Wednesday, September 20

A Million Lifeless Words

...came home late last night and switched on the automatically went to CNN...and the UN general assembly was in session, airing live. Switched to BBC, Bloomberg and a dozen other channels before settling back to BBC. The was a military coup in Thailand. The American President was delivering his speech at the UN. Apart from the usual 'Trust in God we will' and trashtalking other countries, Prez Bush continued to give advice to the people of a half a dozen nations. Something funny, the most powerful man, with the worst foreign policy ever in human history advising other sovereign countries to behave. The Thai Prime Minister had declared a state of emergency a few hours back. Bush moved on from Iraq to Iran to Lebanon to Israel and Palestine, then Syria and finally Darfur. Democracy to the world. CNN shows images of tanks and military vehicles on the roads of Bangkok. Tourist and locals taking pictures. Local telly shows not more than 30 seconds of the news of the coup. A dozen channels on the satellite TV airing games shows of all kind. Soccer on ESPN. Bush ends his speech. Morning about 7 or 8 (cant remember) the Iranian president gave his speech at the UN. Blasted the American call for moderation....came to work...wish there was more than 24 hours in a day...

So what is happening to this world? More than any crisis, any war, any famine, the biggest tragedy of all would be that there is no time for us to care. Darfur, in Sudan. About 10000 people die there everyday. Out of famine. Because of Civil war. Another unending story. America sent emergency fuel to the Israel army when it retaliated against the Hezbollah. America could not do anything to stop the genocide in Darfur. America stands behind Israel in everything. America could not answer the call for help from Africa. America sells weapons to African military Junta's. All America can do is engage in information warfare, mass brainwash targeting Iran, North Korea and Syria. The evil axis. Do we care?

Increasing oil prices, famine, AIDS, cancer, uncertain world politics, economic genocide, human genocide, weapons trafficking, suicide, school shootings, 9-11, terrorists, education, natural disasters...Do we care? Or are we all just tired? This time I cant think of any solution. Can you?

[-] Been extremely busy, will be till the end of September. I apologize in advance for not coming to your blogs. Love all.


QUASAR9 said...

Funny how the most powerful man on earth with the most powerful military force in history can do nothing for Palestine, Africa or the US.

Prettu ephemeral power, the only power he really has is more destructive power than others, the power to destroy countries like Iraq.

Imagine all that energu used to put things right. You know what I mean instead of destroying Iraq's power plant and infrastructure, or Lebanon's, better the conditions of the people living in Palestine, Lebanon & Iraq. There is always left conflict when people have prosperity and more to lose.

Poverty, despair, and nothing to lose feed discontent & conflict.
Always have done!

Kavi said...

the hypocracies of the world and George Bush's greed are evident to all that chose to see.

For that matter, i dont think i would single out Bush ! It has become part of everyday dog-eat-dog existence.

One tends to swallow, look the other way, or fight back. Thats the world.

Well written piece !

Homo Escapeons said...

Darfur doesn't have enough Oil to warrant rescue...and Somalia was an unmitigated disaster so the US is ignoring Africa.
Pretty dark tone here ghosty...but you are right it does seem to be going downhill and into the drain.

When I was a teen in the 70s I always imagined that by 2006 the world would be well on its way to being a global village.

The world is going to get a new Secretary General at the UN, Kofi was ineffective..

The USA is starting to gear up to get rid of the worst President in modern History

England will be getting a new Prime Minister

The replacement of those three people is something to consider...these are three key positions that can set the tone for the civilised world.

Hopefully the new leaders will redirect our fate away from the apocalyptic course that we are on now....something to consider...change is the one true constant.

starry nights said...

Watched the same thing you did, was not impressed with that speech. too much is happening in this world. dont know when ther will be peace, no famine and no hungry children.

Within Without said...

Yeah, it's almost an insult to see Bush stand up and urge other states like Thailand to remain calm...

When at the same time he's creating all that havoc and chaos everywhere else.

HE's right, Bush has nothing to gain by helping out African nations, and they pose no threat to him.

As far as the UN goes, Bush and the Americans have it in for the UN. The U.S. wants the UN to be its pushover, but the UN the U.S. won't play.

What we really need are for the right-wing governments to lose (and for Bush and Blair to sod off into the sunset).

Maybe that'll herald a new day, almost...

Jay McGinley said...


Darfur Vigil DAY 118 (now in NYC); 56 Days Hunger Strike since July 4, 2006

Young Rachel Corrie saw a bulldozer intentionally bearing down on the house of a family, a family she probably never knew. She got in front of that bulldozer, between the bulldozer and the house, between the threat, and the innocents. (

We need to get between what is killing Darfur (Bashir's performance and lack thereof by we-the-people) - and our children, sisters and brothers in Darfur. Now. And as of now we are not ( How do we do that? How do we make it happen? What would a sufficient "wake up" look like? IF SOMEONE HAS THIS ALREADY STARTED, LET ME KNOW. I'll join you, or even back out if that is best.

I am deciding what I will do next, what I expect to be my final attempt to spark the Rescue of Darfur by waking up sufficient numbers of we humans in time, converting us from spectators, critics and activists-of-convenience into antiviolent warriors (think Civil Rights struggle) of profound courage, wisdom, tenacity and effectiveness; utilizing to the max the few weeks, days and seconds that our Darfur family has left.

What would Rachel Corrie start THIS WEEK? This question strikes me as the way to approach the task of deciding. The way to focus the mind to come up with the appropriate, proportional response of greatest chance - THE BEST AIMED "HAIL MARY" PASS.

