Friday, September 1

The Makings of a Nomad

Celebrated the Independence day with a couple of Tigers and a game of snooker. Probably the first time I did not see any fireworks in ages, on TV or 'live'. Heck, I did not even fly the flag, or shout out 'Merdeka' (which means 'Independence' or "Yay its holiday!" in today's language). So the highs and lows of existence got diluted in the strange yellow liquid which is starting to taste less bitter along the years. So why Tiger now? Well Heineken is the best beer in the world, so its for special occasions, Carlsberg sponsors Liverpool, so its for the soccer matches during weekends and that leaves Tiger beer (from our Kiasu neighbor's up south, Singapore) which is enjoyed by *gasp* Jessica Alba! The babe of the babes!. So Tiger for a while...and did I tell you I love Thundercats...? (do read on, it gets better...thanx)

Took 12 hungry, blood thirsty, take no prisoners, cannibalistic, programmers to the Kamal movie yesterday. The best thing about the movie came 5 minutes before the end when Kamal found out that the psycho, Hannibal Lecter wannabe killers are homosexual. It was a stupid boring movie. But some part of my brain doesn't recognize impartiality and good movies anymore, so I think ill watch it again in a few days. Nothing like watching a 40+ year old police man whose facial expression show he's having a lot of IBM trouble going after the 'fucked-up' psycho killers who are doctors (sigh). And cool rape scene's. Just pray the real psychos outside there doesn't follow it, or hell Gautam is going to get censored. I thought movies should teach society to behave, not the other way around. Fuck you all film makers. If you continue going the commercial trash way, I'm going to stick to my indie movies. Buggers, wasted 3 hours that I wont ever get back. Have to rethink that deal I made with Death again. Oh yeh, another pleasant point during the movie, one of the programmer dude shouted my name (heard by everyone) from two rows in front and raised his pinky. He needs to go to the loo. I lost my brains. I hope to return the favor when I get to India soon. :-O :-p

I was planning to call my grandma and ask how it was in 1957 when the country celebrated freedom from the 'evil' clutches of England. Can someone tell me how Hong Kong looks right now. But didn't make the call, so I will write fiction in this para of my grandma's recollection . "Back in 1957, the people were much more friendly because everyone lived for a common cause. The country was new, was bold and strong. After all this is the land of the tigers. I saw a few in the rubber plantations before. I cant remember how the 31st August was then, but your grandpa told us that everyone has that extra soul in them that day. They celebrated with joy around the country. I heard something on the transistor box that day. But I knew this will come. Back in Takanak Camp in Thailand, the Japanese officer told us that Malaya will be independent soon. He offered to take us to Japan, but your great grandpa did not want to go anywhere. He wants to return to Malaya, the country which was our home. We manage to finish the bridge before the Japanese lost the war and they transported us back to Malaya. This is our country, you live a good life, be a good person." That was the start of the fall of reasoning. There are a few things that I remember my grandpa told me before he passed away that's forever etched in my minds. He said to me "don't steal, pay back any money you borrow from the government, study hard and don't lie". A strange ideology, that was before I went to university and learned to be mature. Its true, money is the ultimate evil, trust comes from speaking the truth and being true and education is the vehicle of transcendence. Few more memories for myself.

