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Merdeka / Blog Day 2006 / KOP 100

Selamat Hari Merdeka! Kembalikan Tanah Air Ku!
Happy Malaysian Independence Day! Give Back My Country!

Malaysia celebrates it's 49th independence day tomorrow. So here's my bit to my beloved one and only country. I want to celebrate this 49th independence day with the message " Give Back My Country'. This message is specially dedicated to all the 'bangsat' or 'bastards' in this country who consistently steal the pride of our existence, the dream and love for this country using the dreadful weapons of race politics, religious extremism and fear. These bastards or new age nazi's are politicians, ultra-facists religious dogs, criminals, rapists, drug cartel leaders, greedy local councilors, etc.

Next year, the country will celebrate 50 years of independence. That is a very big number by any standards, even India celebrating its 60th independence next year would serve as benchmarks for developing countries. Malaysia has a very strong presence in the world economy, are an emerging country if not equal with China and India in providing a strong base for investment in Asia. But every year we see a degrading trend set by politicians who rather amass personal wealth and power by playing the racial poker. For politicians and politics, fear is the no-1 vote, fear is the highest power that they can wield on people to obey them. We must wake up and show them we are not slaves of money and power. Human rights and liberty are higher than anything else and is more valuable for the people today.

For generations our parents, grandparents and ancestors who came from all corners of the world has worked hard to build this country. They tapped rubber, worked the paddy fields and tin mines to build a nation admired the world over. They fought and sacrificed their lives for this nations and their legacies remain with the youths of Malaysia today. We are now responsible to safeguard the trust and base that they left us. We are here to defend Malaysia against the bastards who thrust what ever evil sword they have everytime they go on political rallies to invade the minds of the younger generation and poisoning their perceptions against the various races in this country. Please remember, this country belongs to everyone. There is no single powerful race, all the race and religion in the world wont build humanity, only human compassion and love for each other will ensure our survival. The real enemy today is race politics and religious extremism. Lets stand together and fight these people. Don't let our country go to rubles because of politics.

[ The Image of Tunku Abdul Rahman, The Father of Malaysian Independence, Proclaiming Independence from England on 31st August, 1957 ]

Remember the legacy of Tunku Abdul Rahman. He together with all the representatives of the various races in this country gained independence from the British. They worked as brothers and sisters, regardless of creed to win this precious gift of self governance. The idea of a country have flourished into the Malaysia we know and love today. Lets not forget history, lets live for the future.

Blog Day 2006

31st August is also the International Blog Day. This will be the second year we have the Blog Day. In this day that unites all bloggers, the idea is to go out and find 5 new bloggers that you haven't visited before and blog about them. Here are my 5 new found friends.

[+] DJ Soul Beatphonik from Australia. [DJ Soul Massive]

[+] k. from Portugal; [Teras1000Vidas]

[+] Skips Acorn Treasury from Cardiff

[+] My Everyday Life by Satguru from Penang, Malaysia.

[+] TheGreenBelt by The Ridger, USA

KOP 100

The KOP stand of Anfield, the official stadium of the Liverpool Football Club celebrated its 100th anniversary. This is probably the most famous stand in the world and it belongs to the best football club in the world. The KOP stand saw many memorable days of great footballs, have witness the birth and legacies of Liverpool legends and most important served as the spiritual refference to many Liverpool Fans.

[+] KOP 100

[+] Video of the early days of the KOP;[KOP]

[<--] Shankly celebrating in front of the KOP stands.


tulipspeaks said...

Mesej yang bermakna buat Hari Merdeka.

Selamat Hari Merdeka..sekali lagi.

BlogDay? thats a cool effort. see if i can do that 2nite.


Kavi said...

Happy Independence day ! Your words speak volumes of your passion !

Homo Escapeons said...

Hey Ghostie You GO!
Thanks for the insightful look at your country. I am turning 49 this year so I know exactly how long(short)it is.
The spectre of race/rich politics is engulfing the world..we have come full circle..the concentration of wealth is the same as it was in 1900 when Billionaires ruled the world.

I find it disturbing that even though the information revolution is getting up to speed there is now a disparity between the have and havenots in this area too. Think China blocking google on democracy. Now info and technology will be under attack from the powerful elite because they can't afford for the TRUTH to be available to the average man.
Bloggers stay alert..they cannot afford to ignore this medium.

Ghost enjoy your celebrations and thanks for the notice about bloggers day on the 31st...will do.

Keshi said...

Happy Independence day Ghosty!

A wonderful tribute to true heroes of Malaysia.


Lucas from Luton said...

Like the "Give Back My Country" message of the post. All of the points you've listed is why I'm here in England rather than back home in Malaysia. It's no surprise that the problems in Malaysia are due to the fact that all the main political parties are still divided along racial lines. There isn't an ideological dividing line (left or right wing) between the parties bar one that is based on the ethnicity or religion.

I guess that one of the ways we can combat all of these symptoms is to build an all encompassing national identity. That way the problems of race & religion in politics takes a back seat for the greater good of the nation as a whole. We should all see ourselves as Malaysian first and foremost rather than using our ethnicity or religion as the be all and end all in our identity.

Also educating the masses to see through the propaganda of the politicians would be another way of reclaiming our country. I can't stress how important we need strong institutions such as an independent press & judiciary to hold to account the actions of the government & politicians. There are a lot more reforms which need to take place (too numerous to list here) before Malaysia can consider herself as a civilised society.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians back home.

p.s. You just had to ruin it by including the section about Liverpool.

Shiv said...

Happy Independence day GP..

gautami tripathy said...

I know exactly how you feel. Our politicians too are not above amassing huge wealth for themselves.

You will get back your country. Happy independence day.

And thanks about the info about blog day. Will do the needful.

tulipspeaks said...

didnt have the time to post for blog day.. guess need to wait for the next one. wont miss it.

goooooooooooood morning


Keshi said...

Ghosty check my SMILES post :)


Ghost Particle said...

[ Keshi ] Thanx Keshi. Appreciate it as always. And heading there right now!

[Ammu] its not too late, you can do it even now. And thanx!

[gautami] we can only hope, but we do have the power to change. Thanx!

[shiv] Thanx mate!

[Lucas] Thanx bro, how are you? Yes, the road to independence starts with the media and the judiciary. Any further improvements can only take place after, and the people must be willing to discard their ideologies and mentality. The national identity agenda would only mean more Islamization here than a trully unique identity. The KOP post was inevitable.

[H-E] so few of us realized the power we have now, how the internet is meant to sculpture a perfect future. Its a catalyst for further changes. The billionaires would be responsible, and the future must see the new kind of billionaires who worked hard on their own rather than the lives of others. Thanx mate. Hope we can make the change for a better future together. And I never knew you are that old! You sound young!

[Kavi] thanx mate! really appreciate it!

Nirek said...

Happy Malaysian Independence day bro!
howz life there

dumbdodi said...

Happy independence day..great post

gautami tripathy said...

Oh dear!

Ghost, the way you said it you did make Homo escapeons sound very old!

He is as old or young as he is deemed by us all.


anitha said...

happy merdeka!

Jeevan said...

I totally forget the Blog Day:)

Jeevan said...
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