Friday, August 11

Hour 8: Tomorrow

I have wrote about the future times, the survival of the human race and the general evolution of the world in the times to come. Sometimes we choose to ignore tomorrow, maybe because some of us refuse to worry of things that's not here yet, or maybe because we don't have the solution for the problems yet to come. But the reality is, the problems have already begun, the countdown is well away, for some problems, the end is near. The earth itself is undergoing immense change, the climate is evolving, and we don't have the clearest hint on how to predict its changes. We can observe, but try finding a pattern, and we're lost. What is in store for us tomorrow? We will be seeing much more big scaled natural disasters to the likes that we have never seen before, and there will be huge casualities. Even if we manage to predict the general timeline, there is still the problem of convincing the people of the severity of the problem. Like I said before, we choose to ignore it because there is no clear evidence. But look around you and you can see the earth changing and your daily activities changing with it. There is so much micro changes that are not recorded, and yet at times these small pertubations will erupt into large scale events. More on this some time in the future, back to work now!
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