Friday, August 11

Hour 9: Tsar Bomba

While surfing the other day I found this amazing story of the largest Atomic weapon ever build. It was named the Tsar Bomba, referring to the gigantic sized 'things' that Russians loved to build. Projected as a cold war scare propaganda, the Tsar Bomba was bigger by a few magnitudes of anything the American's ever build and had a production capacity of 100 megatons. If ever they dropped the monster will full capacity, the nuclear fallout would have been so huge that it would have counted for more than 25% of all fission residue until then. Even at 50 megatons, the mushroom cloud was 60 kilometers high. Watch the actual explosion videos here;[TsarBomba-1],[TsarBomba-2]. It's a good thing the cold war is over, the is no 'race' to build large nuke's that we know of, but the threat of a nuclear war is present in the sense that the enemies are terrorists now who could 'purchase' mini-nukes in the weapons market. It's a sick world we live in.
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