese years, Independence of Malaya, political evolution, socio-economic evolution, the local cultural evolution and where we are today. Maybe I will write this one day.
[7] One book that you wish had never been written
One (TYPE) of book that I wish had never been written would be the religious bibles. To much suffering because of some religious relic. While it could be a genius work of someone long ago, or some collected ideas of voices from the sky, it doesn't justify the billions of stupid people who don't understand it. So, for better or worst, we could just do without religions writings
[8] One book(S) you are currently reading
Perfectly Reasonable Deviations From The Beaten Track: The Letters Of Richard P. Feynman which is an amazing book, Moonseed and Coalescent by Stephen Baxter because I simply love Baxter's SF, In the Ocean Of Night by Gregory Benford another SF genius and some articles on SEO copywriting.
[9] One book you have been meaning to read
The Chronicles of Ghost Particle, the legendary 23rd century Time Traveler. I heard it's been published somewhere in the future, so if anyone found it in the present time please please do tell me :-D

[*] I have finally updated Flickr with my brand new Fuji Finepix Z2 ultra super, amazing great compact digital cam snaps. So enjoy the photos and leave ur comments here: Ghost Flickr


Marutham said...

Hello, long time no see...
Hope ur doing good!!
:) The only line that made sense to me or was in my DIC was :) CALVIN & HOBBES... :D I havent heard abt the rest.. :D will educate on that ;)

Btw, u havent written my tag1... :| so i left it to ur wish this time..."WEIRDO- iam..."Tag2


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Nice tag and nice read 2...

But u mean u r time travelng???

Jeevan said...

I never hear the names of The Books and authors u have mentioned here, looks those are very interesting books, that's why it covers u.

I wish to read this book, "History of the South Indian Tamil's in Malaysia" I have read somewhere how the Tamil people settled in Malaysia, but I forget the story. Write it soon bro:)

Jeevan said...

THe Photo's in Flicker are very beautiful, the green garden was nice, is it raining?

Miladysa said...

Great answers! I shall look out for those books - including the ones that have yet to be written! You must write them one day :]

V N said...

One HUGE impressive list, GP!
Share a fascination for Ha Jin's works, btw!!!

Keshi said...

Ghostyyyy huggggggggggz Im here! :)

Mannn u read alot duncha! Well I dun read much books these days...I only read blogs now :)

How have ya been? Hope u havent aged too much in my absence ;-)


Ghost Particle said...

[marutham] hahahah...most of the books here are found everywhere! And sorry bout the tag...I will do it...sorry sorry soryy...

[ponnarasi] Hallo thirudu muzhi! Hahahahah...yes yes I am a time traveler....

[jeevan] u can find most of it in the library, I will try to lead you some books...but books in India are cheap rite...

The history would definitly be written!

And thanx for the photo commnents...yes it was raining!

[miladysa] thanx a million! Once ive written something I will send it to all me buddies!

[velu] sarr...yes Ha JIn is a good writer...very original, and very fresh. Thx.

[Keshi] hello hello! u have been gone long...now ur back! missed ya...well I aged 1 year...read my semi b-day post below...hugs n luv.

QUASAR9 said...

Awesome Pictures
Z2 Crystal digital clarity
Deepavali, Millions of lights

Hope you are having a mighty fine day!

Nirek said...

thats an impressive list of books! i was voracious book reader before,now pretty far off from it!
btw how was ur bday bash?

S.Karthikeyan said...


How come no tamil works in the list? Every Sci-Fi lover should read Jules Verne.

starry nights said...

Nice list of books you have read. I agree with you that religious books were written a long time agao and have been misinterpreted.I loved the movie Contact and have watched it several times.

DeRAVIz said...

Contact by Carl Sagan. I love the story. He was a great scientist!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks for accepting the tag. Sorry for being here so late.

Actually those science books you mentioned have all been read by me. And you got great taste ( Me too!!!). Don't you think writing about books made us think?

Keep reading man...I will look up the VS Naipal. I got his "House for Mr Biswas."

tulipspeaks said...

write your own book? at last i found someone with the same passion for writing books :)


Ghost Particle said...

[quasar9] thanx a million! hope you have a great day too! more pics coming!

[satu] there was no bash... :( spent it alone holed in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere! hope you start reading again!

[karthi] tamil...I read tamil very veyr very slowly...hahaha...verne is the ultimate legend. So is hgwells, asimov and arthur.c

[starrynights] thanx a million! I love the movie too...it has this awe factor that pulls us in and jodie foster was awesome.

[deraviz] welcome! yes he is indeed...he was a great explorer!

[gautami] finally! hahaha...yes, SF is my soul Happy to know u read them too...whos ur fav? You must read the Naipaul letters...they are good!

[ammu] I will, I will...thanx!


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