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Pluto, The Last Stand ( Year 1)

Houston, we’re proceeding to close the hatch. Shuttle Commander confirms the hatch is sealed. Over.
Verify hatch close, hatch seal. Phoenix sealed. Crew proceed to evacuate launch area. Over
All systems go in t-minus 70 minutes, skies clear Houston.
Skies clear, Fred. Sail bright. Mission Control in standby, t-minus 69 minutes.
Thanks Ben. See you in the future.

That’s Fred’s famous words. Space scientist, shuttle commander, poet and progressive rocker from Sintra. The world’s best shuttle pilot on a routine mission to the Titan Base. The year is 2032. The drama is a month away. We would never know what hit us.

Somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean (week one)

Half a way across the globe, Mark and GP are busy punching numbers into the soft screen. The holo-map is constantly flickering and the crackle of charged particles drowns Lennon in the background. The decades old I-Pod still works like a charm, especially after Peters major ‘operation’ on it a year ago, changing its fuel cells with a cyanobacteria cell.

Mark’s been working for two days straight, coffee stains on his 49ers jersey forming complex patterns, his eyes reflecting the orange scrolling numbers on the soft screen. Ghost removed the data cubes every four hours. The amount of data from the Titan observatory and Pluto station maxes out the trillion-terabyte cubes all day long. The next shipment is a week away and they need to clear out the used cubes soon. Data must be processed faster than ever. Something strange is brewing across space and the observatories are buzzing non-stop.

Pluto Station

A robot spacecraft launched in the year 2015 carried science stations to be placed on the outer planets and the Jovian moons. The Pluto station is the biggest and had the most sensitive astronomy instruments ever build. It could peer to the edges of the universe. The station itself has been a major asset to the astronomy fraternity since the discovery of multi-verses right at the edge of the universe after the 2010 upgrade of Hubble and also the launch of major space telescopes by the Indian and Japanese space institutes. The prospects of peering into universes other that ours geared up scientists around the world to rush into various scientific experiments. Astronomy and astrophysics winners, mostly from Asia and Africa, dominated the Nobel Prize in physics for the past decade. America never recovered from the Bush Empire’s warmongering spending and her economy was crippled beyond salvation. NASA was sold to the consortium of scientists, the CosmicCode Institute (CCI). It guaranteed a healthy flow of money from the Ghost Particle Project Consortia, a major Internet Service and Music business entity operating across all human settlement in the solar system and the proud owners of the CosmicCode Institute.

More than a thousand space missions were launched since NASA was rebuild and rejuvenated with fresh resources and fresh minds. The science stations and observatories were the legacy of the second golden age of space faring by the Sapiens. In the next few decades, NASA was eyeing for the first interstellar flight. God Speed.

Alpha Point 5. (week 2)

Keshi was meditating in the zero-G chamber in one of the outer pods of the Alpha Point 5 (AP-5) station. The soft screen came alive with a face she dreaded most. It was general Markovski, the military minded, war era director of the Space Military Consortia (SMC). A small fee to pay for science, Keshi, a brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize winner from the CosmicCode Academy of Australia was a researcher in deep space communication technologies and a freelancer in the Quark Bomb project. All her life, she wanted to be in space, and now she’s living her dreams, and in exchange for the trillion dollars the SMC poured into her research, she will assist in the space testing of Quark bombs. Every month they blow up a minor planet in the Asteroid Belt. And all for the sake of protecting the earth from Aliens that never came, and asteroids that never hit earth.

AP-5 is also the relay station for the Titan Base and Pluto Station. They’ve been directing some heave traffic to the CosmicCode Institute (CCI) Academy in the South Pacific for almost a month now. The quantum crypted data revealed nothing to her, but the patterns suggest something chaotic disturbing the sensors in Pluto Station. The minor stations in the Kuiper belt objects and Oort cloud a few light years after Pluto haven’t transmitted their data yet. Due to the distance, the data packets will only arrive at the end of the year.

