Monday, September 11

Anti-Pasta, Sienna Brown, Shoe-Face and A Derby Lost

(How the weekend Kicked My Ass)

What could I say, I was bullish when Saturday started, but by the time I woke up in the morning just now getting ready for work, I was pooped, squished out of energy, and life. Just like the 2 second idea's that pop-up out of nowhere, my enthusiasm with life lasts no more than 30 minutes at any one time. It was so bad, that I stagnated for two straight days, on bed watching TV, with a bad bad back pain and laziness. And the pasta sucked.


I've been trying to cook pasta for the past 4 years. And I learned nothing. Tried many recipes, many ready made pasta and nothing comes close to the real deal. It doesn't even come close to the pseudo pasta that they serve in the I-talian restaurants here. I think my fascination with pasta is more towards its look rather than it's taste. I've been eating pasta 'professionally' for quite a number of years but I realized now I've never finished a pasta meal. And together with that I chow down those stuff with a generous amount of chili sauce or mayonnaise. That in the cooking world is the biggest insult anyone can afford to exotic European cuisine. Maybe I'm a rice and curry guy, even if I don't admit it. Maybe I am destined to eat carb laden rice till I die. Maybe I a curry-Ghost. Damn!

Everytime I try to cook pasta, or anything for that matter, I somehow manage to cook a meal for 10 to 20 person. Something must be done about the portions, I just don't know how to measure stuff, being bad in math and worse, extremely unorganized. So in the end, it'll be like a mixture of pasta, potatoes, onion, garlic, asparagus, cheese, olive's, ginger, chicken, tomato, capsicum, half cooked, bland and well, turn it into anti-pasta which even a horse wouldn't eat. And to make matters worse, I'll eat it anyway and fall sick for a few days. I just yearn for that one day I can make a cool, nice, beautiful pasta, with a great sauce and have a candle light dinner all by myself (with) some red wine. What dreams may come...

Sienna Brown

Read the horoscope and found out my lucky color this week is Sienna Brown. Are they using supercomputers to come out with horoscopes now? I mean, Sienna Brown, wtf! What happened to yellow, brown and green? Red or white? And how come my lucky day of the week is Saturday! What will happen for the rest of the week? And the Saturday turned out to be hell! I think I spent more money shopping for ingredients than what would have cost a nice meal in a good Spanish restaurant. I'm seriously supermarket challenged! And Tesco, who ever said tesco was cheap, tesco is freakin expensive! For starters, my brain stopped working once I entered the brightly lit aisles. I think they have some brain controlling mechanism out installed there. I bought 2 kilo's of washed Australian potato, Tesco olive oil in brine, Parmesan cheese, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, uncle Toby candy bars, cereals, olive oil, ... Something even an Italian chef would not buy! 2 kilo of washed potatoes! MY shopping bill came to 150 bucks! The extra virgin olive oil cost 20 bucks! Why, why, why....! I need serious counseling before I spend more money on things like this. If ever my mom finds out, I'm dead! And the moral of the story is, you cant eat a whole roasted pepper chicken all by yourself, and too much apple juice will give you nightmares. And, Sienna Brown is not a good color!


A great great news for the motorsporting world. Schumacher a.k.a Shoe-Face is quitting! The day he announced it, the moment is the happiest 30 minutes in my life so far. World champion my foot. He is the Mafia of motorsports. Everytime I see him or Jean Toad (todt) cry, I feel like kicking them. Together with Ferrari, they formed the terrorist organization of motorsport. Using all sort of illegal tactics they ruled the F1 for years now. All these years of haggling the racing body, single handedly controlling the races to their favor, illegal modification that went 'unnoticed', all came to an end yesterday. Shoe-face will quit at the end of the season.

Schumacher, compared to the great Aryten Senna, Juan Fangio, my favorite;Mika Hakkinen and even Nigel Mansel, is the worst sportsmen in terms of PR. He fakes interviews, he shuts off the eager fans and commands powers like some power hungry Nazi. In the circuit itself, his many years as a driver is tainted by mistakes, illegal maneuvers and acts of anger targeted at other drivers. He commanded more than he deserves and he deserved to be kicked out long before if not for the special connection between Ferrari and FIA. Hopefully the future of F1 will be vindicated once he moves away from this high bucks sports where spectators is declining and new fans are hard to come by. Watching nearly 16 years of F1 races in TV, the only thorn in this wonderful experience all this years would be Schumacher. And I feel bad too, for Kimi Raikonen who will be entangled in the Mafiosi team. All the best Kimi, you just sealed your destiny.

Schumacher is a good racer, one of the best in the new bread of racers, but he lived past his age and place. He terminally destroyed his name in this sporting arena. He will leave the sporting world as the highest paid sportsman ever. Here is his best and worst;[SportingLife].

A Derby Lost

Any Liverpool fan will say that the Derby match between Everton and Liverpool is among the most awaited dates in league football. Anywhere in the world, there is a few special moments in soccer that excites us Reds more that our Derby matches. Liverpool lost this season's first Merseyside Derby. Sometimes its hard to figure what team bosses chalk up before the game. The kind of teams they build for specific games. I think Rafa tinkered more than he should in this game. And I have to admire David Moyes who worked his team in the right direction. My consensus would be, to drop Pepe Reina, the goal keeper and give someone else a chance. It's painful to watch the team lose to lesser opponents. Some of the days I wish I never liked football. But how do you erase 20 years of knowing and loving Liverpool FC?! That sums up a bad weekend!

Pluto, The Last Stand

...will appear either tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great day ahead. Did I tell you Monday sucks!!!


Nachi said...

dude...pasta is like the easiest thing to cook ever!! also, crab curry and rice?? i wouldn't mind gorging my face on that for the rest of my life.

Schumi is not the evil nemesis of F1 that you think him to be...i love the dude. its not his fault that he is a great driver and that he drives a Ferrari!! but yeah, loved Mika as well...

lucky colour my foot...those astrological predictions are total humbug and i definitely agree with the 'whatever happened to red, blue, green??' quote.

Liverpool...not a big fan of the reds. like me Blues from Stanford bridge and the Spurs and Newcastel blokes better.

Pluto...eagerly await the last stand!!

Keshi said...

Im very good at cooking pasta dishes. I can give u lessons :)

What does Sienna brown look like?


Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] yo man! yeh I know, but i screw it up by overdoing stuff...i add too many things man! And yes, crab curry, heavenly.

hahaha...u mst be a ferrari fan. :p And Mika was a good sportsman.

Yeh agree bout the color. Damn them.

Hey, hate the blues, theyre there becoz of the money.

Pluto, Year 1 is online! Enjoy.

[Keshi] Im ready! When...where?!
Sienna Brown looks soemthing like the color I highlighted in the post...the title of Sienna Brown.

Kavi said...

It looks like the weekend went in tizzy !! Pasta, Sienna Brown, Schumi, and football !

What an eclectic combination !

Keshi said...

oh ok :) nice!


Jeevan said...

I don’t like pasta. First u learn well to cook pasta and try, don’t waste the food dear.

Schumacher is quite when he was in a good position in racing, that's a warm good bye to him. And the tennis player Andre Agassi gudbye form tennis was very emotional.

Had a different weekend it seems:)


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