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Aging Winds

during the days of rain and thunder
somewhere a child died
along a red dusty road
on a continent black as cinder

bare hands deep in the soil
digging live bodies
dead in many tragedies
a mind in turmoil

crying during moonlit nights
dark eyes faking emotion(s)
all around bodies for cremation
ashes in imaginary flights

on a future day awaken
spirits from the cold air
from distances of unknown lair(s)
born babies soon forsaken

[-] Been long since I've written a poem. This one is dedicated to the Darfur childrens. May they see the light of the day, someday.

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Good for you. My poetry muse seems dead.

This poem speaks out.
Jeevan said…
The poem was very touching dear. Have a nice weekend:)
Kavi said…
Poignant buddy ! Left a lump in my throat !
Jay said…
Great poem! I like it.

PS- Perhaps you should write about our days living in the haze :))

Thanks for dropping some comments in my blog.
QUASAR9 said…
Pretty awesome, pretty good.
Can make us feel powerless
Can seem daunting
But it is the change in us one by one that creates a better world day by day. It's the only way!

We are just a grain of sand
a universe in a grain of sand
held in the palm of our hand
Nachi said…
"May they see the light of the day, someday."

Amen my brother...
That was very emotional.
I could visualize the scene &
feel their pain.

Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] oh wont die, might have went for a break, will come back with a bang.

[jeevan] thanx nanba. HAd a so-so weekend.

[kavi] sarr...thanx...we should remember everyone worth remembering.

[jay] thanx jay. Sure, haze is next! Anytime buddy!

[quasar9]very very true words. We shall work together to make that grain the most important grain!

[nachi] nachi my man, where the heck did u go!!! Thanx bro!

[princess] long its r you? Thanx for the comments...their pain is our guidance.
Keshi said…
WOWZA! U r too damn good!

Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] thanx luv.

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