Nayan is a military pilot and best buddy of GP. They raised hell in the low earth orbit space jet academy. Racing their jets across space, and time, blinding every radar screen from China to Pentagon. He is also the CCI spy and gathers military information directly to CCI’s base in the South Pacific Islands. This is to ensure nothing gets out of control at AP-5, to ensure Markovski never let his imagination roam. He is to receive Fred for refuelling before the flight to Titan Base. And pass on some data cubes for a secret experiment that Fred has to pass to the clandestine command centre and observatory in the frozen planes of Charon, Pluto’s moon. Yes, the secret CCI base, Base Trinity. Vijay, Nachi, Pavlov and the Krycheck Brothers man Base Trinity. The Charon base is set up to monitor interstellar communications and radio signals from the thousands of exoplanets detected since the 90’s.

CCI, South Pacific (week 4)

The stars form a romantic arc over the barren sky. Far away, Mars appear as a red dot in the ocean of the night, and nearby, a few metres away from the bonfire, the Pacific Ocean caressed the sands of the island in lazy waves. The days on the island passes on idyllically, almost in Hemingway speed, the salvos of nature non-existent, the enigmatic minds gathered around gazes deep into space for solutions. Mark walked towards them, a printout tablet in one hand, and a can of Bud on the other. His lazy strides hides emotions far deeper than imaginable. GP and Peter look away from him into the darkness of the winds. The other academy members are scattered around bonfires along the beach, deep in discussion over the days work. The freethinker’s heaven amid the evolutions of the universe.

Mark sat beside GP and handed him the printout. Peter locked into the Orion Nebula he’s been tracing with his I-Pod radio signal hack. The rainbow colours of the nebula displayed vividly on screen and he transmitted the coordinates to other users on the beach and the small islands around them. GP patiently read the calculations, all 5 pages of it. His heart sunk, forming a void, a black hole inside him. Peter managed to catch the tablet before it fell out of GP’s grip.

Its here buddy, its finally here.
Oh my God…
What are you two talking about! Come one guys, the past week has been harrowing already…
Shit! Its here man…the bloody fuck is here!
Calm down Mark, I’m lost here… GP, what’s happening man!
The Planet Killer…

Titan Base ( week 5)

Fred and Nayan equipped their Solar Liner; the inner solar system manned space ship, Horizon for a final push to the CCI base at Charon. And before that, they much cloak their transits, and emit a false signal to Earth Command via AP-5. The Phoenix crew shuttle will be on autopilot back to AP-5. Keshi will do the rest in registering the liner at the Mars Science Dockyards and planting a mirror call sign for Fred to one of the Class Solar Liner freighters parked there. Fred received the crypto-message from CCI South Pacific a week back. They were never ready for this. And now they must save Earth, and most importantly the Sapien species from extinction.
Neo-Kali, that’s the name Vijay etched on the crypto-message he sent back to CCI. A planet destroyer, dark, smooth like a glass marble, no radiation, no signals, nothing except the bending of space itself. The 8000 miles wide monster is a silent weapon, natural, or maybe from an enemy unknown. In 6 years, earth will meet its doom. CCI’s message to Charon took half a day to arrive, the vastness of space lend no hand to safeguard the Sapiens, and now they face a goliath task in stopping this threat. As the countdown begins, Charon command and AP-5 races to secure all observation of Neo-Kali. Worldwide panic could cripple earth and other colonies. CCI meanwhile is preparing for war. A space war.
AP-5 (month 11)

Keshi, calling CCI over. Dammit GP, answer me!
…calling CCI, this is an emergency! Over!
Mark here, shoot away Keshi, how’s the trajectory measurements going?
We have something more serious Mark, there’s another one…
Oh bloody hell! What…but how! We scanned the system!
How big it is?!
This one’s a mile wide. And it’s heading straight to the moon!
The moon! What’s the ETA?!
2 weeks…and Mark…this ones mercury!