Back in the train, on my way home along with a few hundreds more, a Malaysian Drama was set to unfold. The air conditioning was not working. The girlfriend told the boyfriend she cant breath. She shouted slowly "I need oxygen, it smells here. Sweat!. Oxygen". I suppose that would be the start of a long interesting drama. But the boyfriend answered back "Thats the Smell of the World". (Bau Dunia in Malay). Full stop. End of story. That my friends was and is the greatest understanding of philosophy by a middle class chap with two bags of packed rice and a backpack standing on the train like the rest of the nomads. His slang tells he's from East Malaysia. I found many times, these out of towners, are much more wise than the city people. The train stopped somewhere along the way, a small station. I expected no one to get in, but its holiday alas, hence a few dozens more squeezed in. And certainly no one gave way to the people exiting. A mother came in with her two young kids. No one gave her seats. We can say that no one saw her and the kids in a packed commuter. The nearest seat to her was aptly the 'pregnant, disabled, patient, children gazetted seat' which was taken by am able man. The Indonesian guy did not budge an inch and was enjoying the cuteness of the kids. He got down at another stop 15 minutes away. The mother sat down and all the girls around the was admiring them. One of them fanned the kids who are visibly restless by the hot climate, with a magazine. I was already imagining how my packed pasta dinner (from Carrefour) would taste. Got home 30 minutes later. The cold pasta sucked. Should have gotten only one sauce, and left the French pasta sauce out. It was 11 pm, and thank God I missed all the national day shows on TV. Slept at 11.30 after telling off nicely (shouted) to my housemate that he cant watch that stupid Vijayakanth movie.

Read the mails this morning, thought there would be hundreds of comments from blogger because of my Merdeka post below and the blog day initiative. Well, this is the second year and I think not even 10% of the bloggers know there is a freakin blog day. Got a nice comment from Lucas (from Luton). Finally understood what a left/ right government ideology thing he was telling me the other day meant. No race politics in Malaysia. Hell would freeze over and Pamela Anderson would become the President of USA way before any basket here would even talk of getting race and religion out of the government. Probably the 'Separation of State from Church' would let the politicians do a Yahoo! search on Charlotte Church rather than politics. Got a funny forward the other day of how the politicians here are the least educated compared to our better off neighbor. Could not agree more. Its an act of God I say. The people here are stupid to elect a stupid government. Go figure. So how do we separate the Church (and all other religious 'venues') from the Government? We cant. End of another story. So Lucas, we just pray for a better rebirth somewhere called Europe or America, okay chap?

Now, 49 years of Independence, grandparents who sacrificed their lives for this country, parents who toiled day and night and paid their taxes on time, and my fellow countryman who looks more Malay, Chinese, Indians and (Indonesian+Bangladeshi+Vietnamese) than ever before, why am I feeling lonely than ever? No man is an Island. I forgot who said that. Probably that Island had some bikini babes and coconut trees (and chest's full of gin :D). I feel separated from a bond, the bond of friends and the bond of the country. Why can't I claim this as my country? Well, for starters I don't have to claim, because the Country has trapped me long before. It gave birth to me. But my real gripe, my real whine is to the politicians who want to be ring leaders. Who wants to see the various races fight and kill each other. 49 years ago I would have went out and celebrated with my various friends from different cultures because they're are friends first, race second and religion third. They were Malaysians first, business man second, farmers third and poor last. But no, not today, because the world left us far behind, the various divides has carved canyons around us that we cant ever bridge. So that leaves to the younger generation, who are taught the wrong way at home, at schools and elsewhere. And that ends another chapter in building a country.

Probably the only consolation is that the future takes no prisoners as well. The earth would last, the star would, the atoms will be here longer than ever, longer than the human civilization but never the stone sarcophagus of dead Gods that we pray to. Best said, this is the age where Nomads are made. Nomads of the future are born today. Lets see the world tomorrow.

[-] Okay I forgot, today is my brother, Kamaleswaran's birthday. Happy Birthday Dude! I know you are waiting for the translations money, but dude, as always, I can only laugh. Muhahahahah...okay have a nice day, ride on! And please do the job I give you on time! And...I did not forget the sms you send me on my bday last year" Happy Bday, hope you will get a job this year". Okay I got the job, and I hate what?!
[-] A big thank you to all Yahoo! Small Business help technicians and Staff. They held solve my problem with the domain names and all. Should not have scolded them in my other post. Well, there is something for everything, and again sanity prevailed. To Franz, Georgia and Andre....Thanx guys!

