Friday, September 29

Stealing Sinatra

Do I look fat? I like blue shirts, so it's not his eyes that I'm talking about. But would have done a killing if I had blue eyes. And another week ended, and spending five days in a resort hotel did not ease my tension or pressure or anything. It was hectic! Everyday! And worse, you grow out of the food in one or two days, then you'll crave for a burger!

Thanx a million for all the birthday wishes. Everyone remembered, even web machines and robots. ( I nearly forgot!). I turned 27 yesterday. Could be the saddest thing in my life thinking what I've achieved in the past 27 orbits around the sun. The best part of the whole thing is, my bloody enemy send me birthday greetings and the clowns who 'wished me' last year never did this year. So goes life, squeezing every drop of soul out of you and leaving you to rot under the blazing sun. And I just found out from BBC that I am a climate refuge! Yes, people who are displaced of climate changes. See, now I will be late to job everyday, change my daily activities and my sleeping patterns. Does that qualify me as a climate refuge?

Noticed that there is so much hatred and racism in life, and I'm part of it. Funny that I could go on preaching the world away about violence and such, and when it comes to me facing the same thing, everything else takes the back seat. Maybe we just hate some other race for the fun of it. I hate it when they look down at us, of the skin color, of everything. I would love to put these buggers pictures online and bloody name them, but hey, what can I do. But since I said I'm part of the circle too, let me leave you a clue: Indian Programmers + Arrogance + Caste + Religion + Skin Color. Go figure, told you it's been a stressing work trip.

Something of going to new places and meeting new people. Do you realize that when you're seriously out-numbered, you try hard to search for your 'people' and then when you find them you don't want to leave them. You admire their every move and stuff. They like you too. It's that feeling inside you, that you wont see them after this, that you found someone interesting and you know that their are doing good in their lives. Times are strange and good at the same time.

So what do being 27 feel like? I don't know...I'm 27, a graduate student, a scientist, an editor, no life, have my name in Wikipedia which is bloody good by any standards, haven't found love yet, loves traveling but have no time...being 27 is like eating sushi for the first time. It leaves you wondering how the heck people eat it. It does leave you wondering...

Monday, September 25

A Million Small Changes

Off to somewhere far for a project to change the future of the next generation. Imagine doing something for half a million students!!! Something that this country really needs, and something some people are ready to do.

Will be away for 1 week. I'm praying for Internet there, but no high hopes.

Thank you so much for the excellent comments on the previous post. Will reply all soon. And still, if you have a solution, I am there for you, lets charge ahead together.

Please do check out Jay's blog on Darfur:
Stand With Darfur

Love all, peace to the world.

Wednesday, September 20

A Million Lifeless Words

...came home late last night and switched on the automatically went to CNN...and the UN general assembly was in session, airing live. Switched to BBC, Bloomberg and a dozen other channels before settling back to BBC. The was a military coup in Thailand. The American President was delivering his speech at the UN. Apart from the usual 'Trust in God we will' and trashtalking other countries, Prez Bush continued to give advice to the people of a half a dozen nations. Something funny, the most powerful man, with the worst foreign policy ever in human history advising other sovereign countries to behave. The Thai Prime Minister had declared a state of emergency a few hours back. Bush moved on from Iraq to Iran to Lebanon to Israel and Palestine, then Syria and finally Darfur. Democracy to the world. CNN shows images of tanks and military vehicles on the roads of Bangkok. Tourist and locals taking pictures. Local telly shows not more than 30 seconds of the news of the coup. A dozen channels on the satellite TV airing games shows of all kind. Soccer on ESPN. Bush ends his speech. Morning about 7 or 8 (cant remember) the Iranian president gave his speech at the UN. Blasted the American call for moderation....came to work...wish there was more than 24 hours in a day...

So what is happening to this world? More than any crisis, any war, any famine, the biggest tragedy of all would be that there is no time for us to care. Darfur, in Sudan. About 10000 people die there everyday. Out of famine. Because of Civil war. Another unending story. America sent emergency fuel to the Israel army when it retaliated against the Hezbollah. America could not do anything to stop the genocide in Darfur. America stands behind Israel in everything. America could not answer the call for help from Africa. America sells weapons to African military Junta's. All America can do is engage in information warfare, mass brainwash targeting Iran, North Korea and Syria. The evil axis. Do we care?

Increasing oil prices, famine, AIDS, cancer, uncertain world politics, economic genocide, human genocide, weapons trafficking, suicide, school shootings, 9-11, terrorists, education, natural disasters...Do we care? Or are we all just tired? This time I cant think of any solution. Can you?

[-] Been extremely busy, will be till the end of September. I apologize in advance for not coming to your blogs. Love all.

Saturday, September 16

The Nuremberg Codes

(and saturday blueberry cakes)

Saturdays turned into another zombie fest. Its not enough that I switch off my brain Monday to Friday, but Saturday too...Saturdays I'm sold to the devil. Sometimes I imagine of the Nazi human experiments during world war two. Some flashes of gory mangled human bodies, I imagine, sometimes on the way to work, while watching movies, while eating my customary Saturday blueberry cakes. Some other times I wish I was there to shoot and kill those Nazi bastards who did all this. So after the mass murder, mass euphoria, mass protest and mass trials, came the Nuremberg Code which sets a set of rules for human experimentation. Its an informative read, just follow the link. The rest is fiction.