Rachel Corrie stood in front of a bulldozer about to destroy a house in Palestine ( Would a different role model help you more? How about Steve Beko (South Africa, movie, Denzel), a young Gandhi, a young Nelson Mandella, an antivioloent Rambo, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, John Q (from the Denzel Washington movie)...? You get the idea. Think of your own role model APPROPRIATE to this situation.

LET’S JOIN TOGETHER IN THIS QUANDARY, before it is too late, please: Send me, or post, your ideas ( Now. I expect to embark on whatever best plan by early next week at the latest, with anyone that wants to join together.

A CONSTRAINT: Suggestions must centrally embrace this notion of the problem from Samantha Power's inspired, Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "Problem from Hell" (and I paraphrase AND take license): THE BATTLE TO STOP GENOCIDE HAS ALWAYS BEEN LOST ON THE FIELD OF PUBLIC OPINION. THE PEOPLE [WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD]... HAVE NEVER STOOD UP SUFFICIENTLY TO STOP IT.

HUNCH: The plan should involve leveraging STAND's Oct 5th Fast to make it into the END OF THE GONOICIDE, the START of a WORLDWIDE FAST UNTIL DARFUR GENOCIDE IS ENDING. One-day only by all participants is too-little-too-late. A one day fast is NOT what the world's response to the Holocaust, the extermination of 6,000,000 Jews lacked. Not by many orders of magnitude. Death rates are climbing toward 25,000 per week in Darfur, NOW. We must be REALISTIC. Code Pink's "Troops Home Fast" could be a model ( Make STAND's October 5th the START? THAT COULD DO IT.

But, WE NEED EVEN BETTER, MUCH BETTER SUGGESTIONS and specific ideas for approach and execution than I am hinting at.

RESPOND. PLEASE. Deadline: FRIDAY, 9/22/06, because THERE IS NO MORE T-I-M-E. (For those of you that just want to watch, and have a good laugh at my frantic gyrations, enjoy.)

What would Rachel Corrie start THIS WEEK?

Jay McGinley ( 484-356-6243

Nirek said...

hey Gp,
1. Even i can't think of any possible solution to most of problem u quoted. It's hands of time.
2. thanks for making ur comments box open inside the browser, now my co-comment is tracking ur blog also... :)
3. hv a nice time dude.

Keshi said...

Ghosty any guesses why I try to be happier than I ought to be? Well this is the reason. Today the world dunno what the word 'CARING' means. Everyone is out to eat each other and live a selfish life. I dun watch news anymore...cos everytime I turn the TV on I see some women crying over their husbands'/sons' deaths in the ME or some suicide lunatic killing 100s. Im sick of it. I think Im not gonna watch any of that cos I cant seem to change the world. But I can change my world. I wanna be happy and caring in the little time I have been given on Earth. And I try to do that everyday...bloggin and connecting with so many ppl across the world is also a big part of it.


tulipspeaks said...

dude! forget abt the world..whats happening to u? pushing the remote buttons over the night? always like this huh? :S


gautami tripathy said...

Read my "Vacillations of the mind."

IT says somewhat what you are saying.

BTW, you are tagged for a book meme. I don't care if you are busy!


Known Stranger said...

simple politicis and business - they are investing something in a place they feel they can make a fortune of liquid gold simple. why does norway is so much interested in srilanka - something fishy in north of lankan soil.

there is a saying in tamil " somiyin kudumi chumma addathu" - it means " a smarts or wicked pony tail in shaven head wont swing with no reason"

S.Karthikeyan said...

You should have watched sun tv and jaya tv. There is more pressing problems here in TN than any where else.

According to amma, there is this dreaded chikunguniya(?) in TN that demand She along with Vaiko and Others to hold their arms together and raise in unison with slogans against kalaingar. Meanwhile sun tv refuse to belive there is something like chikunguniya, sad.

White Forest said...

"American President" was talking to some americans few days before..he was asking my opinion about him...i said its a difficult Qn....i was surprised to hear when he said "its Ok even we have same opinion about our president" lolz...

Ghost Particle said...

[quasar9] I think its easier to destroy and decimate the evidence rather than solving problems and leaving trails. Its a corrupt world and he is one of the axis of corruption which covers all aspect of wars. Eradicate poverty and we get corruption from the wealthy and newly rich. Funny funny world.

[kavi] human interaction, but when a influential guys does it he gets singled out, so he is a dummy rather than a leader. Hope or no hope, the world is suffering.

[h-e] well said. Those are important changes and they will wield and usher in a new generation, if only the newcomers doesnt become war mongers as well.

[starry] yes, the end is not in sight, but we can make little changes.

[W-Wout] we hope for a new future, we can only imagine, but we must hope for a new future where we can make dreams come true. We shall witness a new rebirth.

Ghost Particle said...

[jay] we will be there in spirit and in force to see the change you are fighting for. March ahead brother.

[satu] thanx bro, yes, solutions are ideologies that needs a reality to test.

[keshi] you make perfect sense. Small changes, small steps, be happy and make the world happy. Problems can be solved with this excellent attitude.

[ammu] hahaha...sometimes the world needs a superhero in front of a tv...

[gautami] ur wish is my command, but it works in delay so sorry...

[k-stranger] yes its true, even the bnill gates foundation doesnt simply give out money, they fish for business first.

[skarthi] bro, the virus is real, its like hiding malaria or aids, i pity those uneducated buggers who run sun tv just for political mileage. I hope the future of India to be great and these lesser political baskets be chased out.

[white forest] its true that the man on the street has opinions same as us, but the power to elect must also be used to usher changes. Life goes on.


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