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Star Sailors and Nomads

tapering, waning light rays
encircle the poles
mighty and majestic
aurora blue and green
snapping molecules
faint infant sounds
of baby particles born

eccentric sailors
on ageless boats
with solar sails
to the edge of the universe
with dying memories
and wasting souls
to meet

the earth
remembered them
for centuries
fate of time travellers
and nomads
written in fables
read by future children
escaping destiny
under star trails
in northern deserts
on distant planets

[-] Describes how the writers mind can travel to the edges of existence, to conjure up great stories to satisfy wanting souls. A tribute to all science fiction writers everywhere.
[-] Pluto 2 wont be online just yet, so busy these days, wait a while dear friends.


Nahuatl said…
Daymn Pluto! :{
Hey GP...U know I was taken into the Pirates of the carribean minus many ugly creatures reading this...Nice one!
Keshi said…
omg too good! so graphic and magical. TY!

hope ur back is back in action :)

QUASAR9 said…
Wow GP flowing magic
purely flowing swords
takes away the tragic
and any cutting words

Have a great day!
V N said…
This was an adorable mishmash of way too many striking images!! Loved it!!
Within Without said…
Hey Ghostie, great imagery, nice journey. Thx!
Kavi said…
I have always been fascinated by sailors. Was in the student wing of the Navy too. It started with a poem called "Oh Captain, My Captain"! You rekindled a lost memory !
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] sorry buddy, i need time to write pluto coz it is connected and I dowan to spoil the facts. :p

[Scribz] hahaha...thanx scribz...never tot POTC will influence this much...

[keshi] thx keshi! Im back with a bad back pain!

[quasar9] thanx a million! that was a great comment!

[velu] sarr...tx sarr! Yes, the imagery, i was focusing on it.

[within/wout] thanx! happy that u understood the journey!!!

[kavi] happy that i made you remember sar! for many the teenage years and youthful years brings great creative pursuits!
Jeevan said…
That's was really good!

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