So a few hundred thousands years after evolution, humans decided to accelerate evolution and experiment on their counterparts. Part of the legalized experiments, in the doctors fraternity was to pluck the eyes off some lonesome tourist on a backpacking trip around the world. It was a cruel day, a sad day, it was a beautiful day for the tourist, who saw the sky slightly dark grey and the autumn leaves falling swiftly following the ballads of the breeze. Then after a few photographs, a sketch and a few pages of travel scribble, the decided to munch on a piece of turkey sandwich. A sudden flash, some smokes, he passed out. He woke up in a room, lit by a dirt, dusty yellow bulb. He was tied to a bed. He struggled to move his head, and the moment he turned his head to the left he saw a metal tray lined with extra polished weapons of mass dissection. Okay, that's cruel, it was surgery tools. He cried. He was told about these kidnappers before he left. He cried, and passed out.

He was in his twenties, supposed to be doing something with his life. But he loved to photograph stuff. The lights, colors, the shades of the evening was beautiful. Once he snapped a pink orange sunset and managed to sell the photo for 5 grand's. He applied for a passport and the next week he was on a flight to some European country. The castles on the hills and mountains after mountains covered with majestic pine trees. He stood there all evening, many evenings just writing stuff, capturing photo's. He befriended some estate gardeners and managed to stay for free at huge estates, in those abandoned castles. Something from the colonial age relic, like some old movie where they fight for women. Romantic, but he was lonely. And then came the rains, torrential, then drizzles and then fog, thick at some places, and thin orange colored at some distances. It was heaven. Extraordinary, how could this ever be natural. But now it was all gone.

He woke up and saw a few masked faces starring at him. They said something in German. And then there was sharp sting on his arms, slowly his eyes blurred, like water washing down mirrors, many mirrors he witnessed from his warm castle room, then fogs and then darkness. It was ages, if not eternity. One day, he woke up, it was a room with a bed and table, and a small window. Something is amiss, his eyes still blurred. He was supposed to be in a castle, in a 15th century medieval castle, but all around him where equipments of many kinds. Then the sharp pain, something tugging his eyeballs. Fear seeped deep into his stomach, then spread all over him. Could it be, that his eyes were taken out. But how could he see then? He walked slowly around the room, then to the table. There was a mirror on the table. He picked it up, and reluctantly brought it infront of his face. To his ultimate horror, one of his eye sockets were empty. Just a round, empty hole, like some golf hole. He fainted.

Years went past, days grew older, castles degraded. Mountains made way to homes, then camps, then war fields, and finally wastelands. The nuclear winter and radioactive fog decimated many countries. Trees died, seas polluted, frozen rotten corps all around. Machina woke him up one morning. He got down from bed and tapped the computer on his left. Machina read the news headlines, then the weather report and then finally made coffee. It was a funny combination, but he grew beyond it. It was Saturday. He bathed, picked up his stuff, packed his backpack, inserted Machina's cpu into his watch and then walked to the Maglev station. He drank the coffee, but not all of it. He wanted to stay hungry for the blueberry cake. The cafeteria is open all day, even when the university turns into a ghost city at the end of the weeks. Most of the students will either be on out of town trips, or with the Doctors Sans Frontiers, searching the countryside and lake estates for the sick. The legacies of the meltdown. The nuclear war.

The blue berry cake was excellent. Something funny, his glass eyes will twitch everytime he eats the cake. Every Saturday. He was lucky to get his eye treated. But he lost it forever, and the corporation gave him a new one. A glass eyes, able to zoom far and deep, but he never turned it on. He would only enable the normal vision lenses. Machina was well programmed with his preferences. After the cake, he walked into the woods, reminiscent of his traveling days. The fog, the pine, and then he comes to a log house. It looked ordinary, smoke coming out of its stack, yellow light on the windows. Radiation shielding all around. He walked in, and then proceeded to the laboratory elevator at the back. The red orange and green buttons took him twenty stories below ground. He greeted the professor and walked to his science station. He docked his watch to the work station and Machina came online to sort out the days schedule. Today, he will look into the Hubble deep field survey photo's.

I got his mail today. The office is cold, I am stuck here since last night. Wanted to go home, but then the rain flooded the streets. All this hours I was reading his reports, his time jump stories, his journeys and results. These are tough times. The manifolds are mysterious, but again easily accessible. That means we need to keep all evil elements out. The military, the armies, they would wage wars on shadows. The professors research was safe for individual jumps. It was the voyages, the new worlds that intrigued me. The same people, alternate histories, alternate worlds. Still we are not invincible. The best thing about time travel is that we get to decipher codes. The lost codes, the earth mysteries. Various alternative history, gives many data. Data's gathered and processed by the professor. Then we established the Mars Life theory, the evolution of humans, solved crimes, predicted weather.

The transistor was playing all day, an ambiance setting, the setting sun, the rain, the deep night, sunrise, then the foggy morning. Rob Costlow's piano ensemble was magical. Almost seeping into the music of the soul. She came in a few minutes after that. And I packed my stuff and we went home. It was still raining till the evening. The day was perfect, wish it would last forever. Still the intermittent images of violent experiments flashes in my head. She drove the car, played some song, didn't say a word. Then she asked me something, her voice not breaking the imagery, it was not chaotic, but blended nicely with the day. I took her hand and kissed it, held it and looked at the rainy day. Reached home an hour later, the day was getting old, the young night releasing its pawns, the stars.