[<--] Good people deserve more. I was working after my secondary schools exams one day 9 years ago. Came back about 1 at night and my mom was waiting for me watching the telly. She said Princess Diana died, and everyone is talking about it. One less star, a lasting legacy and a yearning generation.

Rest in Peace dear Princess.


Nirek said...

Gp, Guess u have lot of patience to write big blog posts! Hope you had a great fun in the holiday!

dumbdodi said...

What a nice post GP, happy b'day to your brother.
I wanted to ask you though, how did your family migrate to malaysia. Do let me know? I am really interested.

BTW I did plan doing the blog day thing..but believe was too held up..Cheers... Keep having fun...byeeee

Joaninha said...

Let’s see the world tomorrow… it's your sentence and for me the biggest one. All of us wait for tomorrow, with the hope for a better day than it was yesterday. So many people struggling to each other…
Your big post is very good and you analyse everything in detail, really very good
Happy Birthday to your brother.
Best regards from (joan) isabel

Kavi said...

Am impressed with your posts. They are thought provoking, meticulously done, and humorous. That is in interesting and eclectic combination.

Happy Birthday to your brother.

Would specifically like to comment on two aspects.

"don't steal, pay back any money you borrow from the government, study hard and don't lie" Well, its as simple as it sounds. But how profound ! How profound !

Malaysia has been a country of choice to many. And the few friends i have there, always speak of its unique diversity. I guess its this diversity that will take the country forward !

starry nights said...

Nice long post. learned something about malasia.happy belated blog day.

Known Stranger said...

Heineken - is this the best beer in world ? i doubt

Marutham said...

:) My hearty wishes to ur BRO!! :) Thanku for ur wishes- anaal naan tour poga villai ...U will know if u have read my recent post !!!
Take care ....

Miladysa said...

Great post - I would love to read more about your grandparents.

anitha said...

happy birthday to ur brother!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Happy bday!
been long coming here :D Vazhi maranthu pochu ;)

tulipspeaks said...

:) i'm sharing my bday with someone.. great!

Happy Belated


Keshi said...

Im so glad u remembered Princess Di. Cos 31st of Aug was the day she died. And I didnt see anything in papers or blogs abt her this time. I didnt wanna put up a post either cos I was feeling down last week towards the end. I saw ur post today and I felt really thankful that someone cared abt her.

Great job Ghosty!

Jeevan said...

You got a good grandpa, who thought u good habits:) proud of your patriotism. Happy Birthday Kamaleswaran.

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] hope he reads this post. Yeh, granpa was good, actually i regard his as one of my earlist tutors into science even if hes not a scientist or anything. his meticolous ways of going on and around with life is simply great. I miss him dearly now.

[keshi] yes, i am surprised no one posted on her. such a great soul.

[ammu] thanx, i shall pass d msg. so u r no-1 too...enigmatic minded, stubborn, etc.

[ponarasi] long time no c...i shall come visit you. thanx, its my bro's bday btw.

[anitha] thank you very much. shall pass it to him.

[miladysa] thanx! and welcome back again!. Yes, he was an inspiration, the sacrifices of our ancestors.

[marutham] i feel so bad for you, i dont kno, i have mixed feelings now. have a great weekend ahead da.

[know-stranger] hahahha...well they claim it is, i know bud is a bit better, but heinekken is simply smooth.

[starry] thanx! gald to be at ur service. and u shall learn more in da future.

[kavi] true, life is rich, learn more, live more. Thanx! And granpa was an inspiration for all. We shall see the future together, we will!.

[joan] thanx! yes, the intricate details of life, and the amazing world that we live in, we shall see it evolve. thanx again! shall pass d msg to him.

[dumbdodi] hi! thanx. yes, well i mailed you back didnt it. well we came here bout 100 years back. and here we are. My great granpa came here frm TN< india, and settled in a plantation. and we kind of evolved from there. hahaha.

[satu] brother, thanx pa. yes i did, and hope you are well to. not patience, but passion.


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