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Backyard Destiny (1)

How would we describe rain? The rain that dances or the rain that pours or destroys or floods? Rain, captures time in its most vulnerable moments and freezes it. In each moment lies our dreams, hence we create a circle around us cocooning that dream and we cherish the moment forever. We live every second of it, in and around the rain drops, and as the crystal cold droplets let drift enigmatic breezes that rejuvenates every cell in us, we float into the hands of destiny. Dreamers in Nirvana.
The pails in the snap are 'water catchment devices' that my grandma lines up in our backyard to collect rainwater for her vegetable patch. Almost every bit of the image drives me into an emotional roller coaster ride, every pixel of it hold stories and legends. All those years gone by where we worked on a larger garden in our village house, where I ruled the mango tree, seldom coming down even when it gets dark, the trips into the 'forest' at the back of the house to collect herbs, c…

Philosophy Blog War

Managed to unleash my philosophy blabber to the world. And started a war at that. So please be nice and vote for me here or be forever damned to you cubicle drinking cold coffee and wishing you were in Hawaii but never get to be there and wish you had a real beautiful hottie as a PA but never get to have that and wish...

Wide Eyed Wanderer (3); Faces of Reality

...the forest wasn't petrified with ages of history, it was laid out to be forever fresh, forever alive. The days and night, the scents, the space, the eyes and the flow of time, a sensual drift of atoms and divine fascination of life in the universe. The forest tells of birth, of life and of death, of humans, the stars and the tinniest leaves...Peering through the organic mesh, the forest floor of timeless leaves, scattered not knowing their purpose, was the yellow flowers. Countless yellow flowers which bring life and love. Mesmerizing petals, neatly arranged in circular dreams radiating infinitely to the edges of imagination. These flowers float majestically in the golden pot of pearl water, peering again as its past life, but this time from a artificial world. On the morning of the triumph of good, we saw new hopes and aspirations born.

As I traversed space and time, I looked around me to see more life. Green 'petals' that a long time ago I learned was a life giver. Fro…

Wide Eyed Wanderer (2); Majestic Journeys

Colours For Free...

Yellowing Leaves and the Wide Eyed Wanderer (1)

Today marks another sad departure in my life. Departure of a few good guys, a few good friends who left important marks in this short journey of a life, and left lasting impressions. Every step that we take are for the better, for the best that we want to see in ourselves and others. What more if we are doing something that benefits a wide range of people and for the good of the future generation. And nothing less that changing the course of education for millions of students that is!

The sad thing about all this is not that I wont see them again but because they're leaving after doing such a pivotal thing without getting the respect and appreciation that they deserve. For all they did, for all the hours spent, muddled in gruelling tasks that seems never ending, days lasting eternity, meetings in hell, facing voices you wish never spoken, and arguments that broke friendships, they are leaving just like the yellowing leaf, waiting for its day to wither away.
When we often hear that w…

You Can Really Taste Your Ghost Particle!

Had fun with this random generator: Slogan Generator . Here are the myriad of ways you can treat 'your' Ghost Particle.
Nobody Better Lay a Finger on my Ghost Particle. (----> This sounds weird no?)

I'd Like to Buy the World a Ghost Particle. (----> A Gp a day...)

What Can Ghost Particle Do For You? (----> Shoot!)

Get Busy with the Ghost Particle. (----> Anytime!)

Please Don't Squeeze The Ghost Particle. (----> you can hug me gently...)

Good to the Last Ghost Particle. (----> smookin!!!)

Give the Dog a Ghost Particle. (----> Uh!!!)

Have You Had Your Ghost Particle Today? (----> Have you?)

The Coolest Ghost Particle on Ice. (----> Who d' man!)

Hungry? Why Wait? Grab a Ghost Particle. (----> Ouch!)

Half the Ghost Particle, All the Taste. (----> Yeh Baby!)

The Ghost Particle that Smiles Back. (----> Smile...there is nothing more generous)

How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Ghost Particle? (----> Oh man!)

More Than Just …

On some weekends...

What depression and some crazy friends can do to you...

[*] that by the way is the Carlsberg Beer Tower. An ingenious creation of man, it holds two jugs of beer in it and, AND! ice cubes that doesn't mix with the beer. Simply amazing. The people behind this should get a Nobel Prize.

Aging Winds

during the days of rain and thunder
somewhere a child died
along a red dusty road
on a continent black as cinder

bare hands deep in the soil
digging live bodies
dead in many tragedies
a mind in turmoil

crying during moonlit nights
dark eyes faking emotion(s)
all around bodies for cremation
ashes in imaginary flights

on a future day awaken
spirits from the cold air
from distances of unknown lair(s)
born babies soon forsaken

-gp2006-[-] Been long since I've written a poem. This one is dedicated to the Darfur childrens. May they see the light of the day, someday.

Ghost Tags:

Literati To The Masses!

There is one reason why I don't like to do book tags. Its because everyone else will have massive world changing reading lists and all I have to bragg is Science Fiction which 99% of the world don't even bother to know about. Its a small, not so literati world! But still, I was forced and the force is still being...forced upon me. I dug deep into the past, collected the lost synapse signals in my brain and came out with this list which contains more than science fiction! Gautami, your tag is my command.

[1] One book that changed your life
Vacuum Diagrams by Stephen Baxter. This is the first SB book that I ever read and it took me into the complex, chaotic world of hard sf. I never turned back. The Vacuum Diagrams contains stories in the world of Xeelee, an advanced alien species created by Mr.Baxter. The one single thing that I love of Baxter stories are his immense timeline that spans billions of years. It creates a sense of universal belonging and massive evolutiona…