I sat in front on the fireplace, the burning wood, looked like simulated animation, probably the cold climate restricting its particle movements. My mailbox revealed messages from the professor and a solitary mail from Machina. Its been weeks since she mailed me. I knew he found something. She placed a plate of blueberry cake beside the laptop. The message was amazing. I knew this would be true. I plucked my fingers into the cake, she starred at me. I smiled, laughed, it was great news. They discovered the multiverse. I scribbled a few words on the soft screen and ended it with "Thank you, Gp". The reply came in a few minutes. She rested her head on me, her silky dark hair, her warmth. I looked out of the window, the fog enveloped most of the mountain. The tallest pines and redwood guiding them, fabricating a strange symphony. I read the message...'see you soon buddy, yours truly' and signed of with ' As always...Ghost'. And the day sailed by, into the majestic, mysterious, gallant night.

[-] Another time travel short story. Hope you like it. Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, September 14

Star Sailors and Nomads

tapering, waning light rays
encircle the poles
mighty and majestic
aurora blue and green
snapping molecules
faint infant sounds
of baby particles born

eccentric sailors
on ageless boats
with solar sails
to the edge of the universe
with dying memories
and wasting souls
to meet

the earth
remembered them
for centuries
fate of time travellers
and nomads
written in fables
read by future children
escaping destiny
under star trails
in northern deserts
on distant planets

[-] Describes how the writers mind can travel to the edges of existence, to conjure up great stories to satisfy wanting souls. A tribute to all science fiction writers everywhere.
[-] Pluto 2 wont be online just yet, so busy these days, wait a while dear friends.

Gp's Back Pain Thursday

[should not be mistaken with ass-pain or pain in the ass]

I'm under medication, heavy doses of some drug that claims to heal back pain, and will work for 6 hours non-stop. After which, the pain comes back.

I am in office, it's lunch hour and I'm on a self imposed diet coz I weight 92 kg's now.

I have loads of work that needs to be done today, but I managed to successfully surf the net for 5 hours straight.

My contract is extended for 3 months, but I dont want to work here anymore.

I cant wake up at 6 am every day anymore. I dont want to wake up at 6 am everyday anymore.

There's so many creative cool people out there, and they make me feel like I'm a slime mould on some rock somewhere in Guyana.

My India trip looks so unrealistic now because I dont have enough cash, havent finished my thesis and my clan thinks I'm joking.

I feel like wacking every couple I see walking around/ hugging and/ or kissing at the mall during the weekends.

I wish I had time to read all the blogs and comment to bloggers who leave comments here but there aren't enough time!

I wish I dont have to think about tommorow and I wish I forget about yesterday.

I am the proud owner of SeaQuest DSV season 1 dvd pack. Pirated that is.

I want to know what happened to the kitten I tried to kill when I was 5.

I wish people blogging would be less dramatic, less self concious, less wannabe, less yuppie, less hippie, less flashy, less fanatic, less...wait...why am I talking of myself...

Everyday, on the road, I see people fighting, shouting, in love, tired, happy, sad, wasted, drunk, wet, sweating, eating, dying. I wish I could see something new the next time.

I feel so sleepy, the drug is kicking-in, slept a total of 8 hours in the past 2 days, but I can't sleep coz I'm in the office! Fuck!
[-] The second Pluto, The Last Stand story will appear tonight. Wish I had more people reading the first one. Feel so sad the effort goes unnoticed to the masses. Thanx to everyone who left comments, and all my blogger friends will have roles in the series. Cheers guys.

Monday, September 11

Pluto, The Last Stand ( Year 1)

Houston, we’re proceeding to close the hatch. Shuttle Commander confirms the hatch is sealed. Over.
Verify hatch close, hatch seal. Phoenix sealed. Crew proceed to evacuate launch area. Over
All systems go in t-minus 70 minutes, skies clear Houston.
Skies clear, Fred. Sail bright. Mission Control in standby, t-minus 69 minutes.
Thanks Ben. See you in the future.

That’s Fred’s famous words. Space scientist, shuttle commander, poet and progressive rocker from Sintra. The world’s best shuttle pilot on a routine mission to the Titan Base. The year is 2032. The drama is a month away. We would never know what hit us.

Somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean (week one)

Half a way across the globe, Mark and GP are busy punching numbers into the soft screen. The holo-map is constantly flickering and the crackle of charged particles drowns Lennon in the background. The decades old I-Pod still works like a charm, especially after Peters major ‘operation’ on it a year ago, changing its fuel cells with a cyanobacteria cell.

Mark’s been working for two days straight, coffee stains on his 49ers jersey forming complex patterns, his eyes reflecting the orange scrolling numbers on the soft screen. Ghost removed the data cubes every four hours. The amount of data from the Titan observatory and Pluto station maxes out the trillion-terabyte cubes all day long. The next shipment is a week away and they need to clear out the used cubes soon. Data must be processed faster than ever. Something strange is brewing across space and the observatories are buzzing non-stop.

Pluto Station

A robot spacecraft launched in the year 2015 carried science stations to be placed on the outer planets and the Jovian moons. The Pluto station is the biggest and had the most sensitive astronomy instruments ever build. It could peer to the edges of the universe. The station itself has been a major asset to the astronomy fraternity since the discovery of multi-verses right at the edge of the universe after the 2010 upgrade of Hubble and also the launch of major space telescopes by the Indian and Japanese space institutes. The prospects of peering into universes other that ours geared up scientists around the world to rush into various scientific experiments. Astronomy and astrophysics winners, mostly from Asia and Africa, dominated the Nobel Prize in physics for the past decade. America never recovered from the Bush Empire’s warmongering spending and her economy was crippled beyond salvation. NASA was sold to the consortium of scientists, the CosmicCode Institute (CCI). It guaranteed a healthy flow of money from the Ghost Particle Project Consortia, a major Internet Service and Music business entity operating across all human settlement in the solar system and the proud owners of the CosmicCode Institute.

