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Universe. Human.

At the end of the day, its just me, the world and the universe.
I cant see further than that, nor can I see 'deeper' than that. There is you, and there are friends and there are day and night. Then there is the world with all its forests, jungles, seas and oceans, mountains and polar caps. And then further still there is the moon, the blue moon. And the planets, from mercury to far away pluto, and in the middle the sun. And near me still, there are parents, brothers, cousins, blood-brothers (friends), colleagues, and enemies. And around us there is love, hate, tears and separation. And in my mind is the great arts and culture of humanity. In me is science.
So is there a place for religion? Is there a place for anything else?
In the end, under the night sky, with far away lights flickering, far away in the sky nameless stars drifting, what else can we conjure, is there anything else? Could we possibly be together and still be alone, could we imagine something else that can surpass all we have, something for the better? Do we have the powers to shape something beyond our grasp and still be able to die for it? Something we dont see matters more than the universe?
Name me a Universe, where we are all Humans.

[-] Been extremely busy with everything, sorry if I don't drop by as regularly, promise to scavenge the synaptic wastelands (blogs) this weekend.
[update] By saying 'synaptic wastelands' I dont mean to say blogs are barren and waste, I meant to say that the blogs in my blogroll are pure mental geniuses and unique... (and yes that is a compliment).


Nirek said…
Hi GP,
how there bro?
whats ur inspiration for this post? lot of philosphy
Hey man...U know u reminded me of Robinson Cruso in the island.....Just like tht u reminded me of him...I like the word synaptic watelands, rather the words...hahah...Sure its a wasteland, atleast mine!
Keshi said…
Ghosty thi spost really struck a chord in the end it's just the Universe and true!

Jeevan said…
Than's True, we cant imagine above this.
tulipspeaks said…
a thought provoking one!

it certainly kept me thinking for a while..

Nahuatl said…
I tend to be different.... I knew it already :PPP
Ghost Particle said…
[satu] im on a philosophical rage...rethinking life and the universe bro!

[nahualt] yeh yeh...u r salsa king!

[ammu] thanx ammu! something that should be disected more.

[jeevan] yes, there is a psychological limit, or an inteligence limit to this.

[keshi] Yes, we are in many moment just one and only...amazing isnt it!

[scribz] true, RC worked his isolation in advantage for his survival, for sure it will be the same with us.
dumbdodi said…
Hi GP, how astronomical!!! Well written.

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