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Like Yesterday, and Forever

Man is a creature whose substance is faith. What his faith is, he is.
- Bhagavad Gita
...didn't we say it's fragile. Like the sands of time, the liquid dreams, the flare of the sun, the ceaseless gravity. Mere evolutions on a grand scale, but didn't we teach it's fragility. Yet, there is hope and there are people who carry this hope. Like the forever torch, on the endless night, along the endless oceans, under the endless stars, during an endless life...

Rest in Peace Mate.

Always remembered.

And to others.

Hope. Endless.


Kavi said…
Hope there isnt anything seriously wrong GP! Hope springs eternal mate !

The headlamps throw up light only light to a few feet. But you can make the distance with that !
Wts wrong with u? :O Frm wen u u started writing small posts? ;)
starry nights said…
One cannot live without hope and without faith.
Nirek said…
hi Gp...
you speak in some poetic language which i never understood clearly. Either you write a small post/big post, it always poetic dude. congrats

one small requests. can you make your comment window not to open as popup window. I am using co-comment to track the comments on blogs, which wont work with popup comment window of blogger.
u can do it in blogger--.setting--comments-
show comments in pop-up window -No option
Keshi said…
this is really beautiful Ghosty...Stevo is just unmatchable. His death left a huge void in me.

I want ur input to some of my Qns in my latest post.


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