Monday, August 28

No Apologies!

[updated] ok...u kno wat...I should not have apologized...damn! I retract my apologies! Thanx Keshi. Actually I had nothing to post today, left me brain at home, so this is a filler post. And I still havent watched Kamal's movie! I feel so outdated...ill get a bloody pirated DVD soon if I dont get tickets by Friday! Oh yeh, to utilize a cheap tactic to increase my ratings...I let you enjoy the marvels of evolution;

[ Vanessa Minnillo at the Emmies!]
[More Babes!]
[Original Post] [Okay, the post below was overcooked, overdid, and over everything. It was too much for the weekend, and I should not have wrote it that way. I am very sorry for this, for imposing something harsh unto my loyal readers and friends. Have a nice day.]

[And for all the fans of Maksim Mrvica who ended up here searching for the Flight of the Bumblebee...I can only could you be a fan of a num nut like him who doesnt make original music.]


Keshi said...

Dont ever apologise for how u felt...thats how u felt at the time u wrote that post. So ghosty, be glad that u could be honest. And this is ur blog so no need to apologise to anyone :)

I thought it was a great post btw ;-)


Jeevan said...

i think this post is mainly to put vanessa's glam photo;) nice babes in the link.

starry nights said...

You felt what was in your heart.its your space dont apologise.

Kavi said...

People tell me that i do the odd thing to get even. I am glad i have company !!!

Keshi said...

Vanessa is hotting up ur blog Ghosty ;-)


Matty said...

Did you Watch Kamal movie? :)

Ghost Particle said...

[matty] ...not yet pa...aiyooo...maybe this thursday...

[keshi] hahahha so true luv...hemm...maybe i should do this more often...thanx!

[kavi] hahhaha...welcome to the club mate!

[starrynites] so true...thanx!

[jeevan] hahahah , nice to kno u liked it pa! hemm...glam pics equals high traffic!

Keshi said...

u should, just have fun :)



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