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New Age Nazis and Child Soldiers (1)

The 21st Century, and the New Age Nazi's

The Sri Lanka government said that the lives of children are dispensable during war.
The Sri Lankan army jets bombed a school in Vallipunam, in the Mulaitheevu district killing 61 school girls and seriously injuring more than 150. The Sri Lankan army knows the exact coordinates of the school, and know that it is used for peaceful purposes. The bombing was done specifically and 'accurately' on the school. The Sri Lankan army are claiming the dead school girls are LTTE child soldiers.

Just days ago, the Zionis government were bombing Lebanon to ashes. And the Islamic terrorist organization, Hezbollah was doing the same thing to Israel. Another war with no ending in sight. But the powers that be, the US government stood supporting Israel and even supplied fuel and munition for the Zionis army. The result; the Hezbollah is still there, and 1000+ Lebanese civilians and children died. The rest of the world could just watch and bark from afar.

We are blazing fast into the 21st century that promises more challenges in every known field to the survival of the human race, and we are still being trashed by war and war atrocities. We haven't learn anything from history. The tyrannical Nazi movements of WW2 wiped out millions and millions more died to defeat them. The years after that saw more conflict around the world solely of ideological differences emanating from religious and racial fracas, differences that the human race can do without. The 20th century also saw the decline and dismantling of the colonial powers, and supposedly the age where humanity learned that war is wrong and bad. Humanity still holds to the morality of peace and human rights. But peace and human rights are dispensable because money and power is worth more that anything else to the 'part' of the humanity who controls the world.

Today we are seeing the birth, maturing and atrocities of the new age Nazis. From the governments of America, to the regimes of Israel to the terrorist cells who fight in the name of Islam, these headless soldiers are new age Nazis who wreck lives because of some unseen force, for the name of the invisible and for the worth of dirt.

In the early hours of the day, when I tuned into CNN, during the press conference by the Sri Lankan army, one of the nazis said that children are 'worth-less' during war. The feel no remorse. Probably Israel thought the same when they bombed Lebanese children, probably the suicide bombers thought the same when they bombed every single human congregation from Russia to India to London to Madrid to Iraq to America to South America. Yes indeed we are worthless, the babies, the children, the youths who don't subscribe to your scriptures and ideologies are worthless to your cause.

The new age Nazis are fighting a war with no cause, but they are fighting it with the ideologies of present humanity, our religious inclination, our racial needs and also our economic renaissance. There is no threat to America from any middle east country, bar the 'threat' to Israel that America could not bear to watch. Of course, what would America know, it bombed 'soldiers' in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because the women and children are dispensable. They are target practice, they are used of weapons test in the fields under glaring media presence. They could have avoided the human population and dropped on unmanned islands which their advisors pleaded them to do, but President Truman decided to drop it on the people. If the German Soldiers under Hitler was causing the Holocaust, then we could also say that The American armies are Nazi too because they killed innocent people, we could say that the Zionis regime, the Al-Qaida (if such cell are truly independent), the Hezbollah, the Sudanese genociders, the mass murderers of Rwanda, Bosnia, Serbia, Cechnya, etc are Nazi's too because they disregarded the basic needs of the people, the human rights.

Child Soldiers

Child soldiers are part of modern day myth, a real myth that is. During the world wars, teenagers faked their birth dates to take part in the war, to fight the nazis in Normandy, and everywhere else for that matter. But Child Soldiers go back long before that. From ancient times to the American Civil war and in almost all guerilla conflicts, children died in wars and conflicts around the world. The concept goes deeper than that, because using children gives an emotional tug of war to both sides in a war. Killing innocent lives in guerilla warfare will force the enemies to retaliate more, giving open advantage to the other army to smoke them out of their hiding and destroy them. Such logic was used even during the bombing of Hiroshima, where the American Generals wanted to moraly and spiritually destroy Japan, or in another extreme maybe force Japan to become more fierce. In any way, there is no clear distinction between the need, the good or the bad of war. Everyone looses.