More than a thousand space missions were launched since NASA was rebuild and rejuvenated with fresh resources and fresh minds. The science stations and observatories were the legacy of the second golden age of space faring by the Sapiens. In the next few decades, NASA was eyeing for the first interstellar flight. God Speed.

Alpha Point 5. (week 2)

Keshi was meditating in the zero-G chamber in one of the outer pods of the Alpha Point 5 (AP-5) station. The soft screen came alive with a face she dreaded most. It was general Markovski, the military minded, war era director of the Space Military Consortia (SMC). A small fee to pay for science, Keshi, a brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize winner from the CosmicCode Academy of Australia was a researcher in deep space communication technologies and a freelancer in the Quark Bomb project. All her life, she wanted to be in space, and now she’s living her dreams, and in exchange for the trillion dollars the SMC poured into her research, she will assist in the space testing of Quark bombs. Every month they blow up a minor planet in the Asteroid Belt. And all for the sake of protecting the earth from Aliens that never came, and asteroids that never hit earth.

AP-5 is also the relay station for the Titan Base and Pluto Station. They’ve been directing some heave traffic to the CosmicCode Institute (CCI) Academy in the South Pacific for almost a month now. The quantum crypted data revealed nothing to her, but the patterns suggest something chaotic disturbing the sensors in Pluto Station. The minor stations in the Kuiper belt objects and Oort cloud a few light years after Pluto haven’t transmitted their data yet. Due to the distance, the data packets will only arrive at the end of the year.

Nayan is a military pilot and best buddy of GP. They raised hell in the low earth orbit space jet academy. Racing their jets across space, and time, blinding every radar screen from China to Pentagon. He is also the CCI spy and gathers military information directly to CCI’s base in the South Pacific Islands. This is to ensure nothing gets out of control at AP-5, to ensure Markovski never let his imagination roam. He is to receive Fred for refuelling before the flight to Titan Base. And pass on some data cubes for a secret experiment that Fred has to pass to the clandestine command centre and observatory in the frozen planes of Charon, Pluto’s moon. Yes, the secret CCI base, Base Trinity. Vijay, Nachi, Pavlov and the Krycheck Brothers man Base Trinity. The Charon base is set up to monitor interstellar communications and radio signals from the thousands of exoplanets detected since the 90’s.

CCI, South Pacific (week 4)

The stars form a romantic arc over the barren sky. Far away, Mars appear as a red dot in the ocean of the night, and nearby, a few metres away from the bonfire, the Pacific Ocean caressed the sands of the island in lazy waves. The days on the island passes on idyllically, almost in Hemingway speed, the salvos of nature non-existent, the enigmatic minds gathered around gazes deep into space for solutions. Mark walked towards them, a printout tablet in one hand, and a can of Bud on the other. His lazy strides hides emotions far deeper than imaginable. GP and Peter look away from him into the darkness of the winds. The other academy members are scattered around bonfires along the beach, deep in discussion over the days work. The freethinker’s heaven amid the evolutions of the universe.

Mark sat beside GP and handed him the printout. Peter locked into the Orion Nebula he’s been tracing with his I-Pod radio signal hack. The rainbow colours of the nebula displayed vividly on screen and he transmitted the coordinates to other users on the beach and the small islands around them. GP patiently read the calculations, all 5 pages of it. His heart sunk, forming a void, a black hole inside him. Peter managed to catch the tablet before it fell out of GP’s grip.

Its here buddy, its finally here.
Oh my God…
What are you two talking about! Come one guys, the past week has been harrowing already…
Shit! Its here man…the bloody fuck is here!
Calm down Mark, I’m lost here… GP, what’s happening man!
The Planet Killer…

Titan Base ( week 5)

Fred and Nayan equipped their Solar Liner; the inner solar system manned space ship, Horizon for a final push to the CCI base at Charon. And before that, they much cloak their transits, and emit a false signal to Earth Command via AP-5. The Phoenix crew shuttle will be on autopilot back to AP-5. Keshi will do the rest in registering the liner at the Mars Science Dockyards and planting a mirror call sign for Fred to one of the Class Solar Liner freighters parked there. Fred received the crypto-message from CCI South Pacific a week back. They were never ready for this. And now they must save Earth, and most importantly the Sapien species from extinction.
Neo-Kali, that’s the name Vijay etched on the crypto-message he sent back to CCI. A planet destroyer, dark, smooth like a glass marble, no radiation, no signals, nothing except the bending of space itself. The 8000 miles wide monster is a silent weapon, natural, or maybe from an enemy unknown. In 6 years, earth will meet its doom. CCI’s message to Charon took half a day to arrive, the vastness of space lend no hand to safeguard the Sapiens, and now they face a goliath task in stopping this threat. As the countdown begins, Charon command and AP-5 races to secure all observation of Neo-Kali. Worldwide panic could cripple earth and other colonies. CCI meanwhile is preparing for war. A space war.
AP-5 (month 11)

Keshi, calling CCI over. Dammit GP, answer me!
…calling CCI, this is an emergency! Over!
Mark here, shoot away Keshi, how’s the trajectory measurements going?
We have something more serious Mark, there’s another one…
Oh bloody hell! What…but how! We scanned the system!
How big it is?!
This one’s a mile wide. And it’s heading straight to the moon!
The moon! What’s the ETA?!
2 weeks…and Mark…this ones mercury!

Mark knew what that meant; it’s a radioactive asteroid. Planet fragments to be precise from an exotic planetary evolution trait that forms planets with a high percentage of radioactive elements in their mantles and core. Such planets will blow up on their own under intense chain reaction induced by their parent Star and scatter all over the galaxy. A few of these have been detected by the Pluto station as relics, just floating in the Oort cloud, but never one that’s on any orbital trajectory.

