Tuesday, August 15



Me: Dude, would you take a month long leave and come backpacking with me to India?
Dude 1: Are you nuts?
Me: No dude, I'm serious!
Dude 1: Go get some sleep. Bye.

Me: Hey bro, wazzup!
Dude 2: Hey...
Me: Hey, wanna follow me backpacking in India? bout 3 weeks to a month...
Dude 2: ...who are you? (hangs up)

Me: Dude, hi...
Dude 3: Hey man! Long time no c...
Me: Yeh, yeh...hey, I got this thing going on...hemm...wanna follow me backpacking in India?
Dude 3: Hey man, my mom calling...call you back...chow...


Me: Dude, is it remotely possible 4u 2get a month long sabbatical frm work n follow me bakpaking in India?
BBD: Haha. I wish I could. if da hosting manage 2 gather sum 15k can la. u sure of going?
Me: Bout 90% now. called vlan also, he asked me 2 put budget. if you take wife also wont need dat much la.
BBD: Need dat much 2 comfortably leave job 4 one whole month la. ha ha.


Me: Cha, want to follow me to India? One month.
Macha: Hemm...working bro.
Me: I know, I just need advice la, can go alone or not?
Macha: You put budget la, I still have a few places to go there.
Me: Sure man, and I still need to get a freaking good camera.
Macha: We meet later and talk.

Me: I want to go to India.
Grandma: (seri seri, nalapadiya poitu va) Ok. travel safely.
Me: 1 month, and maybe I wont want to come back here.
Grandma: (Seri. Oru nalla ponnu parthu angeye kalyanam panikke.) Ok, find a wife there and get married.
Me: Ok, now I don't feel like going, I never want to get married....grrrr...


Me: Something is happening...I must make the journey!
Rest of the World: Dude, get there first and talk! Hype, you're always hyped up!


Ramses said...

vat yis happening?

seriously do consider travelling alone.
mathava varuvala nu edhir paarkarathula no point:-/

kG said...

You never want to get married? Zinteresting, me too.


and err.. I soo wanna go, I'd just drop everything I have now and go to India, backpacking, that too, if only I had the cash. dammit.

Ghost Particle said...

[rames] hey! long time no c. Ill travel alone...dats me plan!

[kg] hahaha...yeh..unless i find a really understanding gal... Dude...u can go...itll cost only about USD1000 for a month trip (fly+food+lodging) if u backpak...from malaysia that is, the flight ticket may vary///

dumbdodi said...

Hillarious GP, specially the tamil part with your grandma was too cute. I do think you should make the trip, I know money is a big constraint to do anything. But who knows you might find a 'nalla' bride ;) and then it would be worth the bucks

kG said...

It's funny -everyone seems to be making this into some sorta entourage to find oru nalla ponnu, wherever she is.

So since we(the new generation) may have forgotten what a nalla ponnu should be able to come to the table with, let us go through the checklist.

1.Nalla paada theriyum
2.Aada theriyum
3.sameiyka theriyum


Needs to be revised.

If I wanted such qualities, Id have just married a gay man.


Well it is strange....One I observed tht people have inhibitions about going to India due to various reasons....The other eason is financial where peopl edont want to spend th tmuch money to go to India after all and third is tht 1 month is a long holiday to bargain for unless u work in Dubai or Kuwait or whtever....

I can talk regards the inhibition why people think one wont last long in India and In large extents it is true. But once someone is able to lok forward and not be stuck with all the rude shocks and bumps, India is a lovable place. Can many do tht, go beyong the traffic or the pverty images or the corruption or the dirt and disharmony, hardly any.

I am not sure wht the reason for this experiment was but I have gathered my own understanding of the same!

Maran said...

Wow! You are serious about going to India!

I suggest you spend about 2 weeks instead of a month since it's your first time traveling there. Btw how you managed to get 1 month break from work?

Jeevan said...

Will find a good girl for u dear! come soon:))

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan]...hahahah....oh man I dont want a girl...okay maybe if i get a good one.

[maran!] well...okay 2 weeks is much more reasonable, maybe I wont last 1 month...:p Well, my contract ending end of september or oktober, so I dowan to continue because Im not getting a good project anyway. And ill be broke, jobless and traveliing in India. Superb combi.

[Scribz] Well this is an experiment with truth. I want to travel to the mother land. A soul searching expedition. I think if the country is beautiful enough, then the small matters of living conditions doesnt matter. I want to see the people and the land.

[kg!] hahahaha...well...ok...ppl are not very typicall nowdays!

[dumbdodi] hahha,...thanx! Well who knows, its a crossroad of destiny. :p


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