Saturday, September 9

KickAss Weekend!

...its raining over here, and I'm writing a cool disaster story for the Romancing Pluto Series, and try to cook some edible pasta at the same time. Just hope everything goes well. Any suggestions for a SF movie that I could watch this weekend? That would definitely complete this kickass weekend!

Wait for Pluto, The Last Stand coming to a blog near you this Monday! (or Tuesday :p)


Kavi said...

Good luck buddy !

I thought you had that creative skills and the directorial touches of Steven Speilberg !

Looks like you also have the marketing mind of Universal Studios !

Now, i await Pluto !!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Do I get to share your pasta?

dumbdodi said...

Hey GP
Sorry been busy and lost. Hope you are doing great. Will catch up with your posts soon. Bye for now

Miladysa said...

Have a great weekend!

Jeevan said...

will visit again to read your story! today or tommarrow.

Keshi said...

nice :)



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