Friday, September 29

Stealing Sinatra

Do I look fat? I like blue shirts, so it's not his eyes that I'm talking about. But would have done a killing if I had blue eyes. And another week ended, and spending five days in a resort hotel did not ease my tension or pressure or anything. It was hectic! Everyday! And worse, you grow out of the food in one or two days, then you'll crave for a burger!

Thanx a million for all the birthday wishes. Everyone remembered, even web machines and robots. ( I nearly forgot!). I turned 27 yesterday. Could be the saddest thing in my life thinking what I've achieved in the past 27 orbits around the sun. The best part of the whole thing is, my bloody enemy send me birthday greetings and the clowns who 'wished me' last year never did this year. So goes life, squeezing every drop of soul out of you and leaving you to rot under the blazing sun. And I just found out from BBC that I am a climate refuge! Yes, people who are displaced of climate changes. See, now I will be late to job everyday, change my daily activities and my sleeping patterns. Does that qualify me as a climate refuge?

Noticed that there is so much hatred and racism in life, and I'm part of it. Funny that I could go on preaching the world away about violence and such, and when it comes to me facing the same thing, everything else takes the back seat. Maybe we just hate some other race for the fun of it. I hate it when they look down at us, of the skin color, of everything. I would love to put these buggers pictures online and bloody name them, but hey, what can I do. But since I said I'm part of the circle too, let me leave you a clue: Indian Programmers + Arrogance + Caste + Religion + Skin Color. Go figure, told you it's been a stressing work trip.

Something of going to new places and meeting new people. Do you realize that when you're seriously out-numbered, you try hard to search for your 'people' and then when you find them you don't want to leave them. You admire their every move and stuff. They like you too. It's that feeling inside you, that you wont see them after this, that you found someone interesting and you know that their are doing good in their lives. Times are strange and good at the same time.

So what do being 27 feel like? I don't know...I'm 27, a graduate student, a scientist, an editor, no life, have my name in Wikipedia which is bloody good by any standards, haven't found love yet, loves traveling but have no time...being 27 is like eating sushi for the first time. It leaves you wondering how the heck people eat it. It does leave you wondering...


Miladysa said...

Happy Belated Birthday my friend! 27 is good!

Pecos Blue said...

happy birthday and it will all come together for you.

Jeevan said...

Do I look fat? who said! you look normal for my eyes:)

Shiv said...

am sorry...missed it..cos dint know it..hope u had a grt day...and heard next year is Malaysia Travel year 2007!! So lotsa fun i guess there!!

Kavi said...

Oh Ho ! Happy Birthday my friend ! 27 holds a lot of promise. For a Wikepedia entry (i didnt know that), and so many accomplishments that makes older ones (like me) doing nothing but thumb twidling !!

Very happy for you my friend. Good luck and wishing you all the very best.

Hope you found meaning in the project! Discrimination and racism of some kind is something that we have to live with all through.

Oh yes ! I have heard that the best bonding between Indians happens abroad !! :)

Wishes once again. May this year bring great cheer, mental and physical fitness and fantastic fulfillment !

Don Iannone said...

Happy birthday!!! 27? May you live to be 127. Best wishes.

tulipspeaks said...

hey.. i didnt miss ur bday..checked ur frenster or not?

btwn.. i expected u to be a lil.. i dono.. hmm.. disorganized! kekekeke

changed my YM id. sent u an offliner. be a good boy and add me in.


QUASAR9 said...

Hey Ghost Particle!
You are back, survived another week in the cosmic journey.

Here's some 'light' entertainment
Video-TRON-ics "Life inside a cell"
havea nice day!

Lucas from Luton said...

Happy Birthday Old Timer. Know the feeling. By the way, will be back in Malaysia during Easter 2007. Fill you in later with details.

dumbdodi said...

I am sorry coming around after such a loooong time..but have been busy and lost mate
Belated birthday wishes to you...wish you a year full of happiness and success
"a graduate student, a scientist, an editor, no life, have my name in Wikipedia which is bloody good by any standards, haven't found love yet, loves traveling but have no time..."- I would say good going.....but yet miles to go

Homo Escapeons said...

Peek a boo!
HFB! 27 is the new...well I guess 27 is still young so it is still 27!
Most people never get in Wiki so you are a star baby! Go downtown and try on some blue contact lenses.
I love my brown eyes...the DOMINANT gene...soon everyone on the planet will have them..except for the mutos! That's how we will spot them...

Here is wishing you another 73 orbits my friend...the best is yet to come!

Muse Hues said...

What does any age feel like? Don't we all reach a mental age and then stay there, and then our bodies go on and do what they're going to do?
It's very individual, I suppose. I just know that in some ways, I feel younger now than I did 10 years ago, though I certainly still look 10 years older than I did 10 years ago!

Ghost Particle said...

[miladysa] Thank you so much! I dun feel any better...but hey, its 27 27 27 and I cant do anything bout it!

[pecosblue] hey hey! thanx a million and I hope so much it will.

[jeevan] oh man bro, u r the ultimate bro...i need to loose weight!

[shiv] thanx a million shiv, and yes, please do come visit malaysia!

[kavi] sarr! Yes, the wiki is actually for my real name, not Ghost Particle. :p Thanx so much for all the kind words. We shall get rid of racism around the world! And honestly you write much better than me.

[don] sir! thanx a million, 127 is a great number and I hope ill b in space by then!

[ammu] disorganized!? Yes, and thanx a million for the wishes ammu.

[quasar9] yes Im back back back! And the link doesnt work...Thxn anyway.

[Lucas] hey buddy, will be waiting for ur next trip! And thanx for the wishes!

[dumbdodi] Thanx a million! I know, everyone is busy!!! I wish to do more and learn more, ans surely this is not the end! Tanx!

[H-E]Thanx a million lemons...I will try those contacts! I wish more more more more of everything. And to have more friends like youz!

[muse hues] certainly made sense! Think young and feel young! Thanx a million! and thanx for coming in.

V N said...

Apologies for being late, as usual.

Hope u had a great day!!
And hope u have a wonderful year ahead, loaded with lotsa luck and fortune!

Keshi said...

omg omg is that ya? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Finally I get to see Ghosty! Na U dun look like a ghost...neither a particle LOL! U LOOK GREAT!


Keshi said...

WTF when was ur BDAY???????????????????????????


Ghost Particle said...

[velu] sarr, thanx a million!

[keshi] my dear keshi, thanx a million! if i do some exercise and build my six pack, i would look better...maybe like mister brosnan or sumthing...muhahahahah....nah jst kidding.
mybday on the 28th of september! 1979

Keshi said...

thats so not blue pants :)


Keshi said...

LOL ok my mistake :)



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