The Red Hand Day is a commemoration day held on 12th February to remember all the fallen child soldiers. Remembering is not stopping and certainly the United Nations or any nation haven't done more to 'explore' this culture of using children as human shields. Even the LTTE has had child soldier brigades because it became the morality of every single person of the society to fight for the ideology. Worst than a religious motivation is the motivation of defending the race and culture for pride. Because in reality a culture would not die unless every single person of the society is wiped out. And in the same reality, why fight a war to defend the culture if in the end everyone dies, and no one is there to safeguard it later. Wars are more than that, wars are for dirt and power. Humanity must learn to defend the children at any cost, to prevent mass murder anywhere in the world and to prevent history from repeating. Child soldiers are 'used' prominently in African countries fighting war fueled by the western world and the devil's hunger for oil, diamonds and gold. The Khmer Rouge army, The North Korean armies and The Vietnam war also saw the death of many child soldiers.

[+] Coalition To Stop the Use of Child Soldiers;[Child-Soldiers]
[+] Child Soldiers from HRW;[C-HRW]
[+] Amnesty International;[C-Soldiers]
[+] Other Resources;[Google]

The Solution

There are solutions for war, and definitely this wont be the first time you are hearing this. People often don't realize of the political power that they have. We can force changes because we have the collective voice to do so. From the tyranny of rulers and oppressive military regimes to the corrupt low offices, we can take a stance to change them and 'destroy' them.

The biggest change we can do is to vote in the correct government, we must choose the right person. The biggest mistakes made in the modern world, yes the Biggest would be appointing in Bush as the president for the second term. The Nazi bastard has single handedly destroy world peace, destroyed families and countries in the name of Western Democracy. Democracy in any form doesn't work in a political world, there is no full liberty to people, because the world is still controlled by power rather than freedom. The American foreign policy cripples countries because it holds the administration of various middle east countries at ransom. Ever wondered why in the oil rich nations there are still poverty, war and famine? Everything can be traced back to USA and its 'dogs' Britain, etc.

The global arms trade must be stopped. Forever. America, as usual leads the pack in exporting arms, every single year. And the customers? The armies and regimes of Africa, Middle East, South America and most of Asia. And all these countries are part of the global conflict. So, the solution, if we stop every single arms trade company and arms dealers wouldn't there be peace? Let them fight with whatever means, and when they run out of munition let them fight with sticks and stone and then surely one day the people will tire and realize they're stupid enough to fight their own brothers and sisters. And if you find you or your family or friends working in war related companies, arms dealers, encourage them to stop immediately. Think of all the people they will save, let us beg rather than have blood in our hands for life. Don't contribute to any of these companies, don't work for them and use your legislative powers to stop new companies and manufacturers open business in your country. Protest by all means necessary to stop this blood trade.

[+] Arms Dealers
[+] PMC
[+] Arms Trade
[+] More resources
The cold steel and the burning passions of men
Moments of joy and moments of despair
enveloped by the foreboding stench of death
war my friend is hard to describe
fully captured only in its gore and brutality
- Vijay 160806 -

In the end, there is no result, if the solution is not created and executed. We can read all we want, watch all we want, and still sleep in tears every night knowing that more people are dying, partly because we did not do anything. Write, protest and fight for the rights of the children to live, for a better future, for a safer future. Remember, higher than any religion and culture is human morality. The right for people to live and the right to let them live is human morality.
- gp 2006-


Keshi said...

Great post Ghosty!

Yes Child soldiers r breeding everywhere's more like a modern trend of terrorism. Like u said the LTTE uses children grossly as suicide bombers. Isnt that sick!

**The biggest change we can do is to vote in the correct government, we must choose the right person.

thats right. But what I dun u'stand is how most of the developing countries end up having bad leaders??

yes, we can all read abt but nothing will happen if the solution is not executed. U r spot on there!


Jeevan said...

If the same thing terrorist do, its wrong, but what ever the government do is correct. I don’t know why they found the UN Security Council, when the countries not hear them. I think even the US dint hear the UN, and went to war on Iraq. In India also there are child soldiers in Kashmir, where the children’s are kidnapped my terrorist and give training as suicide bombers.

Its very heart broking that the Sri Lankan has killed 61 children’s. If one finishes another one starts, Ho god save our people form the ego and angry persons.