Mark, this seems strange, but it’s like someone’s pushing it our way.
I know Keshi, it’s the same with Neo-Kali. One have to wonder how this monster can manoeuvre pass the Jovian planets to get to earth. Their gravity is more than enough to nudge them away, but something seems to be guiding them.
Could it be equipped with some rocket engine…?
That’s a possibility. A civilization much older than ours could have, theoretically, learned to exploit their entire solar systems resources for imminent expansion. More than a rocket engine, I think there could be anti-gravity thrusters planted into these stones.
What now? Our full resources are focused onto Neo-Kali.
I can think of something, but you need to do the dirty work.
Say it Mark, I’ve been holed up here for ages now, need some spicing up to do. We are going to die soon, so nothing matters.
Good. Keshi, the quark bombs, do you have access…?

Keshi hacked into the quantum crypted SMC mainframe and made herself a backdoor into the system. If anything can stop this asteroid, it’s going to be this bombs. Never before she felt happier for existence of doomsday weapons, never before, especially when she had to save a world.

What on hells name are you doing Keshi! I order you to return command of the detonator satellites right now!
It’s for the good general. We have to blow that asteroid now, or face the destruction of the moon base.
Every expansion, every step into the future we must be ready of the inevitable Keshi. The destruction of the moon base would mean nothing to us. Our enemy is out there…
Shut up your bastard! There is no miracle warmonger from Neptune coming to attack you. The real threat is you yourself. And this time, you wont stop me.

The asteroid edges closer to the moon, its movement majestic, slowly floating, with veils of gas shrouding the core, giving it a greenish blue glow. Moon base could not be evacuated in time. Most of the liners are in the repair dockyards and the only liner available is back on earth orbit, waiting for provisions and crew. The alert gave them some time to hole deep into the caverns and chambers that the moon settlers dug all this years. But it wont be enough to contain the fallout. Much worst would be if the asteroid interrupts the orbit of the moon. Unlikely, but there is a remote possibility.

Meanwhile, Keshi along with other AP-5 scientists have taken over a mining ship from the Mars Dockyard and equipped it with all available quark bombs from SMC command. Their trajectory will take them on a side impact approach where the bombs will be detonated once the ship crashes onto the asteroid. If the plan works, the asteroid will be pulverized. Humans wait for tomorrow.

To be continued…Pluto, The Last Stand (Year 2)
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Information Warfare!

From the darkest corners of the universe, comes a website, bigger, bolder and electrifying.
Elektromind. Promoting A Better Future, With Information Warfare!
[-] Anyone who wants to be a part of this webservice, we need developers, freelancers and article writers proficient in everything about computers and electronics. Drop us an email at [ ]. We are going online fully on January 1st, 2007. Trial site will be up on October 1st the earliest.

Anti-Pasta, Sienna Brown, Shoe-Face and A Derby Lost

(How the weekend Kicked My Ass)

What could I say, I was bullish when Saturday started, but by the time I woke up in the morning just now getting ready for work, I was pooped, squished out of energy, and life. Just like the 2 second idea's that pop-up out of nowhere, my enthusiasm with life lasts no more than 30 minutes at any one time. It was so bad, that I stagnated for two straight days, on bed watching TV, with a bad bad back pain and laziness. And the pasta sucked.


I've been trying to cook pasta for the past 4 years. And I learned nothing. Tried many recipes, many ready made pasta and nothing comes close to the real deal. It doesn't even come close to the pseudo pasta that they serve in the I-talian restaurants here. I think my fascination with pasta is more towards its look rather than it's taste. I've been eating pasta 'professionally' for quite a number of years but I realized now I've never finished a pasta meal. And together with that I chow down those stuff with a generous amount of chili sauce or mayonnaise. That in the cooking world is the biggest insult anyone can afford to exotic European cuisine. Maybe I'm a rice and curry guy, even if I don't admit it. Maybe I am destined to eat carb laden rice till I die. Maybe I a curry-Ghost. Damn!

Everytime I try to cook pasta, or anything for that matter, I somehow manage to cook a meal for 10 to 20 person. Something must be done about the portions, I just don't know how to measure stuff, being bad in math and worse, extremely unorganized. So in the end, it'll be like a mixture of pasta, potatoes, onion, garlic, asparagus, cheese, olive's, ginger, chicken, tomato, capsicum, half cooked, bland and well, turn it into anti-pasta which even a horse wouldn't eat. And to make matters worse, I'll eat it anyway and fall sick for a few days. I just yearn for that one day I can make a cool, nice, beautiful pasta, with a great sauce and have a candle light dinner all by myself (with) some red wine. What dreams may come...

Sienna Brown

Read the horoscope and found out my lucky color this week is Sienna Brown. Are they using supercomputers to come out with horoscopes now? I mean, Sienna Brown, wtf! What happened to yellow, brown and green? Red or white? And how come my lucky day of the week is Saturday! What will happen for the rest of the week? And the Saturday turned out to be hell! I think I spent more money shopping for ingredients than what would have cost a nice meal in a good Spanish restaurant. I'm seriously supermarket challenged! And Tesco, who ever said tesco was cheap, tesco is freakin expensive! For starters, my brain stopped working once I entered the brightly lit aisles. I think they have some brain controlling mechanism out installed there. I bought 2 kilo's of washed Australian potato, Tesco olive oil in brine, Parmesan cheese, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, uncle Toby candy bars, cereals, olive oil, ... Something even an Italian chef would not buy! 2 kilo of washed potatoes! MY shopping bill came to 150 bucks! The extra virgin olive oil cost 20 bucks! Why, why, why....! I need serious counseling before I spend more money on things like this. If ever my mom finds out, I'm dead! And the moral of the story is, you cant eat a whole roasted pepper chicken all by yourself, and too much apple juice will give you nightmares. And, Sienna Brown is not a good color!


