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The Nomad's Checklist: A Semi Charmed Kind of Life

Hope all this happens;

[1] Quit current job. Get a better job, or start own company.

[2] Become a writer, publish a book.

[3] Get a DSLR (Canon or Nikon). (DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera - or commonly known as a souped up digital camera).

[4] Get them buggers to reclassify Pluto as a planet.

[5] Get a girlfriend.

[6] Get a car.

[7] Get my own apartment.

[8] (continued from [3]) ...and go backpacking in India.

[9] Come early/ on time to work (till I quit work that is).

[10] Stop thinking of sex all too often.

[11] Learn digital design, ad-making, become a graphic artist.

[12] Make a movie.

[13] Write a script/ story for a movie, then make a movie. (sigh)

[14] Ban Starbucks and all those expensive coffee outlets around the world.

[15] Kill all politicians. (trust me, there are no good ones) Or stop reading newspapers and/ or watching the news.

[16] Finish my thesis. (this is the 3rd year in a row that I am 'asking' myself to do this)

[17] Get myself a private island.

[18] Stop daydreaming.

[19] Use less internet at work, and finish my job(s).

[20] Wake me up when September Ends. :-)


tulipspeaks said…
lolz. i think i wanna do almost 70% of stuff u mentioned! hahaha..

[16] Finish my thesis. (this is the 3rd year in a row that I am 'asking' myself to do this)

if u need a lil spanking for this, let me know. been pushing everyone to complete their thesis ever since i finished mine.

Keshi said…
Ghosty neat list. I hope items 5 will come true soon ;-)

**[10] Stop thinking of sex all too often.

lol why do guys think so much abt sex?

btw can I join u in killing the ploiticians? I might finish off b4 u.

Jeevan said…
Great list bro! my wishes for what ever u mentioned here esp. for getting GirlFriend.
Nirek said…
lol. lovely dude...
best wishes to meet you lady charm soon! can i use this a tag topic to write on my blog....
this topic is really interesting
S.Karthikeyan said…
Publish the book first. You can become the writer later :-)

If you are serious about scripts/making movies then please involve me. I want to change the cinema for good :-)
OK, I will wake you up at the end of this month.
Homo Escapeons said…
Here is your new list Ghosty

#1 Quit Procrastinating
Pick your 3 favorite items,
make a plan,
just do it.

(btw forget #15
if you killed them all then surely something even worse would evolve)

Forget worrying about #10,
eventually you will stop thinking about sex...

in about 80 years!
Kavi said…
GP: Everyone has a list ! A wish list ! So do you !

Play by your heart ! Atleast, thats what i have been telling myself. In a small way, thats how i began blogging !!


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