I see some strong metal here. People like you is who I was looking for. Not tht I am recruiting for peace process but I wanted to see someone who understood the problem and also had the solution. Now we need to spread the message and also work towards it as we know the plan or course of best action in an environment where only war actions take place. "controlled by power rather than freedom" This description about democracy is so damn true. I never thought about it and just kept saying corrupt, bought votes but really didnt see if democracy was totally democratic. many will refute and will insist that actions taken by any Gvmt, esp here are as per the democratic standards but wht if the democratic population is controlled by various means. I love this post dude!

V N said...



Thats Happy New Year in Malayalam!! Our New Year starts tomorrow, and thought I would wish u a wonderful year ahead!!


Ghost Particle said...

test test test...this comment this is not not getting updates in my mail!

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] you dont understand keshi, the LTTE is being oushed to the brink because of the atrocities of the sinhalese people and the sri lankan army. The truce was there, the deals were made, but the Sri Lankan goverment still continues to trash the tamil people. For the sake of human rights, the blood is in sinhalese hands and the government. And LTTE through the norwigien government has confirmed that they stopped using Child soldiers, but memories linger.

[jeevan] the pain is still there jeevan, I feel like going there and fighting the sri lankan army myself. War has conventions, and these nazi bastards dont follow them.

[scribz] we will bring the change sooner or later, the changes are already happening everywhere. When the voice of the youth is heard, the cleansing will begin and the tyranical nazis will be wiped out.

[velu] sarr...Happy New Year...mine was in april.

dumbdodi said...

GP, I feel frustrated, guilty helpless. The world has shrunk and now we see and hear everything happening in every nook and corner of the earth. Now we can't help but be aware of atrocities going around the world. Yet I think we are more helpless than ever.

I have lots of Tamil Srilankan friends and it is painful to know what Tamils are going through.
In a hindu temple here in UK I met an old very well established Srilankan Tamil doctor and we were discussuing the difficulties faced by international doctors now (context being my husband is a doctor too), in the conversation about racism et al he said its been about 45 years since he migrated to UK, though he felt difficult to adjust to cultural changes he said he and his family felt more safe and more accepted in the foreign lands. How sad is that!!!

I wish there were any permanent solutions to all world problems. Actually on second thoughts there are permanent solutions for ALL world problems but as long as likes of butchers like George Bush hold command of the most powerful nation in the world, world doesn't stand a chance.

Child abuse of any kind be sexual, economical or for war is unacceptable. Children are the future, these nazis as you put them, are not only destroying our present but are also destroying any hope for the future.

Thank you for your post

Known Stranger said...

i have a solution - wonderful and effective solution - but no one going to heed to me.

simple - let there be no human race in earth. as simple as it is. let it be a heaven to other species at least let them rule the earth.

apart from kidding.. you mean a lot in your post. Fine neither war going to end till human exists in the quest of power nor the childrens as soliders

okie.. regarding your comment - hmm i wont say if the science i mentioned is artifical or not because - since something is not proved - we cannot disregard the ethinity of the science being followed for times immemorial.

one day galilio was able to let shout from the pessa building that earth is round and sun doesnt revolve, keppler was able to give a distinct mathematic relation on rotation of earth around sun as eclipse. some one would come out with the distinct mathematical reason for the artifical scinece many follow till then it be a hypothesis.

ofcourse i dont follow it thought it gives lot of curioisity and interest to me

starry nights said...

This is a beautiful and very true and informative post. child sad.There are no winners in a war. I dont know when all this will stop. so true all we can do is sit and bark from afar.

Jason said...

i try to avoid discussing any middle east issues, becuase they are so divorcing that it many actually create conflicts within people i know.
but on this particular war, i am positive that the fault is on israeli side.
i was convinced fully when i this read article. you might be interested as well.

Joaninha said...

Hi PG! Your post is a very true and informative one. Child sad This is tui cut the development of the childhood.There are no winners in a war, because, generally the winners are very far. I dont know when all this will stop Probably when people will be able to understand that guns mean money for those who are creating them.I understood you also hate war and in your way you are strugling against it.People need to love much more to each other.
Thanks for your visit to my Procura (blog). I'll wriye in English one of these days to be easier to understand me. Keep me in your mind and best regards.

