Saturday, August 12

Tea & Cake

Come, join in. Now the only thing I need is a house verandah overlooking a grass field with mountains at the horizon and blue sky all over...


V N said...

Am right there, beside u, hungrily ogling over that yunny cake that u have put up on display, and longing for a hot cup of tea, that I am gonna have one harrowing hour later, after I get out of this place!


GP, how could u????

Erythrocyte said...

Arrghh! me too. I'm STARVING. Why do I see chocolate cake everywhere when I'm starving? Is it just me, or is the universe involved in some sort of plot?

Mike's Drumbeats said...

Cake looks good! cheers!


tulipspeaks said...

i guess the cake is finished by now *sigghhh


Rose said...


Keshi said...

I guess Im late here :( do I still get some cake?


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] ur never too late...ull get it one day! :P

[rose] hiiii! welcome here. yes, it is yum!

[ammu] its here ammu, ill get u a new one...:P

[Mike} Mike! hey there bro...wazzup, how are you. Thanx !

[erythrocyte] hahaha it is a plot...and its a tasty plot :P. welcome. thanx.

[velu] sarr...hahaha...u will have the cake.,..hope you had it!


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