Friday, August 11

Hour 7: Dial 'M' for Muthu

Does your office have someone who is a Superman and yet no one appreaciates him. (Apart from you...). My company relies heavily on Indian software experts to operate. There would not be a company today if it were not for this 'soldiers' from Tamil Nadu who work day and night on the products. Its sad that most of the 'seat warmer' slugs over here doesnt know the significance of these guys and take them for granted. The most important dude from Chennai would be Muthu, the leader of the team. And Muthu fainted yesterday, out of fatigue. Lucky for him he managed to come out of unconciousness and lucky still we were still in office to do something. They work and evarage of 15 to 18 hours a day and more during deadline 'months'. Muthu is a physics major and I relate to him easily because of that, felt like having a comrade after so long. To show how freakin good this guys are; they can create a whole courseware lesson in less than a day, something that would take the so called 'local programmers' more than a week! It's a pity that they'll leave in a couple of month's after the project ends. I would surely miss them and the days we roamed the city. The other chaps who had a stint here would be Rajan, Nathan, Balaji (recently married), Sri Hari, Nor Mohammad, Hussein, Hashim, Mohan Raj, Sikandar, Chadrasekhar, and a few others who came here before I joined. You guys are the best! Hope to see you all in Chennai one day...
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