Keshi said...

One thing...I lived in SL, I'm half Sinhalese and half Tamil, I have lost relatives/friends to the war from both sides, Im never biased and Im hardly misinformed cos my dad worked in the SL Police and he married my mum who's Tamil. I know facts. Yes the Sinhalese have tortured Tamils and so has the LTTE! Violence never brings peace and we can never support terrorists no matter how unfair it is. And the LTTE DID use children and still's a FACT and lets not justify such gruesome actions. And media is not the best place to grasp the truth of the situation.

Anyways Ghosty :) lets not get into an argument...instead we shall just agree to disagree ok? :):)


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] ....okay Ive always thought ure from India...I should have read ur blog more. And no, I should have said the Sinhalese army, not the people, I know the people wants peace. Worng of me, and yes its a never ending story. I actually never supported the LTTE, unlike most of the ppl here who gave money for the World Tamil fund. Unless prabakaran can some to a solution, then there is no use talking about it either. The Norwiegen observers said that there were no child soldier in the school that day, and yes LTTE still trains child soldiers who are pulled into the conflict to defend the rights of the tamil people. End of the day, there is no end to this like u said. And its sucks to know that we cant do anything to this, but surely time will force-heal this wound. Kay, have a nice weekend keshi dear, me in me hometown sipping some lassi and wishing it would rain.

Lucas from Luton said...

War is essentially the extension of a complete failure in the political process. The political process fails generally because there are red lines between the involved parties, which mainly consist of religious, cultural or territorial dividing lines (possibly economic as well). As long as there isn’t compromise in these areas (unlikely as it would require a change in dogma or principles) there is the likelihood that the parties will resort to war as a mechanism to resolve the dispute (usually in an extreme example).

As with democracy, I think Churchill once said it is the worse form of government except when compared to other forms. It’s true that Bush hasn’t grasped a lot of the geopolitical ramifications of the decisions he has made. However, he is the elected leader of the United States with the majority of the popular American votes. With the US being the sole geopolitical power in the world, there isn’t a lot we can do bar blaming the American people.

As for American & British foreign policy making oil rich countries poor, please. Again the main reason that many of them are poor is that there is poor management of the economic resource and political meddling through lack of accountability & transparency. Nigeria is a prime case study of this happening (Indonesia would be the other country closer to home that has become a net importer of oil despite having large reserves). The only oil rich country, which I know of that isn’t poor is Norway; again which has abundance of accountability & transparency through (surprise, surprise) a democratic government with strong institutions to check the executive.

As for the global arms trade, I agree that only a multilateral agreement is likely to stop the trade in arms. If any country take unilateral action to stop the trade, there will always be someone else to step into the vacuum. However given the premise above this is unlikely to happen as conflict is part and parcel of human nature.

Neers said...

Elementary, My Dear Watson!! BUT... who the f... is listening??? not even, your friends... its so futile to write, debate, argue... when at the end... all we do is... pack up our nags, go catch that movie/play...or pub... and go home to spouse/home/loneliness.... we need serious commitment... Ghost, you are right about the amount of power we have...but goddammit... we are so unsure of it...forget world peace... we do not even ques... our superiors on some silly cost cutting... ha!!
am not cynical.... i wish... a lot of us... could do something of the sort... and smartly!!! not just get killed at the end... by the hands of system...

came here from Velu's Blog... and i like the time travel! :)

Homo Escapeons said...

My dear Ghost, this is a very heartfelt piece.
Isn't the whole big picture thing completely disgusting.

Why can't we escape the murderous territorial rampaging that we share with our chimpanzee cousins?
One would think that by this point in history we as a species would be well into the utopian experimentation phase. Instead here you are discussing child soldiers and the USAs share of the blame.

Our modern version of childhood and childrearing ie keeping children suspended in a makebelieve world and unaware of reality is a modern invention.
For millenia the thought of keeping the dangers of the natural world hidden from your child and excusing them from any activity that would benefit the group
(ie. work/fighting enemies)would mean jeopardising the lives of everyone. but today..

