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Gp's Back Pain Thursday

[should not be mistaken with ass-pain or pain in the ass]

I'm under medication, heavy doses of some drug that claims to heal back pain, and will work for 6 hours non-stop. After which, the pain comes back.

I am in office, it's lunch hour and I'm on a self imposed diet coz I weight 92 kg's now.

I have loads of work that needs to be done today, but I managed to successfully surf the net for 5 hours straight.

My contract is extended for 3 months, but I dont want to work here anymore.

I cant wake up at 6 am every day anymore. I dont want to wake up at 6 am everyday anymore.

There's so many creative cool people out there, and they make me feel like I'm a slime mould on some rock somewhere in Guyana.

My India trip looks so unrealistic now because I dont have enough cash, havent finished my thesis and my clan thinks I'm joking.

I feel like wacking every couple I see walking around/ hugging and/ or kissing at the mall during the weekends.

I wish I had time to read all the blogs and comment to bloggers who leave comments here but there aren't enough time!

I wish I dont have to think about tommorow and I wish I forget about yesterday.

I am the proud owner of SeaQuest DSV season 1 dvd pack. Pirated that is.

I want to know what happened to the kitten I tried to kill when I was 5.

I wish people blogging would be less dramatic, less self concious, less wannabe, less yuppie, less hippie, less flashy, less fanatic, less...wait...why am I talking of myself...

Everyday, on the road, I see people fighting, shouting, in love, tired, happy, sad, wasted, drunk, wet, sweating, eating, dying. I wish I could see something new the next time.

I feel so sleepy, the drug is kicking-in, slept a total of 8 hours in the past 2 days, but I can't sleep coz I'm in the office! Fuck!
[-] The second Pluto, The Last Stand story will appear tonight. Wish I had more people reading the first one. Feel so sad the effort goes unnoticed to the masses. Thanx to everyone who left comments, and all my blogger friends will have roles in the series. Cheers guys.


Keshi said…
hey Captain get better soon :)

**There's so many creative cool people out there, and they make me feel like I'm a slime mould on some rock somewhere in Guyana.

lol who said this? U r the creative one...Im the mould on that rock.

**I feel like wacking every couple I see walking around/ hugging and/ or kissing at the mall during the weekends.

ROFL why?

Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] hahaha...well I feel I could so so much better...but dont have the spirit to make the change.

Coz I dont have a girlfriend...dats why!!!!
Miladysa said…
lol! loved this post!

1. Hope you are feeling better soon
2. You are one of the most creative people I know - slime my backside
3. I am saving the Second Pluto until the weekend when I have the time to give it the attention it deserves
4. You have sent me over the edge - what on earth happened to that poor kitten?!!!
Ghost Particle said…
[miladysa] the not sure, i know that I put the guy in a stone pyramid I build, then i kept on putting more stones on it and my grandma ambushed me! Got a nice wacking, and I think they released the poor guy, i feel bad now, but was happy then.
Still have the back pain...3 weeks now... :(
Thanx a million and hope u like the story melady!
Maran said…
Try getting a firm bed. I got no back pain after changing to a bed made from tree bark! I'm serious! Crunches also good for the back. Try doing 50 everyday :)and you won't need drugs!
Nahuatl said…
The kitten, after surviving the onslaught, grew up in an exile, on a far away ateroid which has been forgotten for centuries (how it reached there is different story), seeking a revenge for the torture it had to go through...
GP, relaxed and enjoying his job, isn't aware of the consipiracy planned by the deadly kitten.. now a full grown up MONSTER CAT!!
Mwahahahahahaa... Beware O earthling!!
V N said…
Its one of the BEST posts that I have read in recent times, and I am sorry tha I am late here, this time around. Eeeeeeessh!

The kitten by the way, had a narrow escape that fateful day, grew up to be the fat catty and even starred in a Hollywood comic caper. She was last seen holidaying with Julia Roberts in Hawaii.

V N said…
Oops. Now on second thoughts, I see that it was a 'he' and not a 'she'. Sex never matters, does it?

Kavi said…
Suddenly, sounded like me. I thought you were the one without worry, and creative juices flowing all around.

Your writing has been a treat & something to read and look forward to.

Hope the back gets better soon. "It requires some attention". Thats what my doc told me !

You are one of the coolest of the lot mate ! You deserve the best and more !! :-)
Shiv said…
hoz u now??

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