Monday, September 4

Truth and Reality

that when truth
cannot defy reality
then we humans,
are defiant,
reality and truth,
is one,
and there is no truth
in us.
Had this thought of how the religious view of the universe is different from scientific notations. Its true, in the simplest sense that what we see in reality, as reality, is true, so it must be the truth. We don't, after seeing a person, say the person is not there. So there is a reality when there is a person, and then it is true. When we tell someone this, whether they believe it or not, the truth is there is a person (in the reality) that we are telling them. What we see around us is real, its true. What we don't see might be real, it is true if another person sees it and tells us that there is something there. That is existence.

If we look at the religious stand-point, or the quasi-religious thinking, they say that reality is what we perceive as, so if the person is not there and we say, that we saw a person, we expect others to believe it because reality is what we perceive, free from connection to the world. We created a reality that is false. So without any evidence we say that the person exists because we say so, and the other person imagines the same and agrees. In reality the person doesn't exists. This means the bulk of our belief creates the universe not the physical reality that the universe exists independent of what we believe.

So, where does this concept of human reality come from and where it is heading. What can we say to an astronomer who peers into the deep space telescope and sees a supernova remnant. It is there so we see it, it will still be there if we don't see it, hence our task is to discover it. It is the process of discovery.

What does a sage in a cave know about reality if all the quasi-religious teachings tell us to look inside to discover reality? That we created ourselves because we believe we exist? Where do we come from if not that we are just a part of the cosmos itself. The answer to what created the universe lies beyond our comprehension, to what created reality is also beyond our understanding. What we know, is what we have learned thus far, that the physical universe is created by the mechanics of physics. The workings of the cosmos can be explained by physics alone, the physical forces that converges and diverges to ascertain the dynamics of reality. That is to say that, each power and force, each action together with its reaction determines that the universe evolves.

What is beyond the universe? What is beyond time? Try to think of it for a moment, the universe being a huge space filled with matter and galaxies and stars and planets. And beyond the thought of the universe, we can't ever think of anything. This is the reality. The reality says that beyond our comprehesion, beyond our Research and Observation, there exist unknown realities, which, the key word is, EXIST beyond our influence. The quantum theory, in justifying Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle also says the same. While the nature of the atoms and its sub-atomic particles change when we make physical pertubations, i.e. observe the inner workings, the reality is that these particles already exists. We cant ever say it doesn't, just that we don't see it.

And finally, answer me this, what is perceived reality which so many religious understanding justifies versus reality itself, since we have hard cold evidence that reality is as it is, beyond our minds influence and beyond our rules, but within our existence.

[-] To be continued...


gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes truth is intangible. Reality is just the opposite.

This is how I perceive it...

Few say both are two sides of the same coin....

Homo Escapeons said...

Faith/Religion/Superstition was the filler that we once used to patch the hole between what we can see and what we can understand.

Now we have science/logic/reason.

I cannot see some of the things that I believe in..but in reality they do Gravity, I can't see it and yet I witness it's power every second.

Our little monkey brains are just beginning to put the pieces of the big puzzle together...we are pretty good at it actually...
We know Who we are
What we are
How we got here
When we got here
Where we started

As to WHY any of this started we will probably never know..and we wouldn't be able to grasp Why it started with bits of stardust billions of years ago.......

Actually this is a philosophical issue that might take days to discuss..controlling people and their lives is the motivation behind religion..
scientific analysis is designed to provide answers for people (whether they like the answer or not)
and philosophy is the art of keeping religion and science at each others throats!

Nahuatl said...

Ever thought BEYOND physics???

Nobody knows what is going on.. but we have a hint!!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Ghost Particle,
the URL you left on comment wasn't working, but found you through Technorati.

As I said before like your blog, layout and content, shall keep on visting.
Thanks for adding me to your links!

Miladysa said...

Whow! Deep and very interesting :]

Keshi said...

to me truth and reality r the same...and it's this very moment. Thats all.


Nirek said...

Lot of religious beliefs potray a different kind of reality which are meaningless! I agree with you actual reality remains as is...within our existence

Jeevan said...

Good writing, sure we cant thing anything above Universe. Some religious people used to fool people by telling some reality to earn money.


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