Mark knew what that meant; it’s a radioactive asteroid. Planet fragments to be precise from an exotic planetary evolution trait that forms planets with a high percentage of radioactive elements in their mantles and core. Such planets will blow up on their own under intense chain reaction induced by their parent Star and scatter all over the galaxy. A few of these have been detected by the Pluto station as relics, just floating in the Oort cloud, but never one that’s on any orbital trajectory.

Mark, this seems strange, but it’s like someone’s pushing it our way.
I know Keshi, it’s the same with Neo-Kali. One have to wonder how this monster can manoeuvre pass the Jovian planets to get to earth. Their gravity is more than enough to nudge them away, but something seems to be guiding them.
Could it be equipped with some rocket engine…?
That’s a possibility. A civilization much older than ours could have, theoretically, learned to exploit their entire solar systems resources for imminent expansion. More than a rocket engine, I think there could be anti-gravity thrusters planted into these stones.
What now? Our full resources are focused onto Neo-Kali.
I can think of something, but you need to do the dirty work.
Say it Mark, I’ve been holed up here for ages now, need some spicing up to do. We are going to die soon, so nothing matters.
Good. Keshi, the quark bombs, do you have access…?

Keshi hacked into the quantum crypted SMC mainframe and made herself a backdoor into the system. If anything can stop this asteroid, it’s going to be this bombs. Never before she felt happier for existence of doomsday weapons, never before, especially when she had to save a world.

What on hells name are you doing Keshi! I order you to return command of the detonator satellites right now!
It’s for the good general. We have to blow that asteroid now, or face the destruction of the moon base.
Every expansion, every step into the future we must be ready of the inevitable Keshi. The destruction of the moon base would mean nothing to us. Our enemy is out there…
Shut up your bastard! There is no miracle warmonger from Neptune coming to attack you. The real threat is you yourself. And this time, you wont stop me.

The asteroid edges closer to the moon, its movement majestic, slowly floating, with veils of gas shrouding the core, giving it a greenish blue glow. Moon base could not be evacuated in time. Most of the liners are in the repair dockyards and the only liner available is back on earth orbit, waiting for provisions and crew. The alert gave them some time to hole deep into the caverns and chambers that the moon settlers dug all this years. But it wont be enough to contain the fallout. Much worst would be if the asteroid interrupts the orbit of the moon. Unlikely, but there is a remote possibility.

Meanwhile, Keshi along with other AP-5 scientists have taken over a mining ship from the Mars Dockyard and equipped it with all available quark bombs from SMC command. Their trajectory will take them on a side impact approach where the bombs will be detonated once the ship crashes onto the asteroid. If the plan works, the asteroid will be pulverized. Humans wait for tomorrow.

To be continued…Pluto, The Last Stand (Year 2)
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Hahaha.. that was damn intersting, GP!!

Aye aye captain! Ready for the war.. Bring it on!!!

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Keshi said...

hahahahaha I was sooooo ROFL reading this GP! Goshh I feel so special that u gave me a role in this great story :):) TY!

**Keshi, a brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize winner from the CosmicCode Academy of Australia was a researcher in deep space communication technologies and a freelancer in the Quark Bomb project.

LOL ok that must be the FUNNIEST part in this story?

**All her life, she wanted to be in space, and now she’s living her dreams,

so wanna be in space right now.

**Keshi hacked into the quantum crypted SMC mainframe

I do hack alot of ppl's minds :):)

Brilliant story...cant wait for the next part!


Jeevan said...

looks like star wars! good writing GP:) Nice that keshi has done a role in ur story.

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Hey forgot to mention that keshi was as beautiful as the stars that she studied.

Please please please make me (Donn) a super villain like Lex Luther or Karl Rove!

I wanna blow something up!

Within Without said...

What's ur back pain all about?

So the inimitable Keshi has a starring role, and now HE wants to be the villain!

A suitable part, I'd say.


Kavi said...

You have an alternate career ready mate ! Lovely writing. Very interesting ! With amazing casting too !! LOL !

Rob said...

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