It breaks my heart to see those vacant stares of child soldiers. The makebelieve world in their head cannot fathom the horror that they are subjecting others to.
Those still forming minds may never be restored...

As for who is to blame it isn't neccessarily Mr & Mrs Front Porch America.
Unfortunately for them and for the rest of the world, the average Americans are also victims of their own system..
a system where MONEY IS GOD..
(The pursuit of happiness does not mean getting rich!)
...look at the Gun Dealers..the Big Oil Guys..follow the money trail to the greedy bastards kneeling at the Temple of Avarice. Even if we rid ourselves of those bastards they would be replaced within hours....

Important information to discuss...great post ghost.

White Forest said...

"People often don't realize of the political power that they have. "

you bet!

Ghost Particle said...

[whiteforest] yes, unimaginable powers in the hands of the blind...

[h-e] yes, i narrowed it down so much because America has the powers to stop terror and evil, but never does so. I am not forgetting the crimes of China or the colonial powers in Africa and India either. Many more posts to come. For the child soldiers, I have another paradigm in a new post above.

[neers] yes,with power comes responsibility THROUGH action. Agree with you that our rants go to dear ears, but just imagine if we act...thanx for coming and surely more timetravel in the future!

[jason] hey buddy. Good to know u understood this, this is the new age tyrrany. Thax for the link, an excellent read.

[joan] thanx for the comment. Yes, there will be a change in the midst of tragedy, however painful it is, but we have immediate powers to adress the issues of child soldiers.

[starrynights] so true, we are againt deaf and mute to the powers that be. But rest assured,the new age promises more powers to us to change the world.

[known-stranger] so true that we are the cause of this degrade. We had the power and responsibility to safeguard this world, but we failed.

[dumdodi] //and his family felt more safe and more accepted in the foreign lands.// the irony. The movement of people around the world is a justification to the amount of corruption and discrimination evident in many countries. The children will be protected, even if we fight till death.

Ghost Particle said...

[Lucas] I shall post ur thoughts and mine in the coming posts. Thanx for the learned answers. Corruption is the root of all evil. So does internal conflicts and human nature.

Kuan Gung said...

Some great, great quotes...we have about 50 percent here that vote. If we raised that to 80 percent we'd have significant change here in's so very sad...thank you.

thetalkativeman said...

Wonderful post, hats off to you.

Regarding the Sri Lankan problem, please go through authors like L.Piyadasa, Dr.Brian Senewiratne, Anita Pratap who are completely unbiased and hail from a non-tamil origin.

The SLA has absolutely no moral rights to even comment on child recruitment - in 1996, 16 year old schoolgirl Krishanthi was raped and burned at a checkpost by Lankan army soldiers reporting to Gen. Janaka Perera. Her parents and brother who went to question were also killed and burned. Janaka Perera was later made honorary ambassador to Australia and a city in SL was named after him - so far justice has not been done to the case.

In contrast Dr.Senewiratne is a cousin of Chandrika Kumaratunga and is a renowned doctor in Brisbane, he is a strong critic of the atrocities committed by the SL army.

Ghost Particle said...

[kuan gung] thanx for reading it. Yes, now we can use our full powers to influence our future. But the voting statistics just falls into the hands of the criminals to shape their own powers. They know that most people and critics would rather stay out of politics. Sometimes both the candidates are criminals...

[TtalkativeM] thank you sir...yes that actually prompted me to write this. The LTTE was ready with a truce and its a workable truce. History justifies the precence of the Tamil people in Lanka, and still the SLA is determined to deny that rights. This is a genocide and the Sri lankan apartheid like methods in controlling the powers so that it doesnt help the other race. This is racism by the SLA and government.

Keshi said...

yes..the Sinhalese Army can be very mean sometimes...they abuse the power. But then u cant expect much from an Army when the terrorists go on a killing-spree too. Revenge is natural to humans. Everyone is not so kind like us here in blogs. Reality is so much more ugly.

**And its sucks to know that we cant do anything to this, but surely time will force-heal this wound.

yes...I feel helpless and useless cos thats my country and I cant do anything abt it. Its painful. Now I just dun say anything at all cos nothing seems to help!



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