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A Million Small Changes

Off to somewhere far for a project to change the future of the next generation. Imagine doing something for half a million students!!! Something that this country really needs, and something some people are ready to do.

Will be away for 1 week. I'm praying for Internet there, but no high hopes.

Thank you so much for the excellent comments on the previous post. Will reply all soon. And still, if you have a solution, I am there for you, lets charge ahead together.

Please do check out Jay's blog on Darfur:
Stand With Darfur

Love all, peace to the world.


Kavi said…
Wow mate! Looks like an interesting project ! If you are impacting education amongst children, you are impacting the world in a very fundamental way !

I am so happy for you and proud of the work that you do !

Take care !
QUASAR9 said…
Well dare I say have fun!
Let me at least wish you a good time
All the Best!
And where is the book meme? I did say, I don't care if you are busy..
Keshi said…
awwwwww :*(

**I'm praying for Internet there, but no high hopes.

LOL thats what alot of ppl pray for these days...not for peace. :):)

hey good luck, come back soon and HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Jeevan said…
Have a nice trip GP! wish u will get net connection there
Okie..I am a time traveller to blogs now, atleast for a while, so shal lread the next blog when ever n from where ever u write!
Jay McGinley said…
Dear brother,

Bless you. Deeply grateful for your trust.

God's speed! (ours is way too slow)

Brother Jay
tulipspeaks said…
no wonder sumone is missing from my YM! :)

come back soon.

Jeevan said…
Wish you a Happy Birthday dear Brother:)
Nahuatl said…
Happy Birthday budddyyyyyyyyy!!!!

:) Where's the party?
V N said…
Will Miss ya!!

And ofcourse, be back soooooooooon!!
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] thanx sar...yes, its a change for the better...but only if we get it right! The future is at stake here.

[quasar9] thanx a million! I did, but not very :(

[gautami] I will do it my dear, I will! Just keep on reminding me... :p

[keshi] babe I miss u and ur posts! I did get internet, but it was so stupid. It was.

[jeevan] thanx bro, you remembered and youre the first. Man, you are th best! I did have a nice trip...

[scribz] welcome to the club! We fellow time travellers change life and society, bla bla bla...hahaha...its good to be back!

[milady] thanx a million, it was a fine trip.

[jay] god speed to you to brother! remember, we have crossed the will, now its time to act. we will win in this, for humanities sake.

[ammu] I am back! :p

[nayan] bro, we will have a party soon bro, and we will drink the night away with some salsa too! Muhahahha...thanx bro!

[velu] sarr...I am back! And I missed you too!

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