A great great news for the motorsporting world. Schumacher a.k.a Shoe-Face is quitting! The day he announced it, the moment is the happiest 30 minutes in my life so far. World champion my foot. He is the Mafia of motorsports. Everytime I see him or Jean Toad (todt) cry, I feel like kicking them. Together with Ferrari, they formed the terrorist organization of motorsport. Using all sort of illegal tactics they ruled the F1 for years now. All these years of haggling the racing body, single handedly controlling the races to their favor, illegal modification that went 'unnoticed', all came to an end yesterday. Shoe-face will quit at the end of the season.

Schumacher, compared to the great Aryten Senna, Juan Fangio, my favorite;Mika Hakkinen and even Nigel Mansel, is the worst sportsmen in terms of PR. He fakes interviews, he shuts off the eager fans and commands powers like some power hungry Nazi. In the circuit itself, his many years as a driver is tainted by mistakes, illegal maneuvers and acts of anger targeted at other drivers. He commanded more than he deserves and he deserved to be kicked out long before if not for the special connection between Ferrari and FIA. Hopefully the future of F1 will be vindicated once he moves away from this high bucks sports where spectators is declining and new fans are hard to come by. Watching nearly 16 years of F1 races in TV, the only thorn in this wonderful experience all this years would be Schumacher. And I feel bad too, for Kimi Raikonen who will be entangled in the Mafiosi team. All the best Kimi, you just sealed your destiny.

Schumacher is a good racer, one of the best in the new bread of racers, but he lived past his age and place. He terminally destroyed his name in this sporting arena. He will leave the sporting world as the highest paid sportsman ever. Here is his best and worst;[SportingLife].

A Derby Lost

Any Liverpool fan will say that the Derby match between Everton and Liverpool is among the most awaited dates in league football. Anywhere in the world, there is a few special moments in soccer that excites us Reds more that our Derby matches. Liverpool lost this season's first Merseyside Derby. Sometimes its hard to figure what team bosses chalk up before the game. The kind of teams they build for specific games. I think Rafa tinkered more than he should in this game. And I have to admire David Moyes who worked his team in the right direction. My consensus would be, to drop Pepe Reina, the goal keeper and give someone else a chance. It's painful to watch the team lose to lesser opponents. Some of the days I wish I never liked football. But how do you erase 20 years of knowing and loving Liverpool FC?! That sums up a bad weekend!

Pluto, The Last Stand

...will appear either tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great day ahead. Did I tell you Monday sucks!!!

Saturday, September 9

KickAss Weekend!

...its raining over here, and I'm writing a cool disaster story for the Romancing Pluto Series, and try to cook some edible pasta at the same time. Just hope everything goes well. Any suggestions for a SF movie that I could watch this weekend? That would definitely complete this kickass weekend!

Wait for Pluto, The Last Stand coming to a blog near you this Monday! (or Tuesday :p)

Wednesday, September 6

Embun Purana

[Language Theories, A Journey]
Embun Purana

kisah cinta,
di pagi hari,
di bawah pohon redang,
sambil melihat,
tasik jernih mempesona,

nun jauh di hujung bumi,
laungan angin merisik khabar,
tangan ku dan tangan mu,

dibelakangi belantara misteri,
embun menyelubungi dedaun,
khabaran burung yang gembira,
sinaran sang purana,
seorang pencerita bernama,
[*] And In English.
The Dew's Story

a love story,
on a morning day,
under a majestic tree,
while witnessing,
a bewitching lake,

at the far end of earth,
the voices of winds,
my hand and yours,

beside a mysterious jungle
dew enveloping leaves,
the stories of eager birds,
the storytellers rays,
a storyteller by the name of,
the heart,
[+] Another Malay poem (with not a very good translation) after Angin Malam (Night Wind). Essentially, exploring love amid nature. The essence of purity which is nature intertwined with love somewhat lost in time and age. Wrote under the intoxicating charm of the timeless Malay poetry of poet A. Samad Said.

[-] This will be my language theories collection. Language transcends barriers, race, religion and even culture. More than anything, languages are the epitome of evolution. Our ability to communicate information which stands as the single most important trait in the universal context.

Tuesday, September 5

Like Yesterday, and Forever

Man is a creature whose substance is faith. What his faith is, he is.
- Bhagavad Gita
...didn't we say it's fragile. Like the sands of time, the liquid dreams, the flare of the sun, the ceaseless gravity. Mere evolutions on a grand scale, but didn't we teach it's fragility. Yet, there is hope and there are people who carry this hope. Like the forever torch, on the endless night, along the endless oceans, under the endless stars, during an endless life...

Rest in Peace Mate.

Always remembered.

And to others.

Hope. Endless.

Monday, September 4

Truth and Reality

that when truth
cannot defy reality
then we humans,
are defiant,
reality and truth,
is one,
and there is no truth
in us.
Had this thought of how the religious view of the universe is different from scientific notations. Its true, in the simplest sense that what we see in reality, as reality, is true, so it must be the truth. We don't, after seeing a person, say the person is not there. So there is a reality when there is a person, and then it is true. When we tell someone this, whether they believe it or not, the truth is there is a person (in the reality) that we are telling them. What we see around us is real, its true. What we don't see might be real, it is true if another person sees it and tells us that there is something there. That is existence.

If we look at the religious stand-point, or the quasi-religious thinking, they say that reality is what we perceive as, so if the person is not there and we say, that we saw a person, we expect others to believe it because reality is what we perceive, free from connection to the world. We created a reality that is false. So without any evidence we say that the person exists because we say so, and the other person imagines the same and agrees. In reality the person doesn't exists. This means the bulk of our belief creates the universe not the physical reality that the universe exists independent of what we believe.

So, where does this concept of human reality come from and where it is heading. What can we say to an astronomer who peers into the deep space telescope and sees a supernova remnant. It is there so we see it, it will still be there if we don't see it, hence our task is to discover it. It is the process of discovery.

What does a sage in a cave know about reality if all the quasi-religious teachings tell us to look inside to discover reality? That we created ourselves because we believe we exist? Where do we come from if not that we are just a part of the cosmos itself. The answer to what created the universe lies beyond our comprehension, to what created reality is also beyond our understanding. What we know, is what we have learned thus far, that the physical universe is created by the mechanics of physics. The workings of the cosmos can be explained by physics alone, the physical forces that converges and diverges to ascertain the dynamics of reality. That is to say that, each power and force, each action together with its reaction determines that the universe evolves.

What is beyond the universe? What is beyond time? Try to think of it for a moment, the universe being a huge space filled with matter and galaxies and stars and planets. And beyond the thought of the universe, we can't ever think of anything. This is the reality. The reality says that beyond our comprehesion, beyond our Research and Observation, there exist unknown realities, which, the key word is, EXIST beyond our influence. The quantum theory, in justifying Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle also says the same. While the nature of the atoms and its sub-atomic particles change when we make physical pertubations, i.e. observe the inner workings, the reality is that these particles already exists. We cant ever say it doesn't, just that we don't see it.

And finally, answer me this, what is perceived reality which so many religious understanding justifies versus reality itself, since we have hard cold evidence that reality is as it is, beyond our minds influence and beyond our rules, but within our existence.

[-] To be continued...

The Nomad's Checklist: A Semi Charmed Kind of Life

Hope all this happens;

[1] Quit current job. Get a better job, or start own company.

[2] Become a writer, publish a book.

[3] Get a DSLR (Canon or Nikon). (DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera - or commonly known as a souped up digital camera).

[4] Get them buggers to reclassify Pluto as a planet.

[5] Get a girlfriend.

[6] Get a car.

[7] Get my own apartment.

[8] (continued from [3]) ...and go backpacking in India.

[9] Come early/ on time to work (till I quit work that is).

[10] Stop thinking of sex all too often.

[11] Learn digital design, ad-making, become a graphic artist.

[12] Make a movie.

[13] Write a script/ story for a movie, then make a movie. (sigh)

[14] Ban Starbucks and all those expensive coffee outlets around the world.

[15] Kill all politicians. (trust me, there are no good ones) Or stop reading newspapers and/ or watching the news.

[16] Finish my thesis. (this is the 3rd year in a row that I am 'asking' myself to do this)

[17] Get myself a private island.

[18] Stop daydreaming.

[19] Use less internet at work, and finish my job(s).

[20] Wake me up when September Ends. :-)

Friday, September 1

The Makings of a Nomad

Celebrated the Independence day with a couple of Tigers and a game of snooker. Probably the first time I did not see any fireworks in ages, on TV or 'live'. Heck, I did not even fly the flag, or shout out 'Merdeka' (which means 'Independence' or "Yay its holiday!" in today's language). So the highs and lows of existence got diluted in the strange yellow liquid which is starting to taste less bitter along the years. So why Tiger now? Well Heineken is the best beer in the world, so its for special occasions, Carlsberg sponsors Liverpool, so its for the soccer matches during weekends and that leaves Tiger beer (from our Kiasu neighbor's up south, Singapore) which is enjoyed by *gasp* Jessica Alba! The babe of the babes!. So Tiger for a while...and did I tell you I love Thundercats...? (do read on, it gets better...thanx)

Took 12 hungry, blood thirsty, take no prisoners, cannibalistic, programmers to the Kamal movie yesterday. The best thing about the movie came 5 minutes before the end when Kamal found out that the psycho, Hannibal Lecter wannabe killers are homosexual. It was a stupid boring movie. But some part of my brain doesn't recognize impartiality and good movies anymore, so I think ill watch it again in a few days. Nothing like watching a 40+ year old police man whose facial expression show he's having a lot of IBM trouble going after the 'fucked-up' psycho killers who are doctors (sigh). And cool rape scene's. Just pray the real psychos outside there doesn't follow it, or hell Gautam is going to get censored. I thought movies should teach society to behave, not the other way around. Fuck you all film makers. If you continue going the commercial trash way, I'm going to stick to my indie movies. Buggers, wasted 3 hours that I wont ever get back. Have to rethink that deal I made with Death again. Oh yeh, another pleasant point during the movie, one of the programmer dude shouted my name (heard by everyone) from two rows in front and raised his pinky. He needs to go to the loo. I lost my brains. I hope to return the favor when I get to India soon. :-O :-p

I was planning to call my grandma and ask how it was in 1957 when the country celebrated freedom from the 'evil' clutches of England. Can someone tell me how Hong Kong looks right now. But didn't make the call, so I will write fiction in this para of my grandma's recollection . "Back in 1957, the people were much more friendly because everyone lived for a common cause. The country was new, was bold and strong. After all this is the land of the tigers. I saw a few in the rubber plantations before. I cant remember how the 31st August was then, but your grandpa told us that everyone has that extra soul in them that day. They celebrated with joy around the country. I heard something on the transistor box that day. But I knew this will come. Back in Takanak Camp in Thailand, the Japanese officer told us that Malaya will be independent soon. He offered to take us to Japan, but your great grandpa did not want to go anywhere. He wants to return to Malaya, the country which was our home. We manage to finish the bridge before the Japanese lost the war and they transported us back to Malaya. This is our country, you live a good life, be a good person." That was the start of the fall of reasoning. There are a few things that I remember my grandpa told me before he passed away that's forever etched in my minds. He said to me "don't steal, pay back any money you borrow from the government, study hard and don't lie". A strange ideology, that was before I went to university and learned to be mature. Its true, money is the ultimate evil, trust comes from speaking the truth and being true and education is the vehicle of transcendence. Few more memories for myself.

Back in the train, on my way home along with a few hundreds more, a Malaysian Drama was set to unfold. The air conditioning was not working. The girlfriend told the boyfriend she cant breath. She shouted slowly "I need oxygen, it smells here. Sweat!. Oxygen". I suppose that would be the start of a long interesting drama. But the boyfriend answered back "Thats the Smell of the World". (Bau Dunia in Malay). Full stop. End of story. That my friends was and is the greatest understanding of philosophy by a middle class chap with two bags of packed rice and a backpack standing on the train like the rest of the nomads. His slang tells he's from East Malaysia. I found many times, these out of towners, are much more wise than the city people. The train stopped somewhere along the way, a small station. I expected no one to get in, but its holiday alas, hence a few dozens more squeezed in. And certainly no one gave way to the people exiting. A mother came in with her two young kids. No one gave her seats. We can say that no one saw her and the kids in a packed commuter. The nearest seat to her was aptly the 'pregnant, disabled, patient, children gazetted seat' which was taken by am able man. The Indonesian guy did not budge an inch and was enjoying the cuteness of the kids. He got down at another stop 15 minutes away. The mother sat down and all the girls around the was admiring them. One of them fanned the kids who are visibly restless by the hot climate, with a magazine. I was already imagining how my packed pasta dinner (from Carrefour) would taste. Got home 30 minutes later. The cold pasta sucked. Should have gotten only one sauce, and left the French pasta sauce out. It was 11 pm, and thank God I missed all the national day shows on TV. Slept at 11.30 after telling off nicely (shouted) to my housemate that he cant watch that stupid Vijayakanth movie.

Read the mails this morning, thought there would be hundreds of comments from blogger because of my Merdeka post below and the blog day initiative. Well, this is the second year and I think not even 10% of the bloggers know there is a freakin blog day. Got a nice comment from Lucas (from Luton). Finally understood what a left/ right government ideology thing he was telling me the other day meant. No race politics in Malaysia. Hell would freeze over and Pamela Anderson would become the President of USA way before any basket here would even talk of getting race and religion out of the government. Probably the 'Separation of State from Church' would let the politicians do a Yahoo! search on Charlotte Church rather than politics. Got a funny forward the other day of how the politicians here are the least educated compared to our better off neighbor. Could not agree more. Its an act of God I say. The people here are stupid to elect a stupid government. Go figure. So how do we separate the Church (and all other religious 'venues') from the Government? We cant. End of another story. So Lucas, we just pray for a better rebirth somewhere called Europe or America, okay chap?

Now, 49 years of Independence, grandparents who sacrificed their lives for this country, parents who toiled day and night and paid their taxes on time, and my fellow countryman who looks more Malay, Chinese, Indians and (Indonesian+Bangladeshi+Vietnamese) than ever before, why am I feeling lonely than ever? No man is an Island. I forgot who said that. Probably that Island had some bikini babes and coconut trees (and chest's full of gin :D). I feel separated from a bond, the bond of friends and the bond of the country. Why can't I claim this as my country? Well, for starters I don't have to claim, because the Country has trapped me long before. It gave birth to me. But my real gripe, my real whine is to the politicians who want to be ring leaders. Who wants to see the various races fight and kill each other. 49 years ago I would have went out and celebrated with my various friends from different cultures because they're are friends first, race second and religion third. They were Malaysians first, business man second, farmers third and poor last. But no, not today, because the world left us far behind, the various divides has carved canyons around us that we cant ever bridge. So that leaves to the younger generation, who are taught the wrong way at home, at schools and elsewhere. And that ends another chapter in building a country.

Probably the only consolation is that the future takes no prisoners as well. The earth would last, the star would, the atoms will be here longer than ever, longer than the human civilization but never the stone sarcophagus of dead Gods that we pray to. Best said, this is the age where Nomads are made. Nomads of the future are born today. Lets see the world tomorrow.

[-] Okay I forgot, today is my brother, Kamaleswaran's birthday. Happy Birthday Dude! I know you are waiting for the translations money, but dude, as always, I can only laugh. Muhahahahah...okay have a nice day, ride on! And please do the job I give you on time! And...I did not forget the sms you send me on my bday last year" Happy Bday, hope you will get a job this year". Okay I got the job, and I hate what?!
[-] A big thank you to all Yahoo! Small Business help technicians and Staff. They held solve my problem with the domain names and all. Should not have scolded them in my other post. Well, there is something for everything, and again sanity prevailed. To Franz, Georgia and Andre....Thanx guys!

[<--] Good people deserve more. I was working after my secondary schools exams one day 9 years ago. Came back about 1 at night and my mom was waiting for me watching the telly. She said Princess Diana died, and everyone is talking about it. One less star, a lasting legacy and a yearning generation.

Rest in Peace dear Princess.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny